Army Public School attack : Muhammad Daud - Age: 19

Son of Khalid Khan and Gulnaz BegumSiblings: Abdul Qudoos Khan (18), Abdul Qadeer Khan (15), Umra Bibi (13), Sara...
Updated 14 Dec, 2015 12:12pm

Son of Khalid Khan and Gulnaz Begum

Siblings: Abdul Qudoos Khan (18), Abdul Qadeer Khan (15), Umra Bibi (13), Sara Bibi (8), Walliullah (3).

The eldest of six children, Muhammad Daud had dreams of serving his nation as an army officer.

Known to his youngest sibling as ‘Lala Jee’, Daud was punctual, disciplined and studious and had been appointed house captain.

His father says he was a good speaker, writer and reader and had received many medals and certificates. His favourite subject was Biology and he always secured over 90pc marks in the class.

His father says Daud once received less marks than a cousin of his. When he told him she was more intelligent than Daud, his son worked hard in his next exam to surpass her performance.

A good volleyball player, Daud was part of his school and village volleyball teams. His village team won a great deal of tournaments with his help.

His father says Daud was not just a son, but also a friend. “I was very frank with him,” he says. His father weeps intermittently while speaking about his son, unable to control his emotion.

After one of his classmates told him his father had passed away, Daud took extra pocket money from his own father everyday to help him.

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