Army Public School attack: Aimal Khan — Age: 18

Son of Mr and Mrs Attique AkhtarSiblings: Ahmad Jan (16), Malaika Arman (12) (she enrolled at APS after her...
Updated 15 Dec, 2015 09:48pm

Son of Mr and Mrs Attique Akhtar

Siblings: Ahmad Jan (16), Malaika Arman (12) (she enrolled at APS after her brother’s death and aims to fulfill her brother’s goals), Zarak Khan (10).

Aimal Khan always wondered why the most hardworking people in his city used to sleep in the streets. According to his father, the young boy showed empathy beyond his years and often talked about how he wanted to change the world.

Aimal made it to the point regularly serve meals to the poor and during Ramazan he would make sure all police checkposts in his area were delivered a ration for Iftar.

There was a distinct maturity about the teenager and on one occasion he even helped resolve a long-running feud in his family.

Aimal was also known in his neighbourhood as a talented artist, whose sketches of sports cars had attracted international praise on the internet. He had restored several cars and his decorative work on seats and rims earned him a ‘handsome amount of money,’ according to his family.

Aimal’s father proudly declared that the family had never received a complaint about their 18-year-old boy, and was the perfect child.

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