ISLAMABAD: A-four-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her teenaged school teacher, police said on Tuesday.

The child’s father brought her to a hospital, where a team of two doctors examined her in the presence of Noon police station officials. A police official said the doctors did not find any evidence of sexual violence.

However, a medico-legal officer then thoroughly examined the girl and suggested that she had been raped, and a case was registered against the suspect.

The police quoted the victim’s father as saying the girl was crying and her clothes were stained with blood when she returned home, and narrated the story according to her understanding.

The father also told the police he took his daughter to the school and complained to the principal. When the principal asked the teacher about it he said he scolded the child because she had not done her homework.

The principal told the victim’s father when the teacher scolded her she started crying, and was taken to the staff room. She was brought back to the classroom an hour later where she continued crying. The victim’s father first took her to a hospital in Rawalpindi, and then to Islamabad.

“Shortly after being informed of the incident, the police brought the principal and her husband to the police station for inquiry,” the police official said. The teacher, who is the son of the principal, was also brought to the police station. The official said the suspect – who recently appeared in his matriculation exams and is awaiting his results – denied the allegation. He said he scolded the child and took her to the teachers’ room because she was crying.

The police official said following the medico-legal report, the police registered a case against the suspect on the charges of PPC 376 (Punishment for rape), and arrested him for further legal action.

Published in Dawn, May 25th, 2016