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The former IFS officer allegedly revealed certain classified information to Pakistani intelligence officials. ─AFP/File
The former IFS officer allegedly revealed certain classified information to Pakistani intelligence officials. ─AFP/File

NEW DELHI: Former Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer Madhuri Gupta, facing legal action over allegedly spying for Pakistan, will be charged under India's Official Secrets Act and can face imprisonment up to 14 years, the Delhi High Court ordered on Tuesday.

According to Indian News Agency IANS, the Delhi High Court Judge Pratibha Rani maintained that evidence placed by the police against Gupta was "prima facie sufficient" to frame a charge against her under a more stringent section of India's Official Secrets Act, which attracts maximum punishment of 14 years.

Gupta, 56, worked in the Indian embassy's information service. She was called back to New Delhi in April 2010 on the pretext of consultations before police swooped on her at home.

She was arrested for providing sensitive information to Pakistan's top intelligence agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). Soon after the arrest, Gupta's lawyer had insisted that her client was being framed and said police had failed to provide any evidence against her.

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Police Advocate Rajesh Mahajan had told the high court that the information which the former diplomat passed on to the ISI was related to the security and defence of the nation.

As per the charge-sheet filed in July 2010, Gupta was involved in a relationship with an alleged ISI official Jamshed, whom she planned to marry.

Gupta is not the first Indian diplomat to have been accused of spying for Pakistani agencies. In the 1980s, an Indian military attaché posted in Islamabad faced a similar charge. The military official was sent back but wasn't tried for espionage.

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Comments (36) Closed

Janjuah Feb 09, 2016 08:55pm

Poor lady. . .I wish justice is administered in this case.

Harmony-1© Feb 09, 2016 09:15pm

Lesson: Never fall in love if you are a diplomat!

MIRZA Feb 09, 2016 09:29pm

I admire the Indian establishment , They follow their cases diligently to the end unlike our politicians/army who just don't care . all they care is about their own welfare.

M.Saeed Feb 09, 2016 10:15pm

Those who selected Gupta in IFS should be held responsible because, they failed to judge her real patriotism and tilt towards quick-money.

Vijay Feb 09, 2016 10:25pm

@M.Saeed How were they expect to judge her lack of patriotism? Was it written on her forehead?

Ahmed USA Feb 09, 2016 10:58pm

Did Gupta get fair trial...? No one dare catches corrupt businessman and politicians in India... Why...?

mehul Feb 09, 2016 11:24pm

Is it just me or 14 years is too less for such a serious crime. In most countries spying attracts an upward of 25 years jail time.

Dr. Farooq Khan Feb 10, 2016 12:04am

Dear India, if you unfairly treat this case, you will loose your good employees. Think twice before doing it.

Ramesh Sharma Feb 10, 2016 01:01am

@M.Saeed This is insane. How could you find what he or she is going to do in the future? May be if somebody has a crystal ball.

Kolsat Feb 10, 2016 02:47am

This lady has shown that even the highly placed and paid bureaucrats will do anything against their nation if paid enough money. Birbery and corruption has become an integral part of lives of Indians. Everyday some minister or policeman or bureaucrat somewhere demands and gets large sums of money for approving contracts etc.

Kolsat Feb 10, 2016 02:49am

@Janjuah: why is she poor lady because she helped Pakistan and was anti-India?

pure ind Feb 10, 2016 03:34am

@Dr. Farooq Khan what do u mean by fair trial?? She shud have well thought about which persons she shud have fallen for. A diplomat being punished is ssurely on the basis of solid proof. TThis only shows the law is fair be it majority or minority ccommunity

Patriot Feb 10, 2016 04:18am

I believe accused is innocent unless proven guilty. So hold your judgement. Indians are not holier than thou.

babar Feb 10, 2016 06:06am

@Vijay It was not lack of patriotism but love. Love is blind!

Hindutavi Rakshas Feb 10, 2016 06:14am


Pakistani Feb 10, 2016 06:45am

this is funny

Blore Guy Feb 10, 2016 06:56am

@Ahmed USA True No advise to your govt Why?

Sri Feb 10, 2016 07:08am

@Ahmed USA because spying is by far a graver offence puts national security and lives at risk..

Sri Feb 10, 2016 07:10am

@Dr. Farooq Khan sir please read the article and you will realise that she is the first diplomat to be charged in since independence on these grounds..u thinking she is getting an unfair deal?

pure ind Feb 10, 2016 07:48am

@Harmony-1© wrong fall in luv with a genuine person

Krishna Feb 10, 2016 09:39am

@Ahmed USA : is espionage similar to corruption ???

Indian Feb 10, 2016 09:53am

She should be severely punished for working against it's own country.

Amused Audience Feb 10, 2016 11:21am

"The military official was sent back but wasn't tried for espionage!" Why? Isn't it double standard? Punishing a civilian and letting go a uniformed personnel who did the crime of the similar nature!

Sudhir Neyalasinger Feb 10, 2016 11:32am

@Ahmed USA In India they do catch corrupt politicians and businessmen. Former Union minister for Telecom Raja, Tamil Nadu CM, J.Jayalalitha (whose case is pending in the high court), CEO of Satyam Ramalinga Raju and Subroto Roy of Sahara are some of the examples. But it's harder to catch corrupt politicians and businessmen as they cover their tracks well.

Sunil Feb 10, 2016 11:35am

@Ahmed USA Its a case of espionage, a very serious issue, matter of country's security, not corruption.

Gurjeet Brar Tohada Parona Feb 10, 2016 12:11pm

@Dr. Farooq Khan don't worry about india, we have millions of good employees.

Krishna Feb 10, 2016 12:16pm

@Dr. Farooq Khan : India thinks thrice, four times or five times. Please advise your government about sanity

india_first Feb 10, 2016 12:34pm

India to take decision and to take it to closure of the case.

Pedro Sam Feb 10, 2016 03:12pm

Whether the person is from Pakistan or India - Gaddari should not be tolerated. If some one from outside does like this I can understand but a diplmat - The punishment should be twice the normal.

rabina Feb 11, 2016 01:25am

@Janjuah Agreed. 14 years is very less.

Brar Feb 11, 2016 06:32am

@Amused Audience Military officers are not spared they are also tried according to the degree of crime they comitted

Wise Diplomat Feb 11, 2016 06:47am

@Patriot :You, sir/madam, believe in many things without evidence, and need to reconsider your post in that light!

rehan Feb 11, 2016 08:39am

@Ramesh Sharma You Indians think you're so clever . Why don't you figure it out.

Asif Feb 11, 2016 02:21pm

We must admire by Indian judiciary which has given time and fare trial to spy as well. Even Kasab got the free and fare trial..

Raza Feb 12, 2016 12:33pm

@Kolsat I can feel ur pain

VK Feb 12, 2016 03:23pm

Accused in India are enjoying their rights well. As per the law 100 accused can be set free but one innocent should not be punished at all.