PESHAWAR: Speakers at a function here on Thursday demanded of the government to take action against banned organisations and those seminaries, which were supporting terrorist groups.

Addressing the launching ceremony of Rawadari Tehreek at Peshawar Press Club, they also urged the government to implement National Action Plan in letter and spirit to eradicate terrorism and extremism in the country.

The ‘Rawadari Tehreek’ (movement for peace and against terrorism) was launched by representatives of various civil society organisations. The event was presided over by chairman of the newly launched movement, Samson Salamat.

SPO regional head Arshad Haroon, South Asia Partnership Pakistan regional head Sikandar Zaman, Mukhtar Bacha of National party, Qamar Naseem of Civil Society Network and Radesh Singh Tony addressed the function.

Chairman of newly launched movement seeks implementation of NAP

Speaking on the occasion, Samson Salamat said that the movement launched to counter religious extremism, intolerance and terrorism and to promote respect for all types of diversity and bridge gap among people of different faiths and religions.

Mr Salamat urged the government to implement National Action Plan in real sense to wipe out terrorism completely. He said that peace was vital for progress and development of the country. He stressed the need for forging unity among all religious groups.

The government, Mr Salamat said, was duty bound to take stern action against those organisations, which were supporting terrorists groups.

He said that all political parties should build pressure on the government for enforcement of NAP in letter and spirit. He said that the newly launched movement would extend full support to the government in that connection.

Addressing the function, Qamar Naseem urged all religious sects to join hands for establishment of lasting peace. The policy of denial was never a solution, he said, adding that government and other stakeholders must accept the realities and take concrete measures to ensure safety and security of the citizens.

Speaking on the occasion, Mukthar Bacha strongly condemned the fresh wave of terrorism and targeting of educational institutions by terrorists.

“It is high time to forge unity against terrorism and extremism. The bloodshed must stop now on Pakhtuns’ soil and serious efforts should be taken for bringing sustainable peace,” he said.

Mr Bacha said that Pakhtuns were affected badly by the ongoing war against terrorism. He called for unified efforts to uproot terrorism.

Radesh Sing Tony said on the occasion that all religions gave a message of peace, tranquility and harmony. He said that sectarian harmony and religious tolerance were vital for peaceful co-existence. He appreciated government’s efforts for bringing stability and peace. However, he urged the government to accelerate work on implementation of National Action Plan.

Other speakers including Arshad Haroon, Sikandar Zaman and Maqsood also stressed the need for promotion of religious harmony and tolerance. They demanded of the government to take action against those, who were supporting terrorist outfits.

Through a resolution, presented by Taimoor Kamal of Civil Society Network, the participants of the function demanded of the government to open all educational institutions in the province and take appropriate steps for protection and safety of the institutions.

The resolution also demanded implementation of NAP in letter and spirit and removal of objectionable stuff from syllabus. It said that operation should be launched against terrorists in Punjab. All steps should be taken for promotion of mother languages and preservation of national heritage, it added.

Published in Dawn, January 29th, 2016