Army Public School attack: Shamowail Tariq – Age 15

Updated 15 Dec, 2015 09:31pm

Son of Shagufta and Tariq Jan

Siblings: Mehwish Tariq (18), Sohail Tariq (13) and Sawail Tariq (7)

Shamowail father describes him as a mature and responsible young boy.

He was a respectful and obedient son and was nick named Babar Sher (lion).

Whenever his siblings were disappointed by their father, Shamowail would cheer them up and make them laugh by telling them jokes.

When the family was building a new house, his father says Shamowail took a keen interest in the building material and instructed the labourers to use more cement to make the house strong.

The day of the attack, two bloodied Rs20 notes were recovered from his front pocket. His father says they had bullet holes in them, suggesting his son was shot in the chest. He father has kept those notes with him as a memory of his son’s sacrifice.

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