12 times Ramazan memes made us laugh out loud

June 22, 2015


Hilarious Ramazan-themed memes and tweets are proof that fasting breeds creativity!
Hilarious Ramazan-themed memes and tweets are proof that fasting breeds creativity!

It's often the most trying times that breed creativity, so it comes as no surprise that Ramzan has hungry roza-keepers wax satirical about the antics of fellow fasters!

The result of this creative spurt between sehri and iftar is a treasure trove of tweets, posts and our favourite, memes.

1) Before the start of the season, some made it clear that the Ramazan spellings debate needs to end:

After all, there are better things to worry about. Some of us have hunger pangs to deal with...

Don't even joke about things like:

2) Some clever people among us thought of binge-ing on their favourite food in advance:

And the binge was not limited to food:

3) Others wrote an ode to their iftar favourites, like the quintessential Ramazan drink in Pakistan:

4) Our Imaan may be strong, but our resolve to eat healthy...

But it's okay. No one can transform overnight... right?

5) Sometimes, that works in our favour. Liking waking up for Sehri is no longer a problem... at least, for those who are lucky in love:

But even love can be a trial sometimes:

6) You know what else is a trial? Ramazan transmissions...

... and the onslaught of Ramzan ads:

7) At least, we see a refreshing change in our Instagram:

Other kinds of photos crop up:

It won't stop the status updates, though:

8) Don't you hate it when people ask you this question?

9) Anger management is yet another problem in Ramazan:

10) Sometimes a cold shower helps, but make sure to be out well before iftar time...

This could also happen:

11) Speaking of water...

12) At the end of the day, we all seem to be in the same boat...