Army Public School attack: Syed Afaq Ahmed – Age 15

Updated 11 Dec, 2015 02:54pm

Son of Zahir Shah (late) and Bibi Amna

Siblings: Shah Fahad (27), Bibi Fatma (25), Shamsul Qamar (24), Bibi Rabia (19), Farooq Didar (18), Bibi Uzma (16), Arsh Zahir (13)

Just like his elder siblings, Afaq wanted to be a doctor.

He was not a very social child and preferred being home and playing on the computer. He was very close to his siblings and mother, who say Afaq was the ‘backbone’ of the family.

His mother recalls that her son was very happy on December 16, 2014 before he left for school. That is how she wants to remember him

His siblings say the void in their lives after the passing of their brother can never be filled.

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