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During the meeting with Modi, PM Nawaz also sought information on Samjhota Express trial, Sartaj Aziz said. —Reuters/File
During the meeting with Modi, PM Nawaz also sought information on Samjhota Express trial, Sartaj Aziz said. —Reuters/File

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to PM on Foreign Affairs and National Security Sartaj Aziz said Monday that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had told his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi during their meeting in Ufa, Russia that more information is required to conclude the Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi trial — the alleged mastermind 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

Speaking to media representatives in the federal capital, Sartaj said that the reference to 'additional information' is a recognition of the need for information which is required in order to expedite the trial.

Lakhvi was released from Rawalpindi's Adiala Jail in April this year, after a court ordered dismissal of detention orders issued against him by the Okara DCO on March 14.

India condemned Lakhvi's release deeming it an "insult" to the victims of the 26/11 Mumbai attack. Lakhvi is among the seven persons charged with planning and helping carry out the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

At the time of the attacks, Lakhvi was believed to be the operational head of the banned Laskhar-i-Taiba (LT) that has been accused by India of carrying out the attacks in India's financial capital.

During the meeting with Modi, Sartaj said, Nawaz also sought information on the progress made on the Samjhota Express trial.

"July 10, 2015 was a very important day in the diplomatic history of Pakistan," said the adviser.

Aziz said SCO took a unanimous formal decision to admit Pakistan (and India) into the organisation.

"The process has been launched and after formalities are completed like ratification of SCO documents, Pakistan will become a full fledged member of the SCO."

He said the organisation can play an important role in shaping a conducive regional environment that would bring peace and prosperity to all SCO members.

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Nawaz, Modi meeting cordial

Sartaz reiterated that the meeting between Nawaz and Modi, which was held upon the Indian premier's request, was cordial and both leaders shared a vision of having peaceful, neighbourly relations between Pakistan and India in order to create the necessary space in which both countries can focus on the economic welfare of their people.

He added that the July 10 meeting achieved one major objective — reducing tensions in order to create an environment for meaningful talks on all significant issues for both countries.

"Our country and our region have several challenges ranging from outstanding issues like Kashmir to terrorism to poverty and low human development," Sartaj said. "People are yearning for peace so that their governments can focus on a socio-economic agenda to improve the quality of life of millions of people living in South Asia."

The adviser reiterated that the informal discussion between the two leaders was not the formal start of a dialogue process. However, he said, the meeting served the purpose of achieving an understanding that tensions and hostility between the two countries need to be reduced in order to engage in dialogue pertaining to bilateral issues, including Kashmir.

Kashmir to be discussed among other outstanding issues

He said that the joint statement issued by the two leaders recognises the need to discuss all outstanding issues.

"We all know what those outstanding issues are," Sartaj said. "Kashmir of course tops the list of outstanding issues, but there are other important issues like Siachen, Sir Creek, water and interference in Pakistan."

He further said that Kashmiris have suffered for three generations.

"Their right to self determine their destiny has not been granted. Pakistan has stood by Kashmiris in their legitimate struggle. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif affirmed our principled position in clear and unequivocal terms during his annual speech at the UN General Assembly. We would continue to extend political, moral, and diplomatic support to our Kashmiri brethren."

The meeting between Modi and Nawaz also provided an opportunity to identify areas in which the two countries could promote more cooperation in order to reduce hostility, Aziz said.

"Peace and tranquility on the Line of Control (LoC) and Working Boundary is in the interest of both countries," Sartaj said.

"Even though currently ceasefire is by and large being maintained, there have been occasions when this ceasefire was violated causing casualties and injuries to people inhabiting those areas."

Take a look: Indian PM Modi accepts invite for first Pakistan visit: joint statement

Sartaj reiterated that both sides have also agreed to revive Track II dialogue to explore ways of resolving issues that have been lingering for a long period of time and need to be resolved in order to enhance peace in the region.

He further said that the National Security Advisers from both sides will meet in New Delhi and Islamabad to address acrimonious concerns regarding Indian's accusations of cross-border terrorism and Pakistan's concerns pertaining to hostile statements made by Indian ministers as well as India's support towards insurgency in Balochistan.

Nawaz's meetings with other world leaders

Aziz referred to PM Nawaz's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin as a development of historic proportion. The two leaders agreed to enhance bilateral relationship in all spheres, particularly in trade, investment and defence.

The adviser reiterated the outcome of PM Nawaz's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, saying that the premier provided a welcome opportunity to review the progress made in implementing the decisions taken during the Chinese president's landmark visit to Pakistan in April with regards to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and other avenues of our multi-faceted cooperation.

He underscored that Pakistan and China are bonded by deep rooted ties of friendship and all weather strategic cooperative partnership.

The adviser said that PM Nawaz also met Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to reaffirm mutual resolve to maintain the upward trajectory of relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Both leaders expressed satisfaction on the meeting between the Afghan Taliban and their government —which was hosted by Pakistan — to promote reconciliation in Afghanistan, he added.

Sartaj said that Pakistan will continue to support the peace and reconciliation process "based on our conviction that a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan is in the best interest of our region".

Pakistan drops its prepared case against India following Ufa meeting

Pakistan has decided to put on hold the prepared case to be taken at United Nations against India for its alleged involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan.

"The decision whether to go to UN or not would be taken only after meeting between the national security advisers of the two countries," Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz told the media during a briefing in Islamabad.

Know more: Sharif, Modi meet today in bid to ease tension

He said the date for the meeting between the two advisers is yet to be finalised but both countries are in touch through diplomatic channels in this regard.

Meanwhile Pakistan's permanent envoy to the UN Dr Maleeha Lodhi has left Islamabad for New York after getting guidelines and directives from the foreign ministry.

"Maleeha has been directed to make preparation for Pakistan’s participation in the UN General Assembly," Sartaj Aziz told DawnNews.

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Comments (70) Closed

usman Jul 13, 2015 03:42pm

after what happened in ofa, where your government didnt speak for kashmir, we do not trust you anymore

Euro Jul 13, 2015 03:46pm

Pakistan should stop responding to India until they arrest and punishes the military men who bombed Samjhuta Express. International relations are give and take, not take and take.

m singh Jul 13, 2015 03:49pm

let him go free....

blogger Jul 13, 2015 03:57pm

India is okay by Pakistan s no response, nearly seventy years have passed, maybe years to come. But China and Pakistan need a peaceful atmosphere for the CPEC not India which is developing an alternative route due to Pakistan s belligerence. China has a border dispute with India but also export $94 billions to India If Pakistan wants to be rigid there is nothing anyone in the world can do,its ruled by its Army which will be irrelevant if there is peace with India.

Trv Jul 13, 2015 04:00pm


whats in a name Jul 13, 2015 04:02pm

So what was the meeting b/w the PMs in UFA earlier for ? So that has no bearing now ?

bangladeshi Jul 13, 2015 04:06pm

if you stop crying for india's kashmir will create prosperous in life of people in both country

Adnan Fayyaz Jul 13, 2015 04:13pm

This is really stupid on our Governments part. Why cant they understand, India loves to continue with the status quo? It is in our interest we talk, and share in their economic boom

Narendra Jul 13, 2015 04:17pm

Vacate Pakistan occupied Kashmir, without any further delay. Its india's territory. Please don't misunderstand Silence as dumbness.

vasu Jul 13, 2015 04:17pm

Suggestion : why dont you record the court proceedings & handover the tapes to India..

From Jammu Jul 13, 2015 04:22pm

Nothing new...! This man never keep stand, had different comments and now changed again.

satish Jul 13, 2015 04:28pm

He must be released now. He may be taken back to prison, when enough evidences are there. Merely on suspicion detaining a man is unfairly injustice. He is not in mumbai on 26/11 is enough for his release. If he were in India, he will enjoying full freedom with full civil rights as he was not at the place of evidence and no concrete evidence there regarding his involvement in 26/11.

Detaining on suspicion is utter human right violence....

International bullying must not be accepted.

R.Kannan Jul 13, 2015 04:29pm

So once again, Pakistan has back tracked. Nothing new - this has been the story for the last few decades. The logical thing for the Indian government is to ignore Pakistan and focus its attention on important subjects. Why should India waste time on one of the minor SAARC nations ?

M. Siddique Jul 13, 2015 04:37pm

Samjhota train bombing happened before Bombay incident. Let India try criminals first and provide Pakistan with sufficient evidence to try Lakhvi.

N Jul 13, 2015 04:50pm

I know this is what happens... UN will laugh at these people if they point fingers on others for their own misdeeds and incapabilities...!!!

Malik Jul 13, 2015 04:52pm

Maintaining the status quo is of utmost important to India. As they move towards development we move towards a period of darkness. Shame on our leaders to rake up the kashmir issue again. Side tracking the imminent issues like power and water crisis with a patriotic twist.

As someone rightly said, if India and pakistan make peace COAS would be out of a job.

N.S Jul 13, 2015 05:02pm

Pakistan should take its case about the Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan to UN. Why they are holding it back. When India can take the Lakhvi issue to UN, why can't Pakistan on equal footing. Defensive offence is needed.

Ramesh Nakhwa Jul 13, 2015 05:05pm

Pakistan was actually desperate to talk to India. Literally in the past 6 months sending feelers and making open statements. Now when we talk to them they are like a angry neighbour refusing to discuss anything.

We can go back to status quo and they will start begging for a dialogue. However this flip flop brings international disrepute to Pkaistan itself. Next time the US puts pressure on India to talk this will become a classic case to refuse dialogue. Back to status quo then

Dipak Singh Jul 13, 2015 05:09pm

Good going, as usual expectation is clean bold again. Bowler is from Pakistan side Batsman Indian side.

SRIDHAR RAGHUNATHA RAO Jul 13, 2015 05:14pm

We have been devoting all resources at our disposal, since last 68 years, in squabbling about Kashmir. If we just come out of it for a brief period of, say about five years, we can achieve greater progress in every front. Can we give a fair try?

PShailendra Jul 13, 2015 05:25pm

@N.S Because you don't have any proof, while India had all the proof it needed. Mr Lakvi has refused to give his voice sample - why? if he is innocent - he should provide his voice sample.

Alibaba Jul 13, 2015 05:26pm

If there is no sufficient information to hold lakhvi in jail, why the co accused in jail?

Taimur Malik Jul 13, 2015 05:30pm

It is bad idea not to take up Modi statement in Bangladesh at the UN forum as was decided, India playing these little clever moves and Pakistan should not get trapped in. Modi is playing double here, this meeting in Russia aimed to avoid Pakistan going at UN forum to highlight India's role, truth should come out, Nawaz should not play in Indian hands... Indian terrorism activities in Pakistan must be exposed, India keeps blaming Pakistan of terrorism in India on one hand and shakes hand at other side, So why should Pakistan do differently!!! but our PM is dumb unfortunately,

Taimur Malik Jul 13, 2015 05:33pm

Week politicians!!! Pakistan is priority for them, the day they make Pakistan priority we will not have any martial laws and we will progress, but hope these shameful politicians make Pakistan first policy, if they do they will expose India and UN for their involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan. All not good just because of few minutes meeting with Modi facts don't change, Nawaz Sharif playing in hands of Modi if they decide not to expose India at UN....

kashmiri Jul 13, 2015 05:34pm

i dont know what pakistan is gaining from this lakvi or whoever.for the sake of welfare of the both countries lakvi should be sacrificed like a goat.

Dr Vimal Jul 13, 2015 05:34pm

Sartaz leave to your great great great grandchildren to resolve. Make no haste. It isn't good for an old heart.

N.S Jul 13, 2015 05:47pm

An acting colonel 'Prohit Kumar' was behind Samjhota express burning as well as Assemanand who heads/leads the Hindu extremist RSS party. There are no prosecution of them by the Indian government. Pakistan should present this case and the huge involvement of India in Baluchistan, in Karachi to UN, without any delay. The recent BBC film is also a damning evidence against India, so is Modi speeches in Bangladesh about India role.

AW Jul 13, 2015 06:22pm

India and Pakistan should establish a joint bench of Indian and Pakistani judges for Mumbai and Samjhota express trials to take place in a neutral country like the UAE so that the charged persons can be presented in the court. Trial should be conducted under Pakistan and India laws which are the same inherited laws from the British time. Convicted Indians should be punished in India whereas convicted Pakistanis should be punished in Pakistan. We need to get beyond the events of Mumbai and Shamjhota express and soon.

Dipak Singh Jul 13, 2015 06:28pm

@N.S World already knows the India's role in creating Bangladesh so why so much chaos in Pakistan about Modi speech in BD. it is reality & we except it.

WaheedNoor Jul 13, 2015 06:35pm

Previously Kashmir issue was termed as 'the most important issue', 'core issue', 'jugular vein' etc and now it has become part of 'other issues'. What a climb down!

N.S Jul 13, 2015 06:53pm

Modi speech in India is a damning evidence about India's role in creation of Mukti Bahni, its sponsoring and financing of it. Also many Indians soldiers in the guise of Mukti bahni were fighting with them, read the 'Agartala conspiracy', how this us planned and executed and the drama of plane hijacking by RAW to stop west and east Pakistan air contact. This with the Baluchistan BLA/BRA as well as TTP sponsoring confessions by Ajit Doval and the ex RAW chief is huge testimony to Indian involvement in destabilization of Pakistan. Pakistan involvement in India pales in comparison. This PMLN government needs to show some muscle.

raone Jul 13, 2015 07:10pm

How idiotic? r we asking for proofs from pakistan on samzauta express? Proofs will be there where crime is planned and where it took place , search within...

kamal Jul 13, 2015 07:17pm

When will the trials start for Modi for the Muslim blood shed. Any progress on Lakhvi should be linked to the indictment of Modi.

sidney Jul 13, 2015 07:30pm

It is time for India to trust the Pakistani Govt regarding Lakhvi. Maybe, this will produce more results than relying on Times Now!

Shaukat Ali Jul 13, 2015 07:40pm

Why should Lakhvi be tried in a fabricated case? What has Pakistan done about RAW's terrorism sponsoring activities in Pakistan?

Sonny Afridi Jul 13, 2015 07:41pm

Their obsession over this character will get them nowhere. They have no evidence against him. We will not inprison our own nationals and hold our courts in contempt to please the hostile neighbor. Besides what have they done regarding justice for victims of Samjhota express attacks?

Blue Saffron Jul 13, 2015 07:50pm

Our diplomatic representatives at the UN and Pakistan Embassy, Washington DC have failed to represent Pakistan well. India is all over us. These people should be replaced.

Tariq Mahmood Jul 13, 2015 07:52pm

@Narendra Rant over!! back to reality which is that half of Kashmir is integral Pakistan territory, about which you and your kin can do 'BIG ZERO' about.

Blue Saffron Jul 13, 2015 07:56pm

Does it take a head of state meeting to tell India more info is needed? Send an email.

Ash Jul 13, 2015 07:59pm

Let's face the reality....there will never be a peace between lets go on our own ways without even trying to create bilateral peace....India is happy without Pakistan if Pak is happy without India.

techwiz Jul 13, 2015 08:06pm

"outstanding issues like Kashmir to terrorism to poverty and low human development"

I think Mr Aziz needs to understand that this order needs to be reversed.....Kashmir is the least important issue to be resolved, focus on the other major problems first.

wellwisher Jul 13, 2015 08:12pm

first arrest Benazirs real killers, then talk about India

rehan Jul 13, 2015 08:14pm

Yes , whatever happened to "Samjhota Express" ..we never hear any updates on that !

Taimoor Khan Jul 13, 2015 08:14pm

"Pakistan drops its prepared case against India following Ufa meeting"

What nonsense. How many Pakistanis have to die in this Indian terrorism in Pakistan before they these so called leaders will move? It seems they are more concerned about their sugar and vegetable trade to India then the lives and well being of Pakistani citizens.

Kumar Jul 13, 2015 08:14pm

@WaheedNoor It is no longer an important issue for India. India lost part of Kashmir to Pakistan and has accepted that and will go on with the development goal. Even Indian Muslims from South India have no affinity to Kashmir.

rehan Jul 13, 2015 08:15pm

@vasu Sure , let us exchange tapes from both sides

Tarun Jul 13, 2015 08:19pm

Excellent Mr Aziz. You proved all those people correct who were pessimist about any outcome of India Pakistan talks..

soulatraza Jul 13, 2015 08:20pm

Pakistan should ask from India the voice sample of all accuseds who had killed many Pakistani in samjotha express in India before incidence of mombay carnage.

Prashant Jul 13, 2015 08:41pm

Being an India we just hope that the relation between India and Pakistan improves. But we really don't believe the pakistani PM anymore. Always flip-flop.

hamza khan Jul 13, 2015 09:15pm

shameful, disgusting, and repulsive about turn. india's actions need to be exposed globally. now the army will have to do it (as usual).

KHALID SOHAIL Jul 13, 2015 09:34pm

corrupt high officials + leaders are friends of enemies. enemies want a weak / poor Pakistan. A poor Pakistan can not buy new / modern weapons like india. Corrupts and terrorists are doing same job to destabilize Pakistan economy. A poor country does not has dignity. Corrupts are cowards and they can not rule the world, they will be under the feet of brave nations and will polish the shoes of brave and honest nations. Corrupts are enemies of future generarions as well.

KHALID SOHAIL Jul 13, 2015 09:35pm

Pakistani regimes have to abolish corrupt system in high level society or better to stop TV talk shows of fake stories.

KHALID SOHAIL Jul 13, 2015 09:39pm

Indians are bold and accepted on TV channels that they helped MUKTI BHANI in 1971. What is the meaning of retaliation and what is the date of retaliation of 1971 or Indians are allowed to harm Pakistan again and again. They are sending agents in all cities of Pakistan right after the war of 1965 to target Baluchistan and we are bending neck front of Indians. This is last round of games, corrupts are cowards and they will polish the shoes of brave and honest nations. IT DEPENDS ON CHOICE OF NATION.

KHALID SOHAIL Jul 13, 2015 09:41pm

Indian agents are working in gray areas of all big cities to destabilize the Baluchistan and we can not retaliate to our enemy. Why? Who is coward? Who is corrupt and has interest in India.

Pmlan Jul 13, 2015 10:07pm

@Euro people are arrested !

Pam Jul 13, 2015 10:30pm

Solution of all this Kashmir issue is

1) Either whole South Asia or Asia follow EU model and makes the borders relevant. 2) breaking up of West Pakistan (aka present Pakistan) into 2-3 smaller countries. Before 1971, India was having problem on Eastern Front as well from that times East Pakistan but now there's a separate country and calm.

Those who say that Pakistan is Nuclear Power and can't be broken, Soviet Union was having 10,000+ N Bombs with World's largest army and it broken down into 15+ countries just 25 yrs back.

AJ Jul 14, 2015 01:33am

@AW ; Sure like Pakistan holds all their "home" matches in UAE. Sorry brother, UAE might be "home" to Pakistan but not to India. We just live there to make money.

ajeet Jul 14, 2015 01:49am

There goes the next SAARC summit.

Rashid Sultan Jul 14, 2015 01:54am

These old politicians and personalities who carry the baggage of partition and the bitterness from the ensuing violence and J&K need to all die out without influencing the post independence generation. They keep carping on and mouth the same old rhetoric - 'moral, political and blah blah support to Kashmiris. Please please please leave Kashmiris well alone and worry about supporting the disenfranchised and destitute in the provinces we have and misgovern. We cannot even manage what we have why take on more that we will politically, diplomatically and morally utterly damage. Focus on things that natter to the 180 million Pakistanis. We couldn't keep erstwhile East Pakistan in the fold but would like what we don't have. Forget it. Move on and live with it.

KM Jul 14, 2015 02:42am

We Pakistanis are doing moonwalking and thinking we are moving forward. With the number of flip flops we do, the world laughs at us. Pray that the UN members don't sleep when our representative deliver speech.

Samona Jul 14, 2015 03:51am

@kamal Unfortunately Indian justice system is very slow and incompetent . They have not even punished the seventh century murderers of their own kiths and kins. Let's hope Indians now act to rectify the mistakes of past.

Girish Abdhoo Jul 14, 2015 04:44am

The biggest joke of the year !!!

rama Jul 14, 2015 06:25am

@N.S Pakistan can't do that because their is no truth in it, These statement for the domestic audience and it does not have any credibility in the international eyes !!

John Cool Jul 14, 2015 07:57am

@m singh Let who free???

John Cool Jul 14, 2015 08:23am

@N.S U.N U.N U.N U.N .KASHMIR KASHMIR KASHMIR KASHMIR .Don't you have any other serious issues like education,health,infrastructure,civil rights,poverty,human rights,energy,water,women's right,development,economic advancement,child abuse,children labour,minority harassment,Democracy,secularism,Aam admi representation in politics ,welfare,and civil rights etc etc etc.Get out of obsessive ,brain washed delirium and get serious with real issues. THEN pursue KASHMIR.LOGICAL?

John Cool Jul 14, 2015 08:34am

@Alibaba According to pakistani courts and we all know about pakistani judiciary how bent it is.

John Cool Jul 14, 2015 08:39am

@AW Very good suggestion.And let people of both country sue for permanent peace.

John Cool Jul 14, 2015 08:40am

@Dipak Singh And we will do it again.

John Cool Jul 14, 2015 08:43am

@N.S So what is your point.

John Cool Jul 14, 2015 08:52am

@Taimoor Khan All of them.