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India accepts ‘spy’ as former navy officer, denies having links

Updated Mar 25, 2016 07:12pm


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Pakistani forces claim to have recovered the travel documents and multiple fake identities of the arrested ‘spy’. -DawnNews screengrab
Pakistani forces claim to have recovered the travel documents and multiple fake identities of the arrested ‘spy’. -DawnNews screengrab

ISLAMABAD: The Indian Foreign Office on Friday, while admitting the alleged RAW agent arrested by Pakistani security forces to be its citizen, claimed that the suspect had already taken early retirement from the Indian Navy, DawnNews reported.

A statement issued by New Delhi denied having any links with the arrested individual and said “he was no longer a serving official of the Indian armed forces”.

“The arrested man is a former Indian Navy officer,” the Indian Foreign Office was quoted as saying.

The arrested man is a former Indian Navy officer.” —Photo courtesy NDTV The arrested man is a former Indian Navy officer.” —Photo courtesy NDTV

Security forces in Balochistan had on Thursday claimed the arrest of a man who was 'a serving officer in the Indian Navy and deputed to the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).'

The Pakistan government, on the other hand, claim to have recovered the travel documents and multiple fake identities of the arrested ‘spy’, establishing him as an Indian spy who entered into Balochistan through Iran — having a valid Iranian visa.

Pakistan lodges protest with India

Pakistan summoned Indian High Commissioner Gautam Bambawale to lodge a strong protest over 'India's spying activities' in Balochistan and Karachi, the Foreign Office (FO) sources said.

The spy was linked to separatist elements in Balochistan, as well as involved in acts of sectarian terrorism and terror attacks in Karachi, a security official had said.

The RAW officer had been shifted to Islamabad for interrogation, as he was suspected of involvement in various acts of terrorism and other subversive activities in the province, the official said.

FO spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said Bambawale was summoned by Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry, who shared details of the man's arrest with the Indian High Commissioner.

Chaudhry lodged a strong protest over the RAW officer's spying activities in Balochistan and Karachi, making it clear that this was unacceptable, FO sources said.


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Comments (250) Closed

BK Mar 25, 2016 11:20am

Every time when an important spy get caught, as a routine activity this type of complaint lodges. But what is the remedy, instead refusal from those countries ?

The Reluctant Fundamentalist Mar 25, 2016 11:22am

This is big. If the FO is going official with this then it means it has value and potentially a big blow to Indian diplomacy.

Naveed Mar 25, 2016 11:44am

what else can we do except for raising protest? Pity !

Tarannum S Mar 25, 2016 11:47am

Again, the same old game. Had it been real, why is Pakistan not disclosing the name and other details?

Shaukat Ali Khan Mar 25, 2016 12:20pm

This is a very weak response. Presence of a serving defence officer of India in Pakistan is a serious matter and must be responded accordingly. Afghanistan is equally responsible as Indian consulates in Afghanistan are involved in facilitating such activities. Matter must be taken up with UN as it is more concerning than the Indian dramas of Mumbai, parliament, and Pathankot attacks etc.

M Sethi Mar 25, 2016 12:55pm

@Tarannum S

Apparently,you are ignorant of yesterday's breaking news on the Pakistani media... The Arrested RAW agent was in touch with terror groups that claim to represent Balochistan.

Kul Bushan Yadav is an on service officer in Indian Navy, during initial investigation he confessed of sectarian terrorist activities in Karachi and Balochistan. Yadav is a commanding rank navy officer in the navy.

red Mar 25, 2016 01:06pm

What is the "Name" "Rank" and "Address" of this officer ? Without these details it is just a claim

Divergence Mar 25, 2016 01:27pm

How did this guy get into pakistan first of all?

Khilari Mar 25, 2016 01:37pm

@Tarannum S it's all in the press, his name, the alias he was using in Pakistan, his address of residence in Mumbai and his service record of Indian navy.

Bokhari Mar 25, 2016 02:51pm

@red ..... Name is Commander Kalbhoshan Yadev from Indian Navy and on deputation to RAW and arrested by ISI in Balochistan inside Pak border. Anything more will be released after interrogation as a matter of procedure. Details have been handed over to Indian High commissioner today by summoning him in foreign ministry at Islamabad.

Simple Mar 25, 2016 03:06pm

International community should put pressure on India to stop such activities which can destabilize the region

Haji Mar 25, 2016 03:08pm

@Divergence ask Afghanistan which has common boundary with Baluchistan.

Divergence Mar 25, 2016 03:38pm

@Haji This is not about just one guy, what any Pakistani must ask Afghanistan as to why they harbor feelings of animosity against Pakistan, when Pakistan is the only country that has destabilized its own country to host afghan refugees. Afghanistan shares the common religion Islam with Pakistan, not with India, but ironically Afghanistan considers Pakistan an enemy and India a "Friend".

Paklander Mar 25, 2016 04:19pm

Pakistan should minimize its contacts with India. The bitter neighbor is still struggling with the rejection from 1947!

Khilari Mar 25, 2016 05:17pm

India has asked for counsellor access to yadav. Koi shak now?

Haji Mar 25, 2016 05:20pm

@Divergence he came through Iran and was posted in chahbhar. His passport no has been released and India has owned him in a classic text book style. And please, no blame game.

Divergence Mar 25, 2016 05:31pm

@Haji that's no revelation, it has been revealed already.

Divergence Mar 25, 2016 05:52pm

Pakistan should not hand him over to India, there is a difference between an innocent Indian crossing LOC or sea boundaries and a spy and a potential terrorist planning to carry out an act of terrorism on Pakistani soil.

Sasa Mar 25, 2016 05:53pm

This is the way world runs. Spy and counter spy.

Brave Mar 25, 2016 05:55pm

What Pakistan will do with this spy?

Javaid Mar 25, 2016 06:14pm

Time has come to tell Afghanistan to shut down all " Indian consulates" and RAW camps near Pakistan border!

Murtaza Mar 25, 2016 06:33pm

According to Indian, India has nothing to do with Pakistan and has no interest in Pakistan - yet time and again we see agents of India being caught in Pakistan - Indians need to wake up and see whats going on behind the scenes.

Murtaza Mar 25, 2016 06:35pm

@Tarannum S Name ? dont you see the passport and the name on it ? Open your eyes and actually see what your Govt. is doing, denying your involvement in Pakistan is just not going to erase the facts.

Sami Ullah Swati Mar 25, 2016 06:36pm

Terrorism by India denied at best!!! Holy cows???

Ahmed Mar 25, 2016 06:36pm

Was he selling dry fruits in balochistan with three different identities. India better improve their economy as their serving officers are now in search of money and karobar.

Zak Mar 25, 2016 06:39pm

We should take up issue as to why Iran is allowing Indian spy to use their territory for harming pakistan. Their president arrives tomorrow.

Mukul Mar 25, 2016 06:40pm

@Shaukat Ali Khan He is not a serving officer If you read article- he is retired from Indian Navy

zf Mar 25, 2016 06:40pm

@red ignorant of what happened yesterday? Kul Bashan Yada, a commanding rank navy officer in Indian Navy.

Abid Mar 25, 2016 06:41pm

Pakistan should bring this issue on international level. expose India to the world.

Naxalite Mar 25, 2016 06:42pm

If you look at the Spying History, Nobody owns arrested spies. His career is finished, thats for sure.

Abdulla Hussain Mar 25, 2016 06:46pm

Nothing to prove more. India is very much behind terrorism in Pakistan in general & balochistan in particular. The arrest of a serving Indian naval officer in Balochistan is prove beyond doubt about active Indian involvement in law & order situation in Pakistan

ah Mar 25, 2016 06:48pm

@Divergence via Iran, as had Iranian visa I think....

hotandsour Mar 25, 2016 06:48pm

All those saying where is the proof??.....Well check his passport...........Even the Indian government don't deny it.......So what is indian national doing in Baluchistan, with satellite phones and other documents.......You can't get a bigger proof than this.... What else is to be proven.......Its clear who is responsible for terrorism in Pakistan.........Wake up its evident who is cooking all this mess.....

Naveed Zaman Mar 25, 2016 06:50pm

A strong protest should also be lodged with visiting Iranian President for letting these Indian use Iran as launching pad for subversive/terror activities in Baluchistan.This matter should be taken up with Iranian strongly as this guy was operating out of 'Chahbahar' for years.

Vectra Mar 25, 2016 06:51pm

India has already rejected the spy allegation except mere accepting him as its citizen as former naval officer with no link to govt.Now what will pak govt do??

Russian Mar 25, 2016 06:51pm

For decades Indian friends were telling us that pak is involved in terror activities inside india but now priest is seen coming out of brothel

ah Mar 25, 2016 06:52pm

@Sasa what would you say about a spy who has been involved in terrorist activities in Baluchistan and Karachi...

Ahmed Mar 25, 2016 06:53pm

pakistan neighbour except china is in our favour. There is no islamic brethren and no history . Its just politics

Qamar Mar 25, 2016 06:59pm

Nawaz Sharif will have him released to show his 'goodwill' to India.

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:01pm

Ex navy official , current spy ?

Qamar Mar 25, 2016 07:02pm

India always try to harm Pakistan. We should forget about being friends with India; they cannot be trusted.

ali Mar 25, 2016 07:03pm

@Mukul It is indian perspective but he himself disclose that he is currently what india is saying is the fate what caught spies faces that is denail of any link.

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:03pm

@Mukul ! All spies are retired servicemen ! May be retired yesterday . Nobody would admit if he is a serving navy official .

Vectra Mar 25, 2016 07:05pm

@Haji "India has owned him in a classic text book style"

India has owned him as one of its citizen but not the spy allegation.India MEA has rejected the same as such.

Omar Sadiq Mar 25, 2016 07:09pm

No problem Indian govt......since you are disowning your own agent, then it should not be expected for the Pak govt to hand over this "agent", right??? Also, if this person is NOT your agent, then why is your Doval going to the Saudis and asking them to tell Pak to release this guy????

Ram G Mar 25, 2016 07:09pm

Let's wait and see. Easy and naive to jump to conclusion on very limited information so far released by both sides.

saber Mar 25, 2016 07:10pm

Now Indian deny after cover usuall.

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:14pm

@Ram G , what a serving / ex Indian Navy official doing in Baluchistan ? That explains everything !

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:16pm

We need to ask Iranians also about why an Indian navy official was given visa !

Divergence Mar 25, 2016 07:16pm

@ah but proven Indian national, so what's the point in crying foul?

lafanga Mar 25, 2016 07:17pm

Indians always asked where is the proof. Now here you have it. Now what excuse?

kanwarch Mar 25, 2016 07:18pm

@Mukul What difference it makes? He is involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan also sectarian violence. He should be tried under terrorism act and sentenced to severe possible punishment. World should be told about this so that everybody knows the real face of so called democratic India

Khwarezmi Mar 25, 2016 07:20pm

He is a SERVING officer. Indians are fooling no one. Pakistani officials should put his investigation video on PTV!

Vectra Mar 25, 2016 07:23pm

US likely to sell India 90-150 F/A-18 so this claim by pakistan is unlikely to be accepted

Khwarezmi Mar 25, 2016 07:24pm

How to do this:

  1. Get all info out of him
  2. Use that info to arrest his "friends"
  3. Show his video on TV where he admits to who he is, his current rank in the navy (he is not retired as Indians are noe claiming) and his and his masters hands behind terrorbombings in Pakistan.
SACHIN Mar 25, 2016 07:26pm

USA has been spying even it's so called friendly nations. Our relations are sure much bitter.

martha Mar 25, 2016 07:27pm

Why are people blaming Afghanistan for this, he entered through Iran with a valid Iranian visa. I think this should be brought up to the visiting Iranian president. Lets see what the pro Iranian lobby in Pakistan has to say about this. Indian and Iranian nexus at work...

Real Indian Mar 25, 2016 07:30pm

According to India, he is a private citizen.

Ayub Mar 25, 2016 07:30pm

The Foreign Secretary made it clear to the Indian High commissioner that such activities shall not be acceptable. what does this mean?

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:31pm

Hepefully our government will not get him involved with MQM !

Sadaf Mar 25, 2016 07:31pm

Why India is trying to disrupt the peace in Pakistan by sending its spys. A strong report and case should be registered against india in UNO. India has done it before for Bangladesh and their prime minister admitted it. Cant trust a neighbour like India. It is unfortunate for us.

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:35pm

Indian Navy official ! Helping Separatists ! Our country is in mess especially Baluchistan ! People are killed in bomb blast every other day ! Who is responsible ?

Cyrus Mar 25, 2016 07:36pm

It is exactly as I said before, that there be would a denial he is working for the government. It is still my belief he is working in the drug smuggling business without the knowledge of the Indian government - that spying is not his main purpose. He can be officially retired, but still be an agent. Many spies play a double game. It is the nature of the business. Big money can come before patriotism any time. He was in the navy, so he knows how drugs are smuggled at sea.

MMM Mar 25, 2016 07:37pm

It is highly likely that Safoora Goth massacare was a calculated plot by RAW to alienate minorities and disgrace Pakistan and nothing to do with religious extremists.

SAEED MASOOD Mar 25, 2016 07:37pm

This not a small news ...The prime Minister should take the nation in confidence... The media should not stop covering this news till reaches its deserving end...

Jimmy Rocks Mar 25, 2016 07:37pm

The Indian Government has accepted that he is an Indian citizen and has also given details of his previous employment. India has come clean.

saber Mar 25, 2016 07:38pm

@Khan , he was Indian consulate employee.

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:39pm

@Ayub We are tolerating these activities and therefore they are doing it !

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:40pm

@Real Indian No Indians admits that he is an ex navy official ! Probably no government admits of their spies !

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:42pm

@martha Exactly Mushraf has long time ago talked and warned about it . Indian , Iranian and Afghani trio is working against us !

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:43pm

@Vectra No problem . They did not even listen to you when they sold F 16's to Pakistan .

Kamal Pasha. Mar 25, 2016 07:46pm

Why will a retired person take risk and enter Pakistan? This proves that he is an Indian agent whether retired can or not. India is responsible.

SAEED MASOOD Mar 25, 2016 07:48pm

Congrats Pakistan Intelligence...Thanks God someone is working seriously...and we have patriots... I am more that sure that our intelligence agencies must have done the needed and already got the complete linkage of this guy in Pakistan because these news are made public after the ultimate is done...When a country disowns a spy it is the first proof that he is the real spy

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 07:48pm

@saber In Iran ? What was he doing in Baluchistan ? Consular activities ?

Prashantjain Mar 25, 2016 07:49pm

May be he has crossed border by mistake

Jawad U Rahman Mar 25, 2016 07:51pm

Now we know why India is so interested in Chahbahar. Pakistan should raise this matter with President Rouhani of Iran visiting today. Iran MUST make sure it's territory is not used by India against Pakistan.

Aatir Ehrar Mar 25, 2016 07:51pm

So sad despite being 69 years since partition India is still stuck in 1947.

Imad Qureshi Mar 25, 2016 07:54pm

So, are Indian people now convinced that their government is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan? Or was he distributing mithai in Balochistan?

SJ Mar 25, 2016 07:56pm

Don't all agency spy's retire from armed forces?

Abdul Mar 25, 2016 07:58pm

This is modern day war. If you hurt we will hurt you back. Simple. Move on.

martha Mar 25, 2016 07:59pm

I can't believe how blatantly people are saying ask Afghanistan about this when the news clearly says he used Iranian visa... Please stop living in denial, Iran is involved in destabilizing Pakistan, call a spade a spade...

Imad Qureshi Mar 25, 2016 07:59pm

@Mukul and what was this "retired" officer doing in Baluchistan, of all the places in the world? Do you think people are that stupid. It is similar to America claiming that ex FBI agents were "hiking" on Iran-Iraq border after getting arrested by Iran.

Vectra Mar 25, 2016 07:59pm

The Indian Government is sincere and it has accepted that he is an Indian citizen and has said that the individual is former navy officer.That means India is transparent but India has categorically rejected the claim of espionage.

Faiza Salman Mar 25, 2016 08:00pm

Absolutely disgusted by Indian government policies of interfering and sending spys to their neighbors to disrupt a country's peace and sovereignty. What ever they say from their tounge but their actions are just to hurt their neighbour. Strong action from Pakistan is required and this should be brought to UN. By the way UNO should take the notice it self.

SAEED MASOOD Mar 25, 2016 08:01pm

@Prashantjain ....Armed Forces officials don't make these mistakes...

Huzaifah Mar 25, 2016 08:01pm

@Tarannum S They have shown his identity, what else you want?

Najam Mar 25, 2016 08:09pm

Good job. Now you have the proof. Show it to the world, how India is destabilizing Regional security

Zahid Mar 25, 2016 08:12pm

@Naxalite He should by tried by military court since he has been alleged of terror activities as well in Pakistan.

not-khaki-anda Mar 25, 2016 08:12pm

a bat he is a non state actor.

Changez_Khan Mar 25, 2016 08:17pm

The spy is a former Indian Navy officer and Indian government denies it? so who is behind these activities? isn't RAW part of the Indian government?

Ghaznavi Mar 25, 2016 08:24pm

Strong protest is not sufficient. This needs to be raised at the UN. Our leaders should stop worrying about their business interests in India and for once take the right step.

Brave Mar 25, 2016 08:24pm

Count all casualties because of RAW activities in Balochistan and charge him

Ghaznavi Mar 25, 2016 08:25pm

Protest with our brotherly country Iran as well!

Talha Mar 25, 2016 08:27pm

@Vectra He was indeed a RAW spy. It wasn't as if he was on a "tour" in Balochsitan. While the high profile cricketers of India are assured of foolproof security to tour much safer Lahore, Karachi and Pindi but they refuse, what was this Indian doing with no security in the rattled Balochsitan - a province which Pakistan has continuously said is being destablized by India. Mere acceptance of him being Indian is proof enough that he was a spy because even citizens of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are afraid of going to those parts of Balochsitan this guy was found at.

taimoor khan Mar 25, 2016 08:30pm

And Indians keep on asking for proof of their involvement in terrorism inside Pakistan specially in Baluchistan!

Pathetic Mar 25, 2016 08:32pm

Not a word from PM House or Ch Nisar!!!

Khan Mar 25, 2016 08:32pm

If true, this will be a major embarrassment for India. Not only were they caught red handed, but they're shown to be most careless.

Khan Mar 25, 2016 08:33pm

@Tarannum S His ID card is posted.

A. Ali Mar 25, 2016 08:36pm

why iranians let enter an indian from their border in to Pak ... despite knowing the history between two countries ... this is what a friend can do. sever ties with both countries.... as both don like Pak and with much more disdain we dislike them if they don stop such menace and evil activities against Pak.

Pathetic Mar 25, 2016 08:40pm

This is confirmation that India is out to sabotage Gawadar China plan. No wonder Chahbahar appeared in the activities of this Spy. That is the alternative Indians have in mind. India has to come out of Chanakya syndrome and get real.

kanwarch Mar 25, 2016 08:40pm

Indians can not change this is exactly what they did in East Pakistan and now doing their best to disturb Balochistan. Indians can never be friends of Pakistan and this is a fact and history is a witness to that. They try to harm Pakistan whenever they can.

Vectra Mar 25, 2016 08:42pm

@Talha Hey may be supervising Afghanistan govt construction near border with Pakistan and may have accidentally crossed border and caught.

Hasan Mar 25, 2016 08:42pm

So, what is the big deal. There are a ton agents from both countries roaming around everywhere. This spy game is being going on for ever and money and resources spent on them on the cost of taking food from the poor and needy so that each country stay a head of the other. For what? Do the huge majority of our population care? No, they want food, shelter, clean water, education, but who cares. Here is what is going to happen now: there is going to be prisoner exchange in the back ground and all will be good.

M.Saeed Mar 25, 2016 08:44pm

Catching activists (non-state actors) of banned outfits in Pakistan on Indian soil is something sinister and unacceptable but, arresting a serving officer of the Indian Navy even if on deputation to RAW, is a solid enemy activity in Pakistan. The two cannot be compared even remotely.

Haji Mar 25, 2016 08:47pm

@Vectra do you know what does 'classic text book style' in diplomacy means? Find a diplomat and ask him . It's a way of admitting he is ours but distancing yourself by saying he was not acting for us . Does India has non state actors also? Never told the world.

SAEED MASOOD Mar 25, 2016 08:47pm

Pakistan as a nation should show unity by absolutely boycotting the Indian products sold in our markets...including their movies and media coverage...Pakistan is sincerely trying to become friends and they are deliberately sabotaging our beloved country...

Khan - Pakistani Mar 25, 2016 08:49pm

@Vectra You have many May be stories !

SAEED MASOOD Mar 25, 2016 08:52pm

@Hasan ...No not at the cost of sabotaging our beloved country...just wait and see what will come out from this...we are ready to die hungry but we don't want this at the cost of our country...every Pakistani is a red blooded patriot...

Yo yo Singh Mar 25, 2016 08:54pm

Big deal!!!

Al Wakas Mar 25, 2016 08:56pm

unacceptable ? what a protest by our FO

Hamood Mar 25, 2016 09:01pm

Noose is tightening around all terrorists, foreign and domestic.

Fayaz ahmad Mar 25, 2016 09:02pm

@Tarannum S I hope u can read his name I d number and all other details r there

SAEED MASOOD Mar 25, 2016 09:04pm

This should must be put to The Iranian President as he crossed into Pakistan from Iran. and Iran will not like this Indian activity from Iran...

Khalid Mar 25, 2016 09:06pm

@Shaukat Ali Khan : Pakistan must go to the UN Security Council and get a resolution passed against the Naval Officer

Citizen Mar 25, 2016 09:06pm

He may be Indian non state actor

SAEED MASOOD Mar 25, 2016 09:12pm

@Tarannum S ....Please wait a little while and see what comes out of this...our agencies must have completed the investigation and the job...the complete linkage must have been arrested... this will be seen by the whole world...Inshahallah Mar 25, 2016 09:18pm

@Tarannum S Name and passport details have been released if you would care to look.

Sanjay Mar 25, 2016 09:18pm

@Simple Which country does not have spies in other countries? You don't have?

Faith Mar 25, 2016 09:18pm

As always INDIA is lying Mar 25, 2016 09:19pm

@red Are you blind that you can't see the name, photograph and passport copy. Mar 25, 2016 09:25pm

India is always accusing of Pakistan involvement in India but without any evidence and their western masters in USA and UK etc are always condemning us and asking us to do more. Now an Indian navy officer has been captured in Baluchistan without valid visa for Pakistan. Would the western leadership be honest enough and have some decency to condemn India for this cowardly act of terrorism. Also Pakistan should postpone any cooperation with India in their investigations till they apologies.

Brave Mar 25, 2016 09:26pm

Indian acceptance just to show other agents to carry on their activities.

Sunil Mar 25, 2016 09:26pm

@SAEED MASOOD That would be so good!!

Redivivuss Mar 25, 2016 09:29pm

He might be a non-state actor from India.

Rajeev Mar 25, 2016 09:35pm

There are several retired defence officers work in foreign companies and if that company sends them to Pakistan that does not make them RAW agent just because they were in defence services unless there are other incriminating evidence.

It is not logical to use Naval officer for spying. In landlocked area.

Farjad Mar 25, 2016 09:36pm

Things become difficult for Pakistan. Eastern border sealed but Iran and Afghnistan deliberately or otherwise facilitating Indian terror activities in Pakistan through the western border.

Simple Mar 25, 2016 09:37pm

World/UN should put sanctions on India for supporting Terrorism.

Nauman Mar 25, 2016 09:40pm

@Tarannum S don't you see the photo and passport? What more you want?

Ajay Vikram Singh Mar 25, 2016 09:42pm

@Simple - LOL. Today world is more worried about India putting sanctions on them.

Divergence Mar 25, 2016 09:44pm

@Simple On the contrary, India is vying for permanent security council seat. Ironical, isn't it

Fawad Mar 25, 2016 09:45pm

Spy travelling with passport, really a news.

Syed Anjum Ali Mar 25, 2016 09:53pm

God aloen knows the truth. When will India and Pakistan stop levelling all these stupid allegations against each other, and when will they stop interfering and spying against each other? The people of South Asia are hungry for peace and amity and the demand of the time is to stop all the old enimities.

james Mar 25, 2016 10:09pm

Who else thinks it this situation is like movies?

Worth_Commenting Mar 25, 2016 10:11pm

@Tarannum S Pakistan has disclosed his name and India has admitted his name and the fact that he is an Indian naval officer. His name is Kulbhushan Yadav. He is deputed to RAW from the Indian navy and an active duty officer.

Abdulla Hussain Mar 25, 2016 10:13pm

@red: Still on denial mode. Your government has accepted this man as a naval officer.

Worth_Commenting Mar 25, 2016 10:15pm

@Mukul Retirement is the Indian claim. That is a cover story to make it deniable so they can say they have no link with him. According to official Pak investigations, he is an active duty Indian naval commander deputed to RAW.

Worth_Commenting Mar 25, 2016 10:17pm

@Vectra And you believe the Indian governement? Do you expect them to say: "Yes, he is our spy and he was actively promoting terrorism in Pakistan"

waseem Mar 25, 2016 10:19pm

Exposing our so called Friendly Neighbor.

Mohammed Mar 25, 2016 10:22pm

@Tarannum S They have, Indian incompetence exposed.

Shaukat Ali Khan Mar 25, 2016 10:26pm

How can India accept links?

Pankaj Mar 25, 2016 10:29pm

Since when spies has started caring passport (or other IDs) of home country??? !!!! Atleast Indian government accepting that he is our citizen. Now its upto Pakistan to conduct fair investigation

joe Mar 25, 2016 10:43pm

@Divergence Please try him out and punish h as per your law.. Simple

Salman Mar 25, 2016 10:44pm

This must be escalated to the UN for getting india declared a terrorism sponsoring country. Further, sanctions must be imposed and a ban on import of weapons to india

joe Mar 25, 2016 10:49pm

I believe that Indian NSA was in Lahore for 6 years .. Is that TRUE.

amit Mar 25, 2016 11:02pm

he is a spy and every country has a spy in other country so what is wrong. atleast i am proud that India has taken a responsibility of its citizen, now pak can go to UN and lodge a complaint.

amit Mar 25, 2016 11:03pm

not bothered about pak at all, only want this guy to be back home safe.

CaptLechuck Mar 25, 2016 11:05pm

@Vectra Did you know that he came through a Pakistan-Iran border checkpost and even got his passport stamped there.

SUNIL Mar 25, 2016 11:10pm

There is no need to over react. International espionage is a reality and we should accept it. Fail to understand what's the big deal here ! Do you seriously expect india to come forward and say he is our sponsored spy?

Vorshal Mar 25, 2016 11:16pm

@Shaukat Ali Khan -- Read the above carefully news before you make a comment - NOT A SERVING DEFENCE OFFICER - “he was no longer a serving official of the Indian armed forces”..."the suspect had already taken early retirement from the Indian Navy."

Omar Mar 25, 2016 11:37pm

Good job. Why do we have such an unfortunate neighbor who do such horrible things. Compliments to our intelligence agency's

qwekids Mar 25, 2016 11:50pm

Now Spy move with there passport?

Hassan Mar 26, 2016 12:02am

Lol at early retirement and no link to raw

Gautam Mar 26, 2016 12:48am

There should be some 3rd country not Pakistani or Indian media...right now he can be tortured to admit anything ...which India will also deny. He is Navy personal who was caught roaming in Pakistan could be from Indo Pak border...but now he needs to be 3rd party interrogated on put any pressure on India

Khwarezmi Mar 26, 2016 12:54am

Huff Indians please stop it. Enough of your terrorism and enough of your lies. This a man with parents, wife and two kids in Mumbai: sure he was in Pakistan on behalf of the Indian government and RAW.

Sarfaraz Mar 26, 2016 01:06am

What are David Cameron, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and Hollande going to do about this now? Everytime they have biasedly supported Indian narrative by always blaming Pakistan.

AHMED Mar 26, 2016 02:04am

@Rajeev how innocent and how well informed you are my neighbour. Can you please tell me how the company send this hired retired army officer on official visit to pakistan without valid pakistani visa ??

jamshed Mar 26, 2016 02:06am

@Jimmy Rocks Only you will believe that.But what was he doing in Pakistan?Any idea?

Paramedics Mar 26, 2016 02:29am

So after retirement he went and became a mercenary for dollars and so he ain't Indian spy else if he was then India would have denied knowing him

Zak Mar 26, 2016 02:30am

Pakistan should invite Chinese intelligence to come and interrogate this spy, to spill out indian plans against CPEC which directly affects China as well.

Zak Mar 26, 2016 02:31am

The man does not even look Pakistani, so did they expect him not to be caught.

Peem pom Mar 26, 2016 02:31am

@Simple not so simple

Asif Mar 26, 2016 03:01am

What is the big deal. first of all there are no evidence that this person was spy. Secondly if even he is, every country have spies working. So, there is no big deal.

shami Mar 26, 2016 03:17am

@Divergence Read the article again.He has a visa of Iran so obviously he came from Iran and enetred Pakistan through Chamman border where he was arrested.

rajesh Mar 26, 2016 03:19am

It's rubbish.,. A "spy" will operate under a different identity. This person is a Indian national with indian passport/name and not with a fake Pakistani passport or name.

Pakistani Mar 26, 2016 03:22am

@Tarannum S , can't you read the name on ID card. Real name will come out soon, Pakistani police is good extracting information.

hotandsour Mar 26, 2016 03:27am

@Vectra Yeah he was not doing espionage......He was on the middle of nowhere with satellite phones and pictures of sensitive areas.....he was taking pictures just for fun.........Yeah we believe that..........................

Pakistani Mar 26, 2016 03:28am

@Mukul .... Yes, early retirement to join RAW. It is normal, if you know anything about spying and have even learned anything from Indian movies.

Kaunjee Mar 26, 2016 03:31am

India denying as usual. The man has confessed that he's an active RAW member but India denies, what a joke :)

Kaunjee Mar 26, 2016 03:32am

this is a big blow to India

Truth Mar 26, 2016 03:50am

Read David headleys's testimony from US court. You will know who is biggest spy and conspirator.

Ahmed Mar 26, 2016 04:29am

@Rajeev Baluchistan is not a landlock area

Nadeem Mar 26, 2016 04:29am

So this is the solid proof for the world, as compared to the dead phone numbers and the names given by Indian authorities..

spy Mar 26, 2016 04:59am

indian govt. should confess RAW activities and make a new beginning.

Aman Ki Asha Mar 26, 2016 05:00am

Where is Aman Ki Asha ?

Himanshu Agarwal Mar 26, 2016 06:14am

@Abdulla Hussain He is a "Non-state Actor".

Tapish Mar 26, 2016 06:18am

Pakistan should also declare it has no spies in India. India atleast accepted immediately the person is of Indian origin ,

M. Siddique Mar 26, 2016 06:21am

Does Pakistan really expect India to admit he is an agent of RAW. Pakistan should try him as the agent of a foreign country involved in subversive activities. Punish him and then let the chips fall where they may. Along the way India will confess more.

Kevin Peter Mar 26, 2016 07:10am

It is on the Pakistan establishment to prove beyond doubt that he is a spy. If India has nothing to do with him, then prove his involvement. Until, it is hard to accept any claim in international fora.

Kevin Peter Mar 26, 2016 07:17am

The timing of this news is very suspect!!

umar Mar 26, 2016 07:27am

@Real Indian on a sight seeing tour off course

N_Saq Mar 26, 2016 07:35am

Good catch but will Pak be able to use its card right to draw international attention and condemnation to this Indian hostilities?

Dr. Farooq Khan Mar 26, 2016 07:42am

Everybody in the room know what does that "denying" mean. Dear India, we shall not be able to stop our government in pursuing for hostile situation in India if you would not stop it. For God's sake, one side please have patience if that side wants to win.

naseem haider Mar 26, 2016 08:08am

it is fact that indian agencieis involve in balochistan as well as it is responsibility of pakistani agencies and forces to stop their activities....

satya Mar 26, 2016 08:09am

@Khalid UN is dis functional body

Farouq Omaro Mar 26, 2016 08:21am

Indian spy, Pakistani spy. Where does all these lead to? So much distrust, why? What benefit is this to the common man in both countries? I pray to God that we all leatn to live with each other, and end all these childish nonsense.

real spy Mar 26, 2016 08:22am

Yeah!, spies travel with passport and all documents

Divergence Mar 26, 2016 08:51am

@joe as you wish

Surya Kant Mar 26, 2016 09:05am

Dig it up. Get to the bottom of it and let the truth prevail

R S Chakravarti Mar 26, 2016 09:15am

If Pakistan gives India consular access to this man, his version would come out. Does the Govt of Pakistan want that to happen or not?

Krana Mar 26, 2016 09:27am

It will end with same propaganda like last dossier

atif khan Mar 26, 2016 09:27am

there will be more for sure.

aam admi Mar 26, 2016 09:29am

India flatly denies claim of pak.

Gurjeet Singh Mar 26, 2016 09:35am

Does a RAW agent will carry Indian Passport? He is a business man and victim of conspiracy.

Rational Mar 26, 2016 09:42am

@Vectra .. How convenient

VPSingh Mar 26, 2016 09:50am

@real spy To pretend that everything is fine!

VPSingh Mar 26, 2016 09:51am

@qwekids Spies always carry number of fake documents!

Tamil Mar 26, 2016 09:53am

Unfortunately, we have bad leadership. As an Indian I am ashamed. Instead of resolving old issues and making peace, we are sending our agents to create problems for neighbours. we are quick to blame Pakistan for pathankot and Mumbai but we are now caught doing same.

malik humayoun Mar 26, 2016 09:54am

Govt of Pakistan should required to take up the matter with Irani president that the RAW agent came pakistan through irani passport. also Uzair Baloch got facililty from iran thease issue must be take-up with irani prisident

stnemmoC Mar 26, 2016 09:54am

Thoroughly appreciate the bravery of GoP by showing the passport and rest of of details to world.

Himanshu Mar 26, 2016 10:04am

Dear friends from Pakistan :- Hope documents recovered from our arrested Indian brother will be published soon.. and also let us see that this does n't get the same end as your foreign minister dossier had which was claimed to be containing the strong evidences against India and presented in U.N.O.

Manu Mar 26, 2016 10:05am

Hold your horses - let the picture emerge - not enough on the table to jump to conclusions either way

Anon Mar 26, 2016 10:06am

@Rajeev that company arranges visa too... no one enters without a visa, and if he does, there is something fishy..

Kool Mar 26, 2016 10:15am

Indian spy carrying Indian passport are they so dumb ?

Angry Pitbull Mar 26, 2016 10:25am

If he is a spy will he take his family for spying because he is caught with his wife and two kids , If he is on the mission of spying why would he carry a Indian passport that too with his whole family.

Guru Mar 26, 2016 10:52am

@Tamil you are right on the money...leadership is living in the past!

NY88 Mar 26, 2016 10:52am

1) The article itself says that India only verified that the man in question is an Indian "citizen" and a retired officer; not a spy. 2) Every functional country in the world has spies. If a spy gets caught, standard protocol for every country is to disown him/her. BIG DEAL!

Abdul Mar 26, 2016 10:56am

@Tarannum S well sir they are showing pictures of him and his passport. What else u need?

malik humayoun Mar 26, 2016 10:58am

@The Reluctant Fundamentalist Agreed with you also need to take this issue with iran .Why iran facilitate our enemies, the indian spy ussed irani passport to enter in pakistan like Uzair Baloch already got irani passport.

exposed Mar 26, 2016 11:15am

Citizens travel to various countries .. some are caught as spies ..

Vectra Mar 26, 2016 11:26am

According to Times of India Report, the man was doing business from Bundar Abbas, Iran after his retirement and was lured in the name of business from Pakistan and was arrested

slydini Mar 26, 2016 11:28am

You lodge a complaint and we deny. Truth is all are spying on each other why so much fuse.

Dawood Ibrahim from Karachi Mar 26, 2016 11:38am

@Ahmed haha... good one !

Kaunjee Mar 26, 2016 11:48am

@Rajeev , right, haven't you read the evidence and where he's caught from ?? Deny deny but too late my friend

Ayaz Munir Mar 26, 2016 11:58am

And so we fight more in the name of Kashmir , but have given nothing to the innocent Kashmiris in decades , an eye opener for me.


Akil Akhtar Mar 26, 2016 12:05pm

Here is the evidence for all the lets hear your excuses....He is a state actor not a non-state actor as in case of Mumbai. Indian govt is directly involved. Pakistan needs to break all ties with india as they have been doing this since the 1960s....

Lafanga Mar 26, 2016 12:06pm

So according to Indians he is a tourist and not a spy. Since when did Baluchistan become favourite tourist destination for serving Indian naval officers travelling with multiple identities and entering from Iran?

Last Word Mar 26, 2016 12:21pm

According to Indian media, this man was on a business trip to Pakistan and not found in Baluchistan but abducted from somewhere else and framed for spying charges to implicate India.

pakistan Mar 26, 2016 12:22pm

@Angry Pitbull my very innocent indian friend .......can I ask you a very simple question .....what is a indian naval officer doing in the rural part of Baluchistan with 2 different identities .....oh wait I know the answer there is a new thing called spying, but as you say he was just looking to do business

sandhu Mar 26, 2016 12:43pm

@rajesh Man he was having fake name and passport. Read before commenting.

Gurjeet Singh Mar 26, 2016 12:56pm

A spy with original passport.. what a joke..

weird al Mar 26, 2016 02:27pm

These are all baseless allegations. Our Hearts are very pure. At any rate, he should have been more careful not to get caught but he blew it. We don't know who he is now.

malik Mar 26, 2016 02:31pm

@Divergence that's not true for whole AFG

Markandey Mar 26, 2016 03:29pm

@Hasan you're quite right. The US and USSR spent millions operating spy networks against each other during the cold war. There are no winners in this game.

zak Mar 26, 2016 03:58pm

India Caught red handed.

Shakil Ahmed Khan Mar 26, 2016 04:09pm

Very bad, India abandoning its own heroes!

Shakil Ahmed Khan Mar 26, 2016 04:10pm

Looking at the passport pictures, looks like he had Iranian Visa stamped!

timetostopthis Mar 26, 2016 05:14pm

@Khan - Pakistani Iranians have the right to give visas to whoever they want as they are a sovereign country. Can someone dictate to Pakistan whom to give and whom not to give visas?.

timetostopthis Mar 26, 2016 05:19pm

@Ghaznavi Ofcourse you can raise it at the UN. After that what next, since they are famous for doing nothing. And you have no evidence of him spying.

timetostopthis Mar 26, 2016 05:25pm Where is the proof of terrorism? He could have gone on visit.

moeazzi Mar 26, 2016 05:42pm

All countries in the world spy on each other. However India and Pakistan need to work at higher level to avoid such activities against each other. Pakistan needs to work with people of Baluchistan at political level and identify the elements destabilizing the province. Military solutions work only for a short time. Baluchistan needs to be connected closely politically and culturally with the rest of the country.

zak Mar 26, 2016 06:24pm

@Gurjeet Singh How else would he travel to Iran ? on a fake one ! Iran will not be interested in giving India access via chabbar port anymore,

Volker schmidt Mar 26, 2016 07:00pm

Which spy in the world would be carrying his original identity with him?? This guy is perhaps doing some illegal business.

simon Mar 26, 2016 07:01pm

this is great

kumar Mar 26, 2016 07:06pm

When ever I read such news from either countries, my heart goes out for those agents. its end of the lives for these people. Both the goats distance themselves and the patriot, who risks his life gets no cover from any govt. He/she will have to rot for rest of their lives in prison. I bet... US or a western spy in our countries will be whisked away by their embassies. I really feel for these people who are caught. be it pakistanis or Indians.

pakistan Mar 26, 2016 07:07pm

@timetostopthis I don't know whether to laugh or cry at your innocence......what else would a indian army man would be doing in a area where law and order is not good and why would he be using two identities.......if he was touring why w0uld he be using 2 different names

atif Mar 26, 2016 07:24pm

@Vectra ohh bhai what world are you living in ,,,dont you know most of the times these spy agencies work without the government knowing so even though the Govt. might be transparent ..still doesn't mean RAW is not involved , please get your house in order while we do the same!!!

KERMU Mar 26, 2016 08:34pm

India and RAW should be taken to task at International forum.

Haider Rehman Mar 26, 2016 08:53pm

This is always the excuse

Isaac Mar 26, 2016 09:06pm

@red it is naive of Indians and Pakistanis to think they do not have spies in each other countries. That is how international espionage works. Every country has spies in other countries even friendly ones. And it is a game that all play when they disown the spy. That's part of his job risk that he will be disowned... Until it's time for a prisoner swap. Didn't be surprised if next you hear the news of Pakistani spy being arrested in India.

Shah Mar 26, 2016 09:21pm

Oh ya, this Indian spy was a former navy officer, and has nothing to do with the RAW. Of course he was spying just for fun and thrill.

Divergence Mar 26, 2016 09:52pm
  1. How should Pakistan look at Afghanistan as a country when it has given free access and permission to RAW to operate on its soil? I don't see this step as anything but pro-Pakistan. Don't take Afghanis into consideration in this. Most of them might well be suffering by foreign occupations of their country.
  2. Does every spy belonging to RAW and caught in Pakistan possess Iranian visa? He doesn't. So the problem lies in India and he may well have used an underhanded mechanism to obtain this visa. The important thing is he was a spy of India. So this theory about Iran and India working against Pakistan might not be fully credible.
timetostartthis Mar 26, 2016 10:45pm

He is obviously innocent and was framed. Please send him back to India.

Bahadur Rana Mar 26, 2016 11:00pm

@Omar Sadiq hahaha

anon Mar 27, 2016 12:37am

But the travel docs show name as "Patel".

A. Mangal Mar 27, 2016 08:18am

@Gurjeet Singh. Why don't you look for yourself. A photo tells thousand words for your information!

Umar Mar 27, 2016 12:36pm

@Shaukat Ali Khan this guy had a valid iranian visa so questions should be asked from iran not afghanistan

Umar Mar 27, 2016 12:37pm

@Divergence this guy had a valid iranian visa so questions should be asked from iran not afghanistan

Umar Mar 27, 2016 12:37pm

@Javaid this guy had a valid iranian visa so questions should be asked from iran not afghanistan

Kedar Mar 27, 2016 01:14pm

India does not disown its Citizens, unless they commit crime. What is the crime of this person ? Being a former naval office is NO CRIME.

Guys let us have a credible story. It didn't work this time.

vic Mar 27, 2016 11:09pm

At least India is accepting that he is an Indian citizen!