Army Public School attack: Muhammad Shaheer Khan – Age: 14

Son of Shagufta and Muhammad Tahir KhanSiblings: Mumna Khan (20), Mohammad Munib Khan (16), Tooba (12)Shaheer's...
Updated 15 Dec, 2015 09:49pm

Son of Shagufta and Muhammad Tahir Khan

Siblings: Mumna Khan (20), Mohammad Munib Khan (16), Tooba (12)

Shaheer's mother finds it hard to come to term with the senseless killing of her son. She still keeps with her the tie he wore to school that morning, which now has visible tears from the bullets.

Shaheer was a naughty student. His father says once when the APS lab assistant forgot to lock the lab, Shaheer and his friends snuck inside and went straight for the computers, opening each mouse and removing the trackballs. When he saw a teacher approach, Shaheer quickly slid the trackballs in his friend's pocket and later, when questioned, said he had done nothing but told her to check the other student's pockets.

He loved computer games and had been begging his parents to buy him a PlayStation 4, which cost Rs48,000. When his parents told him he could only buy it if he did well on his exams, mischievous Shaheer prepared a handwritten report card in order to claim his gift.

The family tries to brave but they miss their boy terribly.

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