THATTA: Condolence references and candlelit vigils and processions were held and special prayers were offered by teachers, students, fishermen, villagers and members of civil society and general public in many Sindh towns on Saturday to honour the victims of the Peshawar massacre.

In Thatta, fishermen and women of the Keenjhar lake, villagers, poor labourers and members of civil society held candlelit vigils in the hilly town of Jungshahi and Mugar Khan Palijo village late on Friday night to express their grief over the tragic deaths of schoolchildren.

Holding candles, the representatives of the fishing community Raheema Samoo, Sajma Samoo, Asghar Shaikh and Ashraf Ali led by former PPP minister for culture Sassui Palijo marched through the streets of a number of villages and later converged on a thatched hut where the leaders delivered speeches and prayed for the departed souls.

Ms Palijo said that words fell short of describing grief, anger and pain the nation felt over the barbaric massacre of innocent children in Peshawar.

She praised the unity shown by national leadership in the wake of the dastardly act and said that it was no doubt high time all rose above their political and personal affiliations and joined hands to forge a united front against terrorism.

The leaders of the fishing community called for public execution of criminals involved and said the government must not spare any person espousing extremist ideas, their supporters, sympathisers and handlers of terrorists. They should be brought to book speedily without discrimination in order the eradicate the menace from society, they said.

They said the poor fishermen, their families and labourers of the Khirthar range were equally hurt by the inhuman massacre of children.

In Makli, Brohi tribesmen and youths held a candlelit vigil and marched through thorough fares.

They demanded public execution of all the culprits involved in terrorism.

HYDERABAD: Students and teachers held a condolence reference to remember the victims of the Peshawar carnage at Government Daud Memon High School in Matiari.

They prayed for the departed souls and observed two-minute silence to honour the martyrs. They also appreciated ongoing military operation in tribal areas and prayed for its successful end.

Matiari Deputy Commis-sioner Fayyaz Hussain Abbasi said while addressing the reference that the massacre of innocent students had failed to terrify people of the country.

The presence of students in schools proved that people were not afraid of terrorism and they would continue to pursue education, he said. He exhorted students to work hard and win laurels in education.

SHIKARPUR: The local chapter of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) held a condolence reference for the victims of the Peshawar terrorist attack at which special prayers were held for the departed souls.

JUI-F leader Hafiz Syed Shah Waliullah Amroti who chaired the reference said the killers of children were the killers of all humanity.

He expressed solidarity with the bereaved families and urged the government to take stern action against the culprits involved in the brutality. All hidden hands behind this tragic episode should be exposed, he said.

Published in Dawn December 21th , 2014