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Indian schoolchildren observe a two-minute silence for victims killed in a Taliban attack on a military-run school in Peshawar, in New Delhi, Dec 17, 2014. – AP
Indian schoolchildren observe a two-minute silence for victims killed in a Taliban attack on a military-run school in Peshawar, in New Delhi, Dec 17, 2014. – AP
A screengrab from India's parliament. - DawnNews
A screengrab from India's parliament. - DawnNews

NEW DELHI: Indian lawmakers and schools observed a two-minute silence over the massacre in Peshawar that claimed 141 lives on Tuesday, DawnNews relayed footage from Indian news televisions as showing.

Apart from the two-minute silence, the schools also held special prayers to commemorate the victims of the attack.

The show of solidarity comes as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to Pakistan in a telephone conversation last night with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

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India's NDTV said Modi had appealed to all Indian schools to hold a two-minute silence as a mark of solidarity with the victims in Peshawar.

The Indian premier joined parliamentarians today as they held the special prayers for the victims of Tuesday’s attack.

Modi said he strongly condemned the "cowardly” attack by Taliban militants on the school and branded it “a senseless act of unspeakable brutality”. He added that India shared Pakistan's pain.

“Strongly condemn the cowardly terrorist attack at a school in Peshawar,” Modi had stated in a tweet on Tuesday.

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Moosa Dec 17, 2014 11:19am

We thank you for you support and respect.

Canada Dec 17, 2014 11:21am

A classy gesture

venu Dec 17, 2014 11:22am

India is always peace loving country. Lets condem all to this incident.

saqib Dec 17, 2014 11:24am

Thank you India,we are sons of the same soil.

aj (Indian) Dec 17, 2014 11:27am

We are with you at difficulties. Trust us. Let’s fight terrorism together. Today it bleed you (it bleed us as well) and tomorrow it could target us. If we do not take quick & strong action against this menace it will spread like cancer and at some point it will be unstoppable. Let’s not classify good & bad in this. Terrorists have no religion. All terrorists are inhuman. So can we??

Akshay Agarwal Dec 17, 2014 11:29am

condolences to all the parents who lost precious souls...heart wrenching to hear the stories of those who survived and those who came to scene after the tragedy

Yusufzai Dec 17, 2014 11:34am

Thanks India.

Moby Dec 17, 2014 11:35am

Commendable. Good show of solidarity. But the fact that it takes the death of so many children for the world to show solidarity with Pakistan and its fight against terrorism is sad.

Diwakar Dubey Dec 17, 2014 11:36am

It's a time to reunite against the Terrorism.

Shehryar Dec 17, 2014 11:37am

thanks India ..

ranveer Warraich Dec 17, 2014 11:38am

India stands with Pakistan! May these little angels rest in peace

Rajab Ali Dec 17, 2014 11:38am

Thanks Mr. Modi and India.

SK Dec 17, 2014 11:38am

Thanks for highlighting this news. I was surprised that PM Modi's telephonic call to PM Nawaz Sharief was not given prominence. Though it does not matter as the tragedy is bigger than anything else, it will help people of both countries understand that there is a country India, which deplores these activities in all its forms and boundaries do not matter.

Realist Dec 17, 2014 11:39am

Thank you people from India - we have common history and our life is a product of our common culture. I feel indebted the way you people have come forward. Indeed this is an hour of grief but thank you very much.

Amin Ansari Dec 17, 2014 11:40am

Thank you India. Long live India.

Shehryar Dec 17, 2014 11:40am

thank you India

Mirch Masala Khan Dec 17, 2014 11:41am

Heart-breaking. Our prayers, our condolences go out to all the the parents, relatives and families of the victims of this senseless tragedy.

Tejaswi Dec 17, 2014 11:42am

Guys.. We all Indians are with you in this moment of distress. We are brothers. We may fight but a tragedy in your home is a tragedy in my home too. Inshallah.. everything will be fine in the end.

Hindu Hindustani Dec 17, 2014 11:47am

We are with you Pakistani Brothers and Sisters.

Your loss is our loss. Children are innocent.

Hindu Hindustani.

Neel Dec 17, 2014 11:48am

My deepest condolences to the victims' family and the whole nation. Honestly speaking I'm disturbed and shaken as much as you are. No religion ever advises to hurt anybody...especially children. Only the sick minds misinterpret the religion for their advantage.

Today morning when I went to drop my daughter at her school, just one thought kept coming to my mind. Most of the parents of those victims must have done the same thing yesterday morning. It's really a very painful thought.

My humble request to all of you........."Say NO to terrorism". It's like a blind snake. It'll bite you even if keep feeding it.

Paggri sanbhaal Dec 17, 2014 11:49am

Respect from Pakistan.

afnan Dec 17, 2014 11:51am

Indian pm condemned strongly if compares to ik statement

Pakistani Dec 17, 2014 11:51am

Thank you brothers

Hindu Hindustani Dec 17, 2014 11:52am

We are with you Pakistani Brothers and Sisters.

Your loss is our loss. Children are innocent.

Hindu Hindustani.

ahmed Dec 17, 2014 11:52am

Salute to you India Dec 17, 2014 11:54am

Thank you for sharing our grief.

Vipsy Dec 17, 2014 11:56am

Bache "bhagwan" ka roop hote h... Today I saw Honrbl Speaker Mrs.Sumitra Mahajan "Lok Sabha Parliament Of India" almost cried during 2 min Silence. Mother can feel pain of another mother. RIP :(

wake up Dec 17, 2014 11:56am

@aj....Thank you brother and thank you India...this means a lot...every time there is a terrorist attach in India, Pakistan gets blamed but the truth is that Pakistan has no control over these terrorist...they freely move in and out of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Many steps need to happen to get rid of this problem and cancer:

  1. Blame game needs to stop as all three countries are effected by this cancer (Afghanistan, India, Pakistan)
  2. Pakistan Army should continue its effort to find and get rid of these elements on this side
  3. Afghanistan, India and Pakistan should have a joint strategy to tackle these idiots from all side. Our governments need to realize this fast that we are all victims here. Maybe in the past Pakistan supported these extremists on the afghan side and maybe as tit for tack India/Afghanistan supported them on the Pakistan side but now is the time to be bygones be bygones and look towards a stable region..
Abhijeet Singh Dec 17, 2014 11:57am

Being a father, I am in tears for my Pakistani brothers and sisters...

Saad Dec 17, 2014 11:57am

Thanks India. We appreciate the gesture.

Singh - INDIA Dec 17, 2014 11:58am

We had tears in our eyes on watching new, Our heart goes out to the loss of the parents. I have not read any holy book in life - BUT i am sure killing another human being wont please the almighty. Fightback Pakistan & ensure such cowards are sent back to where they came from.

Srinivas Dec 17, 2014 11:59am

My eyes still getting wet and wet every time I think about this tragedy and I cannot explain the pain that these parents are going through. I pray the Almighty and Allaha to give these children rest in peace and hope the parents will soon overcome this terrible pain.

In such a tragedy, we stand by you and I feel I lost the children of my brothers and sisters. Hope the good sense prevail and our governments will get the energy and courage to handle this incident Srinivas

From Peshawar Dec 17, 2014 12:01pm

Thank you, India.

Merchant Dec 17, 2014 12:02pm

Thank you

Rahul Bhatia Dec 17, 2014 12:02pm

My heart is filled with sorrow and eyes with tears, for the angles that were suppose to blossom up and shape your future has been taken away from this world. Words alone can't describe the horrors that you faced yesterday and the days to follow. Its the time to grieve and the world grieves with you, including souls from across the border for the smallest of coffins are the heaviest to bury. May you all find strength in this dark hour :(

Rahul Bhatia Dec 17, 2014 12:02pm

My heart is filled with sorrow and eyes with tears, for the angles that were suppose to blossom up and shape your future has been taken away from this world. Words alone can't describe the horrors that you faced yesterday and the days to follow. Its the time to grieve and the world grieves with you, including souls from across the border for the smallest of coffins are the heaviest to bury. May you all find strength in this dark hour :(

Rahul Bhatia Dec 17, 2014 12:02pm

My heart is filled with sorrow and eyes with tears, for the angles that were suppose to blossom up and shape your future has been taken away from this world. Words alone can't describe the horrors that you faced yesterday and the days to follow. Its the time to grieve and the world grieves with you, including souls from across the border for the smallest of coffins are the heaviest to bury. May you all find strength in this dark hour :(

Saad Khan Dec 17, 2014 12:05pm

I am so glad to see my Indian friends despite of all differences coming forward and standing together with us in such time. I second the thought of everyone who says that terrorist have no religion, they are monsters and needs to be eradicated from this earth. All those hatemongers preaching to kill in the name of religion should be prosecuted and bought to justice.

Vishal Dec 17, 2014 12:06pm

Be Brave people of Pakistan, As a becoming father, I can understand the pain of parents after losing their children's. We are with you at the time of sorrow. From Vishal & People of India

shahzad Dec 17, 2014 12:06pm

thnxxxx indian brothers 4 ur feelings

Mohan Dec 17, 2014 12:07pm

How could someone kill innocent children. We feel the pain and sorrow of all the parents who lost their loved ones. Violence can never bring peace. We sincerely pray for all the departed souls and hope peace prevail in the subcontinent.

Thiagarajan, Salem , Tamil Nadu Dec 17, 2014 12:07pm

Today ,We observed 2 min Silence followed by Prayer in Our School. Most of the Teachers wept, including me. Our school is in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

M Mohan Dec 17, 2014 12:07pm

Children are children may belong to any nation.loss of lives of the children is a loss to real humanity. We pray the Almighty never to happen such inhuman barbaric act in future. We also pray the God may give strength to the parents to bear this most unfortunate thing.

Indian Dec 17, 2014 12:10pm

Honestly, I felt a much greater sense of outrage at this event than even for 26/11. I am sure the Pakistani brothers and sisters feel that same sense of outrage, and will do the needful to ensure that this is not repeated, neither in Pakistan, nor India.

B S Guruprakash Dec 17, 2014 12:10pm

Our heart felt and Condolences to all the parents of the innocent children, the God is being in every being not killing but serving them is serving the God in deed.

Moiz Omar Dec 17, 2014 12:10pm

Great gesture from India. As a Pakistan, thank you.

ROHIT SHRIVASTAVA Dec 17, 2014 12:11pm

Dear Pakistani Brother and Sisters,

We might be traditional ememies of each other and have fought many wars against each other but can't deny the fact that we are the sons of same soil. In this disappointing time of sorrow and grief, we are with you with full heart and compassion. I feel myself very shocked and clueless what to say for this tragedy. O God!! Bless all victim parents with courage and peace to overcome from this grief.

M Mohan Dec 17, 2014 12:13pm

Children are children may belong to any nation.loss of lives of the children is a loss to real humanity. We pray the Almighty never to happen such inhuman barbaric act in future. We also pray the God may give strength to the parents to bear this most unfortunate thing.

Biswajeet Banerjee Dec 17, 2014 12:14pm

May peace be on Pakistan. May peace be on India. Let's both live in peace and harmony. At this time of crisis we Indians are with Pakistani grief stricken families. It is not the death of children - it is death of Humanity. Take care all of you.

suresh Dec 17, 2014 12:16pm

my heart is heavy with grief to see innocent children murdered by cowards who are fighting in the name of religion. Time for the world to unite with Pakistan to eliminate the terrorists of the earth. It is also lesson for hardliners in Pakistan.

Nemo Dec 17, 2014 12:17pm

My children's school at New Delhi... Greenfield and St. Paul's also observe 2 minutes silence at the time of school prayer. May Almighty give the strength to parents who have suffered ultimate loss of their life. Let's fight against terrorism unitedly and stop this evil from further spread to claim innocent lives.

Gyanesh Sharma Dec 17, 2014 12:19pm

My wife cried reading the news yesterday. Anybody who kills innocent children for whatever reason should have no place on this beautiful earth.

S Khan Dec 17, 2014 12:21pm

For the good of the country, I hope the army realises at least now that there are no good or bad terrorists.

Benarasi Dec 17, 2014 12:21pm

These gestures by respective political leaders of India and Pakistan although can't bring the little ones back but might help in sharing the grief of unfortunate parents of children who were killed in most barbaric manner by TTP. As an Indian we have lived such horror moments during countless terrorists attacks on civilians in India and know that the scar of these attacks remain etched on mind for many many years. May God give strength to all affected people to rebuild, to come out of hatred and to regrow in Life.

Amit Dec 17, 2014 12:21pm

@Moiz Omar no need to say thanks. 150 families destroyed. The pain is beyond imagination. Hope atlleast now Pakistan stop all kind of support to terrorism. When Any one dies the pain lives forever for the family, be it anywhere in world. Reminds the horror of 26/11

M Mohan Dec 17, 2014 12:21pm

Children are children may belong to any nation.loss of lives of the children is a loss to real humanity. We pray the Almighty never to happen such inhuman barbaric act in future. We also pray the God may give strength to the parents to bear this most unfortunate thing.

NAS Dec 17, 2014 12:21pm

Surrounded by grief and despair, when I see gestures like this, my trust in humanity rejuvenate again.

Thank you India for sharing our grief.

anurag Dec 17, 2014 12:23pm

We can not stop our tears hear since yesterday here in India. With you all in this hard time

Sunil Tandon Dec 17, 2014 12:26pm



Mrs. Khan Dec 17, 2014 12:28pm

Thank you indeed :)

Indian Dec 17, 2014 12:29pm

Last night i am watching NDTV, thr is one reporter from pakistan DAWN, he said nothing going to change in pakistan even after this awefull incident because its not the first time if you see incident happend in last 10 yr, the only thing is going to change is those terrorist who are responsible for this are going to punish only, rest which are gud for pakistani army and gov(Gud and Bad terrorist called from pakistan) are safe as before... so i just wanna know views on this from my pakistani friends....

Iqbal Dec 17, 2014 12:30pm

@Thiagarajan, Salem , Tamil Nadu : thank you India

m h kayani Dec 17, 2014 12:30pm

Humanity at its best, please keep it that way. Thank you India.

Vijay Dec 17, 2014 12:30pm

Stay strong dear ones of innocent children and teachers who lost their lives #IndiawithPakistan

Sam Dec 17, 2014 12:30pm

Many thanks and Respect "India"

Saadat Dec 17, 2014 12:31pm


k p rao Dec 17, 2014 12:32pm

I cried, my wife cried and my daughter and my grand kids cried throughout the night. May God give Pakistan strength to face this calamity. Fathers and mothers of martyr children, we are with you during this hour of grief. God will certainly give you strength to face this calamity. KIDS RIP.

M Mohan Dec 17, 2014 12:32pm

Children are children may belong to any nation.loss of lives of the children is a loss to real humanity. We pray the Almighty never to happen such inhuman barbaric act in future. We also pray the God may give strength to the parents to bear this most unfortunate thing.

MTV Dec 17, 2014 12:32pm

@NAS As a father I can feel the pain every other father would be goin thru at this moment....may god give you the strength to over come this time of grief and sorrow.....! Pakistani Brother's & sisters we are with you in these testing times.....!

amit z Dec 17, 2014 12:34pm

All IT companies in India also kept two minutes silence for this tragic incidence .May god bless us all

Ajit Kumar Dec 17, 2014 12:35pm

Heartfelt condolences to the innocent children who were at school to study. May their soul rest in peace! No boundary can separate our grief to be shared with their parents!

MTV Dec 17, 2014 12:36pm

We as an Indian nation are with you in this Grief and sorrow which is not consolable by any means.... Yesterday, every moment our prayers were with the kids, so that each kid gets a miraculous save! May the soul of these angels RIP......God Bless them.....

Pradeep Dec 17, 2014 12:36pm

Our heart felt prayers near almighty to keep the souls of these little angels in peace.We as Indians stand hand in hand with brothers and sisters of Pakistan at this grief and condemn this barbaric act in strongest terms .

Sri Dec 17, 2014 12:37pm

When my mother saw the news in TV, she was full of tears. Even I am , when I comment here. Nothing can console you people. But our condolences are with you my brothers.

Jayanto Dec 17, 2014 12:38pm

@NAS Being a father of two angels...I m still crying ..feel there agony...

A father in pain Dec 17, 2014 12:39pm

I am really in tears to see the show of solidarity, respect and kindness by the PM Sri Modi, Indian Parliament and Indian brothers and sisters in our hour of grief. It has given us a lot of hope and consolation. I on behalf of Pakistani nation say thanks to India and it is so kind of u. Please don't consider us enemies, we do not hate u. we all are humans and have the same blood color. Yes there are those on both side of border who want us fighting and burning in hatred. Let us make them silent by our solidarity and brotherhood. Thanks again.

Adam Malik Dec 17, 2014 12:39pm

This gesture from India at this tragic time has Rejuvenated the trust on humanity. The gesture comes not only from government or Political Leadership at diplomatic level but from public from village to metropolis all over India. Thank you people of India and your leadership. Pakistan-India Bilateral as well as Regional Solidarity against Terror is strongly recommended

Pragmatic Dec 17, 2014 12:40pm

Thanks you Indians, lets take this as an opportunity to turn our relationship like US and Canada!

Dharmendra (India) Dec 17, 2014 12:41pm

One person from Pakistan very truely said "Parents take years to bring up their childs but these terrorist takes just minutes to kill them."

There is no Good or Bad Terrorism. Dont know why these terrorist called killing of innocent as "Jihad".
Terrorist feel a copy & pen is more costly then AK47 bullet. Hate Jihad !!!

RIP 134 Beloved Childeren

Devendra Dec 17, 2014 12:41pm

In today's world, we don't need any religion for our existence.. We need HUMANITY. We are with you in this difficult movement... We condemn it..

We need love, peace & Humanity.. Terrorist are inhuman.

Kamal Pasha Dec 17, 2014 12:41pm

I am very much thankful to Indian Prime Minister Mr,Modi, the law makers, people of India and the commentators of this sad news for all their support. I have decided to never comment anything which will hurt the feelings of my neighbours ever. I hope this sad news will teach everyone a lesson that there is nothing to gain from hate. May God give us love for each other. Ameen.

sanj Dec 17, 2014 12:43pm

@wake up My dear friend you are absolutely right as a citizen of Pakistan and victim of terrorism. But government and Army think differently they have a long term vision. With their long term vision and goals they are still feeding small snakes without realizing that these will turn in to monsters one day. Nothing will change unless citizens demand immediate change. this incident will be in media for few days, the security of politicians will be beefed up and common citizens will be left on the streets to face the next massacre.

Hashim Dec 17, 2014 12:47pm

Thank You India Dec 17, 2014 12:48pm

Dear Pakistani brothers and sisters, My family and me are in profound greef over the incident and we condem this inhuman act. May the little souls rest in peace.

Rajat Khanna Dec 17, 2014 12:48pm

I can relate to the Pain every Parent would be feeling . The root cause of this incident is not Terrorism but Hatred.

I hate you , You hate me. We hate anyone who does not agree with us. For God sake lets get rid of this Hatred. this will destroy everything.

Let there be Love . Religion is the last thing we should be fighting for.

Religion to me is my Love with almighty and its very personal. Lets Respect and Love each other.

Today we all feel the pain. Trust you me Almighty feels the same pain when he see its children killing each other. Lets get rid of Hatred. Let there be love

Let there be Love.

Atiq Dec 17, 2014 12:55pm

Thanks India, I wish this incident turns around our relations into reliable and loyal neighbours.

VIVEK AMAR Dec 17, 2014 12:56pm

My heart reaches out to the victims and their families. Seeing the photograph of a woman crying over her son's coffin was absolutely gut wrenching. Two years ago on this very day a woman was most brutally gang raped in New Delhi. This time childhood innocence has been taken away by a bunch of terrorists. Those who witnessed yesterday's carnage have been scarred for life. Words cannot describe how I feel. Prayers and Solidarity from India

indian Dec 17, 2014 12:57pm

Yesterday, after watching pics of terror, one dead boy in coffin devested me such that after going home I hugeed my son tightly and started to cry like a mad. My son kept me asking "what happend papa" I had no words to explain him.


VINOD Dec 17, 2014 12:59pm

Our heart bleeds for all those who have suffered this irreparable loss. The time may not be ever able to fill the pain in your life but please accept our heart felt condolences. May Allah/God provide you the strength and courage at this moment of pain and sorrow. We in India sincerely pray for all the little angels may Allah take them in his arms.

M.Saeed Dec 17, 2014 01:00pm

Thank you India, thank you Modi, you have proved that the humanity is there, much before hate. Let us join hands and make this horrible incident a catalyst for a noble change.

Vasan Dec 17, 2014 01:04pm

Wherever we are born in the world, it does not matter. We are not human beings anymore, if we don't share the sorrow and grief with Pakistani parents who lost their loved ones. Our fullest co-operation and support against terrorism is there for Pakistan, when it is in danger. We will show our solidarity against any terrorists who kills any innocent people in any corner of the world. Please accept our sincere condolences from India. I hope the terrorist will be punished by their own daughters by going to school, and when educated as wise scholar like everyone and Malala. That will be biggest punishment we can give them.

Saad Dec 17, 2014 01:05pm

Appreciable gesture

rajdeep Dec 17, 2014 01:05pm

Being a father I can understand the pain you all are going through. May god bless the innocent souls. condolences to all the parents who lost precious souls. We are with you my pakistani brothers and sisters. Together we can destroy the evil of Terrorism. So lets join hand and condem the sinner.

Firebrand Dec 17, 2014 01:08pm

May the soul of these little angels rest in peace. May God console and bless people of Pakistan in their moments of tragedy. May these children come back to this world soon ---- but to a world that is much different from today's world ---- a world full of peace and prosperity for people of all religions and countries. God filled this world with different religions and communities because He wants peace and harmony in diversity, not any one group hating any other.

J. Singh Dec 17, 2014 01:09pm

I hope that this tragic incident can serve as a catalyst for peace in the region. Nothing can make up for this loss.....but let us pray this can be a start to bring about an improvement in the relations between the two countries. I would like to take this opportunity to convey my heart felt condolences to the families of the victims. May God find a special place in paradise for the victims.

vinay Dec 17, 2014 01:09pm

@Rajab Ali - No thanks required... our hearts bleed as well...praying for all of you - From All Indians

Robin-New Delhi Dec 17, 2014 01:10pm

May God give strength to parents.... The healing of the loss will take time but let us all not forget this incident and start taking actions against such people, organisations..... We all have to take baby steps but if we all do it together then only it will make a difference or else we will be again doing such condolences very soon on either a attack in India or. In Pakistan..........

deps Dec 17, 2014 01:10pm

I don't know what to write?Its hard to control my tears.Why type of person can do this barbaric act.Killing children????These perpetrators do not deserve to live.My heartfelt condolences to the grieving parents.May God give strength to the family to cope with this massive tragedy.

K G Surendran Dec 17, 2014 01:10pm

The grief in India is overwhelming despite our differences, HOW COULD THESE MADCAPS TARGET CHILDREN they are so innocent and they are the future. The grief of the families must be just UNBEARABLE.

diwakar Dec 17, 2014 01:10pm

Still not able to believe that someone can kill 130 kids like that.

Sanjeev Mishra Dec 17, 2014 01:12pm

I am an Indian. My heart bleeds seeing such mindless carnage of innocent lives. Can't imagine the sorrow of the parents who lost their kids. May God give courage to those parents in such difficult time. Look for those mullahs still supports Taliban and outcast them. Pakistani people stand together and mark those black sheep.

Sujith Dec 17, 2014 01:14pm

Being an Indian too me along with my family where crying to see the images and videos of this incident. Lets pray for all the souls..

Ricky Dec 17, 2014 01:17pm

Yesterday night when i went home, i tightly hugged my kid. This is a great loss for Pakistani's Parents.

Imran Dec 17, 2014 01:17pm

The whole world condoled with us, but the Indians wept with us. Always remember.

Vivek Dec 17, 2014 01:20pm

May God be merciful. Yesterday was perhaps the saddest day of human age. I am shocked and angry. Take care Pakistan!!

Raj guru Dec 17, 2014 01:21pm

Very tragic moment!!!!Who can ever think of spraying bullets on innocent kids. May God give them ( bereaved families) strength to face this difficult time and come out of it without any scars. Hope this is last such act and Let them not spread the hatred further

pratik bhaumik Dec 17, 2014 01:21pm

Words have no meanings today. Our world was torn apart by killing of those innocent souls. Life will never be the same and things will neither get any worse. Let's respect our little angel's sacrifice, hoping it doesn't go in vain. We Indians Love Our Pakistani Brothers & Sisters, and pray for their well being.

Raj Dec 17, 2014 01:22pm

There is no need of thanks dear brothers we are with you ,our ancestors ,history were same... we born from same soil,,,,we understand the pain of the parents and family members of children .... may there soul rest in peace....Indian government should support Pakistan if they have any intelligence on Terrorist activity... ... if we will build our relation we will better than china for pakistan...... .....

Ash Dec 17, 2014 01:22pm

@Moby usually i would have come up with some retort.

But doday I am holding my 5 yr old daughter and watching this news. Weeping quietly, I agree with you.

Raj Dec 17, 2014 01:23pm

There is no need of thanks dear brothers we are with you ,our ancestors ,history were same... we born from same soil,,,,we understand the pain of the parents and family members of children .... may there soul rest in peace....Indian government should support Pakistan if they have any intelligence on Terrorist activity... ... if we will build our relation we will better than china for pakistan...... .....

medico Dec 17, 2014 01:25pm

The small coffins are the heaviest! May the souls of the little angels rest in peace! We from India stand with you and share your pain ~

krsna Dec 17, 2014 01:27pm

We are very distraught and shattered to learn of such tragic news. Condolences and prayers is the least we can do. Feeling so helpless, we wish we could hug and cry with those parents who lost their loved ones to this barbarism. We grieve with you Pakistan, they were not just your kids, they were ours too. Dear God, please take care of these tiny souls and give them immense love, we humans just failed to protect them from the shackles of hatred !

STANLEY- PANJIM GOA Dec 17, 2014 01:27pm

Before the British Partition we were one Country !!!!!

We know your pain and can feel it.

My deep sympathy goes out to every family who have lost their dear one. May Allah help them in their difficult time.

Rahul Dec 17, 2014 01:28pm

Dear Kids, You are with the almighty now. Your doting parents will miss you and so will your loving friends. There are no words to describe this tragedy that has befallen on us.

For now you are on with him in heaven where there is no hatred.You need to come back soon to your parents . They are waiting for you.

Rahul, India.

Ricky Dec 17, 2014 01:29pm

while Reading the comments, tears came out from my eyes. why i am weeping ? I hope people who spread hate, can understand why ?

Sudhir Dec 17, 2014 01:33pm

My heart is filled with sorrow and eyes with tears.

Alok Shrivastava Dec 17, 2014 01:39pm

I have two sons..9 and 5. I cried when the news broke out , I cried when the photos started to splash on news sites and I am crying now as I read comments here and write this. I hope those little angels who died yesterday did not have time to feel the fear before death took them, they were too young and too innocent to deserve that trauma. Also hope where ever Allah and ishwar is, they give strength to the other kids in that school to put it behind them. Being a parent I know the ones who lost their kids are devastated for life, my heart wrench and does not even gather courage to begin to imagine what they are going through now as I write this.

They didn't deserve this fellow mankind..they didn't deserve this , irrespective of what religion you follow.I know Allah cried yesterday, tell me if you dont agree.

ankit vyas Dec 17, 2014 01:40pm

we are with you Pakistan . hope this unity continues

passion484 Dec 17, 2014 01:41pm

india will stand with pakistan always ! dont leave them kill each and every terrorist

Shazzay Dec 17, 2014 01:41pm

I want those people who always talk against india come and see this gesture.

Sandeep Dec 17, 2014 01:42pm

Sad It Was.. Terrorism is killing innocent people and Camps are running as a Business.. It has nothing to do with religion .. It is all about making money and It's kind of business nowadays ....

RITTO THOMAS Dec 17, 2014 01:43pm

I will be disturbed if my son late 10minutes to reach home from the school!!!!. There is no words to share the parents of these innocent angels. May god give them courage to face such a situation. This sadist mind setup will be end if our two countries work together to eliminate them. All political agendas to be kept aside and work together for a better future for our children. I am sure Indians will never be a threat to Pakistan as India is a peace loving country. Lets work together and live together. Expressing our deepest sorrows to the departed families.

Aaditya Tomar Dec 17, 2014 01:47pm

There is very little humanity left in humans.It's hard to actually sleep or concentrate on work when you think about these sorts of events. May God bless little souls.

Feroz Dec 17, 2014 01:48pm

This incident of merciless slaughter of innocent school children is shocking and beyond belief. As a father this makes for very painful reading which brings tears to all eyes. This should not end with mere condolences, condemnation and regrets --- the masterminds of this and other terror acts should be apprehended and charged in fast track courts. Please kill this menace, no ideology is worth dying for. A human life lost anywhere is a tragedy that destroys many lives and should be strongly condemned.

Kapil (India) Dec 17, 2014 01:48pm

RIP kids, god loves you and has taken you under his protection since this cruel world cannot save its innocent children. It’s a shame on the human race. Our condolences for the parents and Pakistan during this tough time.

saleem Dec 17, 2014 01:48pm

Thank you india.

loksam Dec 17, 2014 01:51pm

As indians we are with you in this horrible incident which i dont know how to condem in i write this comment my eyes goes wet.may alla give you the strength to overcome the you my brothers and sisters.

From India Dec 17, 2014 01:52pm

I may be in a minority but the proper response to such a violence might not be more bombs and attacks on AfPak border area. Look at the immature response of USA after 9/11. After dropping thousands of bombs and spending billions they managed to killed one OBL but at the cost of creating hundreds of even more dreaded terrorists.

Its time to introspect. How did the things get so far? Perhaps the answer lies in the lyrics of a famous movie song: ".....kudrat ne to bakshi thi humein ek hi dharti, humne kahin bharat kahin iran banaya...."

Perhaps a more symbolic way would be to remember this day as "non-violence day" in Pakistan.

JoeTheIndian Dec 17, 2014 01:53pm

Words cant describe tragic incident happened yesterday! I had no courage to turn on the TV or see today's newspaper. With a heavy heart and moist eye , I pray god to give strength to parents of those little angels who were mercilessly killed by barbaric terrorist. Let this not happen to any child, let this not happen to any parent . Our thoughts are with you. We share your grief and Pain. Let god you strength!

Sudhanshu Swami Dec 17, 2014 01:53pm

May Allah, Ishwar, God Give courage to bear this barbarian act to relatives of kids. These extremists and Terrorists are most coward people on this earth. They dont have courage to fight face to face. World should act together to save humanity. Terrorists ka jo yaar hai, Insaaniyat ka gaddar hai.

India Dec 17, 2014 01:54pm

We are with you Pakistan. May you find strength in this difficult time. My heart is endlessly weeping while reading the news. Entire India is with you. Brother from India.

Being Human Dec 17, 2014 01:56pm

we would like to express our sincere condolences to the Families..very sad day.

each n every non resident of ind-pak should observe silence for 2 mnt least..

Thank you

puneri Dec 17, 2014 02:01pm

Its gut wrenching to think what the families and this nation are going through right now. We Indians offer our deepest condolences for the bereaved families. May the souls of these innocent children rest in peace.

Jason Dec 17, 2014 02:02pm

I'm so happy to see that at times like these, Pakistanis and Indians are ready to support each other! We should take this day as a Turing point in our relations and show the world that love is way stronger than hatred. The innocent dead souls will rest in peace only if we move forward together!

sameer Dec 17, 2014 02:04pm

No thanks required, They are our own children. we are crying for our own children who lost lives there.

niroj Dec 17, 2014 02:06pm

The Boundary does not have any meaning. We are equally pained with the loss of life. The life is from the same soil.

Ravi Dec 17, 2014 02:06pm

@Kamal Pasha .. I have seen ur comments before.. forget the past.. I am an Indian.. accept a hug with tears..

Nagendra Dec 17, 2014 02:06pm

I am father of 2 children . When i was while dressing the wound of a kid and the way he cry with pain. I can not stop my tear. It is heart breaking news ....

Gururaj v Rayakar Dec 17, 2014 02:06pm

Heart goes out for the kids whose life was cut short , The attack in Peshawar is a crime against humanity. Pakistan we are with you in this moment of grief . May those Angels rest in peace .

indian muslim Dec 17, 2014 02:14pm

Weeping while reading comments - An indian muslim.

Ash Dec 17, 2014 02:19pm

I'm following this news from the time within minutes when it started .. and it brings tears in my eyes each time I follow-up on this news.

Tera mujh se hai pahele ka nata koi.... yun hi nahi rulata koi.

We (Indians and the whole world, in fact) share this sorrow and we're with you, Pakistan.

Dev Dec 17, 2014 02:19pm

@wake up very well said and defined the point of actions. We should also have a parallel base to connect as all of us common citizens are the ones that suffer. The culprits are the politicians who have there own selfish agenda. Personally I have not been able to sleep since yesterday thinking about all those parents who lost there kids. A parent is awake throughout the night if their kid has a slight fever. Can't imagine how shattered they would be knowing that there kid is no more. Looking at the empty bed, the clothes, toys of there kid and just waiting for a cry from them, calling out to momma or papa. Don't know what I would want to do to these monsters.

Malvika Dec 17, 2014 02:20pm

Children are a family's and nations future. Taliban terrorists have destroyed 150 families by their cowardly barbaric act. My heart goes out to those suffering families. May God give them strength and mayGod give peace to the departed souls of the little angels.

Rajdeep Anand Dec 17, 2014 02:21pm

We Indians are with you in your hour of grief. Together we must fight the scourge of terrorism. The people of Pakistan must give a wake up call to its Govt and its Army. Enough blood has been shed between us in the last 67 years.

Faraz Dec 17, 2014 02:22pm

My heart honors your care my Indian brothers and sisters!

Sameer D. Dec 17, 2014 02:26pm

Dear Pakistanis, please don't thank us for the expression of our feelings, neighbours would react in a same way. Yesterday your nation saw monsters and here we Indians are still unable to recover from that shock. I am a father of two kids and can feel the pains & agony which those parents are bearing with. Our sincere prayers for bereaved families and for you all as a nation. God Bless !!

Dev Dec 17, 2014 02:27pm

When a child is born. There is joy and happiness in the entire family. The first thing that they get is love. How difficult it is for anyone to understand that they are gods gift to us.

Ajay Dec 17, 2014 02:28pm

My deepest condolences to the victims' family and the whole nation......... :(

Ajay Dec 17, 2014 02:29pm

My deepest condolences to the victims' family and the whole nation.......... :(

ROHIT PANDEY Dec 17, 2014 02:37pm

Hope the incredibly painful incident turns out to be a catalyst for change-hope Pakistan moves with a determination to put down terror!

I am glad that Indian government called for a nation-wide 2 min silence in memory of those little tykes!!!!

Abhay Dec 17, 2014 02:37pm

Feel very sad for the families who lost kids or suffered from this inhuman act. When we saw the news yesterday, entire family felt as if we have lost something. We in India have suffered in similar manner in the last two decades. So we understand your pain. No blame game. Let us kill the virus in Pakistan society. Pakistan was born to give space to Muslim aspirations,culture and way of life. We Indians respect that history. We also know that we are of the same breed.Just as French and Germans are afterall Europeans, we Indians and Pakistanis(along with others in South India) are belonging to one sub continent. I feel every Indian in offices, schools and man on the street a bit down with all that happened. We sincerely hope ordinery Pakistanis gather enough strength to cope with this. May God bless you..

Shafaq Dec 17, 2014 02:37pm

Thank you India...

rajesh Dec 17, 2014 02:37pm

With weeping heart ----INDIAN FATHER AND MOTHER

PULSE Dec 17, 2014 02:38pm

@A father in pain thank you Sir

outspoken Dec 17, 2014 02:38pm

A most noble gesture from our Indian brothers! We are humans before we are Pakistanis or Indians or Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians or anything else. Pain is a common feeling that touches all, except the brutes who could kill such sweet innocent angels.

shivan Dec 17, 2014 02:39pm

These terrorists have no religion and no heart. Killing helpless and innocent children and women. I mean what have they done to deserve this fate? One is really in tears imagining what went on in their minds when they faced these murderers. May all the children and staff rest in peace. My children have studied in Army Public School, New Delhi, so kind of feel an attachment.

Shero Dec 17, 2014 02:39pm

No word of condolence, condemnation or sympathy so far from any Arab country, let alone their leaders. And we think they are our friends.

Prem Dec 17, 2014 02:41pm

Please remember that while other nations sent their condolence messages to you, it was we Indians who wept with you...

ROHIT PANDEY Dec 17, 2014 02:42pm

@Thiagarajan, Salem , Tamil Nadu......... I was born in Swarnapuri, Salem Tamilnadu, India.

I am glad that the schools in my place of birth are chipping in, showing their solidarity!!!

Indian brother Dec 17, 2014 02:43pm

Dear Pakistani brothers & sisters, i felt as if it happened to me. i couldn't stop tears out of my eyes when i looked at those innocent cute children in the pictures. I don't know about Islam but surely this cannot be Islam. No religion would teach us to kill children. May god help Pakistan to come out of these moments of sorrow!!

Namiba khaidem Dec 17, 2014 02:44pm

It hurts... at one point of time when i watched the journalists reporting with the tears on their eyes, i couldn't control but to burst into tears. It's a sad day for all of us in India. Rest in peace the lil ones. ..

MTV Dec 17, 2014 02:44pm

@Imran Truly said, We wept literally for the felt as if our kids were being killed....still can't believe (or rather don't want to believe!) that this incident has taken place........

Its truly said in hindi "Bhai bhai ke beech mai jhagda hua hai, magar bhai bhai to nahi mit gaye na!" We are with you in words, in deeds and in fighting the menace of terror.....

Asif Kashmiri Dec 17, 2014 02:44pm

United we stand !

Popat (India) Dec 17, 2014 02:45pm

Still it is difficult to even imagine existence of such ruthless humans on earth; who can kill in cold-blood the innocent angels...I wept while going through comments; my heart goes out to parents who have suffered irreparable loss of this magnitude.

Talking Point Dec 17, 2014 02:46pm

@Kamal Pasha : What an admirable statement. I am Indian Hindu and most times when I feel like commenting on issues in Dawn I would first be tempted to type in what comes first to mind but within a few milliseconds realize we Indians have nothing against the Pakistani people but only against your establishments / institutions. I would refrain from posting such messages directed at the people . Your sentiment echoes resoundingly . Vr1 .

Ashvini Dec 17, 2014 02:47pm

Dear Pakistani Brothers and Sisters....

We may wish that you lose a silly cricket or hockey match against us.

But we definitely don't want you to lose your loved ones like this. If i could not watch the barbarism on TV thousands of kilometers away, it is unimaginable what pain it would have caused to you there.

We are with you in this moment of grief and sincerely pray that Allah gives you strength to pass through these testing times.


Monodeep Chakraborty Dec 17, 2014 02:48pm

Words fail me, when I write on this. May the Almighty give strength to the parents of those innocent kids.

My prayers are with you and your nation.

Monodeep, INDIA

Indian brother Dec 17, 2014 02:48pm

@ROHIT PANDEY Though you intention is correct, you shud have framed words correctly looking at the situation.

Anubhav Singh Dec 17, 2014 02:51pm

I don't know what to say here, all I say here is , I clinched my 2 year old kid close to my chest.. and wept while listening all this news.. how can someone do this..

Ya Allah rahem Dec 17, 2014 02:52pm

Thank you india

Rishi Dec 17, 2014 02:53pm

Indeed Indians have reacted more emotionally to this than anyone else in the world. Something killed a part of me after I read this news, and has pained me ever since.

To all those parents out there in Peshawar, we're right there with you.

Indian for a neighbour Dec 17, 2014 02:54pm

I am in southern africa. We will be observing silence and meditating for all those killed and injured and will pray to God to give them strength. In the evening time, indians have organised this event which will be attended by people from more than 10 countries. Alot of discussion on wats app and other groups. They have crossed heights.

Rani Dec 17, 2014 02:54pm

May you all Rest in Peace beautiful little angels! I am sure you are safe and in a better place my heart goes to all the parents who have lost their children .. india mourns today as much as our brethren in Pakistan . We need to unite to fight this common enemy called terrorism. These evil terrorists dont belong to any religion.. May God enlighten our minds and guide us to the right path , Let peace prevail between our nations and in the world .

Hitesh Dec 17, 2014 02:57pm

Our heart is filled with sorrow and eyes with tears. We all Indians are with you Pakistan. Stay strong my Pakistani brothers and sisters. RIP Brave Kids....

Shree Yogi Dec 17, 2014 03:03pm

@Saad Khan Indeed!

bikram singh Dec 17, 2014 03:04pm

cant hold my tears for innocent children

mahendra pratap singh Dec 17, 2014 03:08pm

i don't know why my eyes were full of tears.......i was sobbing ................some people in world say that we indian and pakistanis hate each other............ from India

Sanjiv Dec 17, 2014 03:09pm

Its a big set back! I am grossly disappointed with the gone and our own generations! Our only hope is with the future generations of yours and ours! These childrens were only hope to make difference! No ammount of consolations can passify their parents and proud nation of Pakistan. My (Why me alone? The entire INDIA and world!) heart goes out to you in your difficult time to be with you! May Almighty give strength to you to bear this calamity and give us strength to counter these these hurdles to our mutual bright future!

Vivek Dec 17, 2014 03:09pm

It is difficult to stop one's tears reading about this terrible incident. My heartfelt prayers. May Allah's Grace be with the dear departed angels and bring healing to all those parents who suffered this and the people of Pakistan. May His wisdom also prevail on those who did these things and they repent so that may no parent or people ever face such a tragedy again. #IndiaWithPakistan

amit Dec 17, 2014 03:10pm

i am crying while i am writing this , i was on mumbai airport when i saw this on television -- i have not been able to really come out of the shock. children are children -- nothing can cover up the loss of the parents child. Time is a best healer and i am sure god will give enough courage to the parents to come out of this grief. My only wish list would be that in no way the sacrifice of these masssum children should go in waste. the cowardly act of the terrorist should be enough for all of us to stand against them and make sure never in life this happens ------ i have not met a single person today who was not with moist eyes --- May god bless all

GAURAV Dec 17, 2014 03:11pm

I am a regular of Dawn... never commented.. but today cant able to stop myself from expressing grief... how can someone kill innocent children... this is unacceptable... I can feel the pain... irreparable loss..

puresoul Dec 17, 2014 03:12pm

The whole world condemned the act...but the comments of Indians shows they are deeply hurt..I normally troll at Indian news but i have realised now who are our true friends. Thank you indian brother and sister.

Your Friend Dec 17, 2014 03:12pm

Believe us, all Indians were in same pain as felt by you all. Height of cruelty, mercilessness!!! I am a father too and can feel the pain. Get to know that during 2 min silence observed in all schools in India....teachers and students wept!! Very tough to express feelings in word.

Our deepest condolences go out to all the parents, relatives and families of the victims of this senseless tragedy.

alok Dec 17, 2014 03:13pm

My heart goes to all parents whoes young kids lost their life in the cowardly incident. This is really painful..i never felt so low before. May god rest the young childrens soul in peace and give strength to parents.#WeStandbyPakistan

Ajamal Dec 17, 2014 03:13pm

We are thankful to Indian government and people in their support to us at this grievous time.

Shree Yogi from India Dec 17, 2014 03:18pm

Dear Children and Parents, your sacrifices will not go in vein, but it surly will bring justice. Love, light and peace from India.

EA Dec 17, 2014 03:18pm

India you have shown us the true colours of Peace! I wish we come closer like this in times of Peace & harmony as well.Lets remove the hatred from each other and fight this menace instead and make this world a happy and peacful place. Thank you India!

Mithun Dec 17, 2014 03:19pm

Feeling so sad about the poor souls who lost their life because of cowardly attack!!!!!! In tv channels its showing the grief stricken parents,,, as a father i can feel their pains!!!! have no words to sympathize them (i believe no words can)!!!!! then also condolences to all the parents and families who lost their loved ones!!!!!!! from Kolkata,India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph George Dec 17, 2014 03:19pm

We Indians stand fast as one with all Pakistanis in these days of unspeakable grief and sorrow.I wish to express our shock,anguish, grief and also solidarity with our brothers and sisters.We should stand as one people in the fight against extremism and terror. I hope this tragedy will awaken the civil society and the political parties in both countries as to the dangers of terrorism and religious fanaticism.I am writing this from Muscat,Oman and with a heavy heart.Why should these children have had to pay the price of the folly of us grown ups?

shyam Dec 17, 2014 03:19pm

My deepest condolences.may allah give strength to all those parents who have lost their child.....pakistan....the whole world is with you....

sunil Dec 17, 2014 03:21pm

what to say....just cried several times the moment i saw this. as a father of two school going daughters .i can realize the pain the parents may be suffering is the high time now to condolences are with the families..

Zak Dec 17, 2014 03:25pm

The act is appreciated as sincere. This is a good time for indians to ask their government to resolve the issue of Kashmir once and for all, according to the wishes of Kashmiri's. Then with the only obstacle of mistrust and contention removed, we can live in peace and harmony in this region.

Manoj Dec 17, 2014 03:26pm

As an Indian, deeply disturbed by this. But at the same time anger mounts. Who are these people and why do they still walk on this earth? The tragedy is not Pakistan's alone, it transcends national boundaries. Time we ended this menace once for all.

GD Dec 17, 2014 03:27pm

We were sitting in our Mumbai office and a colleague shared this news. We all started giving our so called "expert views" and then we suddenly saw this on one of the news channel confirming that more that 100 children have died. It was silence and we literally had tears. And every one will cry when he/she thinks of that Mother who supported that little hand to get in the bus. That mother who gave that little one a bottle of water. That mother whose last words to this precious kid was "Apna khayal rakhna!" And this kid at that moment would have given the cutest of his smile. I think about that Mother and the kid. But there is one bad statement which kept shaking my mind for the past 24 hours. Is it really true:: "The Politicians divide us and the Terrorists unite us"???

Puneet Chhabr Dec 17, 2014 03:28pm

I don't know what to write here.. But I am praying from deep Inside that God gives Courage to all the Families to bear with such a huge loss. Such things are eating Pakistan from Inside. A normal human being whether in India or in Pakistan don't have time to spend on hating each other. Such act of terror and then blame game make people feel bad about other country. It's because of few top level politicians and culprits the whole nation is Falling apart. Also I feel The elite crowd should make their kids Study in Pakistan instead of sending them to Western Countries, only then they will feel the fear and then I hope their fight against terror will crush all the minds killing in the Name of Islam. I wish Pakistan to grow a a healthy and a prosperous Country and my wish of visiting there once will be fulfilled with no fear of anything.

Take Care Guys. Your Friend From India.

indian engineer Dec 17, 2014 03:29pm

Dear brothers !! we are here to share your grief, and pain.. souls of victims may rest in peace.. ishwar ke saath he wo sab aaj.. we are sad as much as their families..

knrao Dec 17, 2014 03:31pm

Children radiate cheerfulness and killing them is the worst crime. Pray for them.

Manoj Kumar Dec 17, 2014 03:33pm

@amit : We all share your pain , their pain , Hope this pain will bring some change in our hostile ecosystem

kailas Dec 17, 2014 03:33pm

Every Indian shares the grief with the Pakistani people on the cowardly act of terrorists upon the innocent budding school children.

Badri Tripathy from India Dec 17, 2014 03:35pm

Pakistan, all Indians are with you at this hour of grave tragedy. I am heart broken and don't have words to console you. Hope we'll not let the death of the innocents go in vain and pay our respect to them by creating a safe tomorrow for our children. I am truly sorry for you loss.

Pawan Dec 17, 2014 03:36pm

May God give courage and peace to all those parents who lost their sweet hearts in this massacre.

Nomi Khan Dec 17, 2014 03:38pm

Thank You, that's like a true big brother.

KBS (Indian) Dec 17, 2014 03:39pm

There are many atrocities happening around the world. But this is something that should not have happened ever. Killing innocent children.... How can people even think of this!! These heart breaking images won't go from our minds easily. Our hearts go out to everyone who lost their loved ones. We share their pain and offer our deepest condolences.

shree Dec 17, 2014 03:40pm

My heart goes out to all those parents whose children were killed by the demons in peshawar. May God be with you. Cannot find words to express the anguish. In this time of tragedy all Indians stand with you.

raman Dec 17, 2014 03:43pm

@A father in pain We are as much in deep sorrow today. It is as if that we have lost somebody from our family. There is a great vacuum in our hearts today as well as seething anguish.

Chandresh Modi Dec 17, 2014 03:46pm

It is a common loss. We are devastated here in India as well, struggling to come out of this shock. Brothers can fight, but they only to fight so that their future generation lives happily. But this is not happening we cannot see our future generation being attacked so badly. We stand united to fight against this barbaric acts and will fight together to protect our future generations.

Krish Dec 17, 2014 03:48pm

We Indians strongly condemn the attack on innocent School children, it is tragedy of every fellow citizen and we would like to share the pain of the parents of the those lovely little flowers who sacrificed their lives due to inhumanity and heinous crime of so called terrorists. at this point of time let us unite and fight these terrorism, we express our sorrow and deep condolences to all the people of Pakistan.

'Unity is the strength" let us unite and fight the terrorism which is trying to eat the roots of whole world peace.

midhun john Dec 17, 2014 03:50pm

love and prayers from ,kerala,india

Anil Dec 17, 2014 03:53pm

My deepest condolences to the families of these innocent children.

Siddharth Dec 17, 2014 03:53pm

My Pakistani Brothers and Sisters, We Indians are shocked beyond words at this cruel attack on the children in Peshawar. Your children are our children and we are heartbroken and shattered at this loss of innocent lives at the hands of terrorists who do not even spare innocent children. We have no words to console your grief. We are with you at your side at this moment of grief; you are our own people and your loss is our own loss.

May Almighty Allah give you the strength and courage to bear this shocking loss.

Aisi masoom nanhe munhe bacchhe ko joh zaalim jaanwaro/jallado ne shaheed kiya, un qatilon ko Allah pak zaroor sazaa denge.

Jitne bacchhe bhi shaheed huey hain Peshawar mein, ALLAH pak un sab ki Jannat ul Fardoos me jaga dein...Ameen

Chris Dec 17, 2014 03:54pm

This will not deter the courage to wipe out every terror outfit in Pakistan. The whole India is with you.. Go hunt the culprits..

Pawan Alluru Dec 17, 2014 03:54pm

Let the innocent flowers rest in pace and abundant bliss!

Ashvini Dec 17, 2014 03:56pm

Dawn.... Please keep a permanent link to this page on your home page.

In future whosoever says that Indians and Pakistanis are rivals.... we ll make them read this page with all these comments!

M Dec 17, 2014 03:57pm

Stop hatred comphain against humans from the world scene. Let there is no following of any religion without humanity as first step. Stop interfering in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. Give freedom to Palestinians. Stop Sangh Parivar to threaten the lives, religion and property of other religious minorities. Respect the life and property of Hindus in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Well Said Dec 17, 2014 03:59pm

After watching the horrible events yesterday, I hugged my daughter tight with tears rolling down my eyes. This has to stop now. We can't let a few thousand of these barbarians hold the entire humanity to ransom. The Govts. of three countries should get together to eliminate this menace from this region irrespective of historic, ideological and geographical differences.Eliminate the good, the bad and the ugly terrorists without any distinction no matter who created them in the past, who is supporting them at the present and how 'valuable' they might be in the future. Nothing matters more than the blood of innocent kids.

Indian brother Dec 17, 2014 04:01pm

Our heart felt condolences to the parents and our prayers to you. We are all with you in this moment of distress.

alok maurya Dec 17, 2014 04:08pm

being a father i can feel the pain but the same i feel now it is enough we have to eliminate them just like we eleminate polio from india

rs Dec 17, 2014 04:10pm

Those killing innocent children have no place on this earth. Heartfelt condolences for the bereaved families.

Vijay Dhokchoule Patil Dec 17, 2014 04:12pm

We are with you at difficulties. Trust us. Let’s fight terrorism together.

Sam Dec 17, 2014 04:13pm

As an Indian and a father I am shocked with this barbaric and inhumane act of these terrorists. May god give Pakistan the strength to get over this loss and finish all Taliban once in for all

Bhatti_DJ Dec 17, 2014 04:13pm

The smallest coffins are the heaviest to bear! Condolences to all.

Mitul Dec 17, 2014 04:13pm

@Pawan Alluru

We are with you, deeply prayed for teens not exist today :(

Ajit Kumar Dec 17, 2014 04:13pm

Dear Pakistani brothers, the need of the hour is to counsel those kids who were witness to this dastardly act by the terrorists. If Indian psychiatrists come forward to offer help please, please do not refuse, for they are our children as well as yours!

kundan Dec 17, 2014 04:14pm

I am from india and I really think that my Pakistani brothers and sisters no need to thank india for the gesture , any human with good heart will always feel sad and pain by watching small innocent children being killed , no religion , no race no country teaches us to kill or torture innocent small kids , we india and all of world will stand behind Pakistan in most dark day in the history of humanity . those who commit such crime should be punished and hanged to death

Bikram Dec 17, 2014 04:14pm

This brutal.... Health felt condolence for families who have lost there loved ones... We Indians stand by Pakistan in condemning such inhuman act.... RIP

Deb Dec 17, 2014 04:15pm

I just thought I had to write this. I am still crying !! think of the mother who found all her 3 kids dead. Its time everyone stand up against terrorism. Its a blind snake. There is only one truth we all are humans. No one is superior or inferior.

satish tripathi Dec 17, 2014 04:16pm

india must offer unconditional support to pak in countering terrorism immedately.

yogesh khandeparkar Dec 17, 2014 04:17pm

Condolences on the barbaric killing of children. We share your grief and despair.

Terrorism in all forms should be condemned and it has no religion.

May their souls rest in peace.

RAJA Dec 17, 2014 04:18pm

we are united the name of hindustan...!!! we all stand against any form of terrorism

alok maurya Dec 17, 2014 04:18pm

@Ashvini well said

Syed Hussain Akbari Dec 17, 2014 04:19pm

Oh! our friends of India please accept our heartiest thanks for your emotions. I also pray that some criminal terrorism happening in India may also come soon to an end !

Ramesh Dec 17, 2014 04:22pm

As a Tamil, I remember the 40,000 Tamil civilians, women, children used as shields getting bombed in 4 days by Sri Lankan airforce and none bothered.

alok maurya Dec 17, 2014 04:24pm

im very sad about this im shocked im also father on one kid i can feel the pain its time to change our iodiology toward each other and fight unitedly against terorism

Saeed Dec 17, 2014 04:24pm

My eyes wet when I read comments from the people, especially from India. I from Islamabad, born in Lahore, my forefather migrated from Sahowal Gurdaspur, India so feel getting condolences from our own family members from both sides. We lost thousand of lives in the war of terrorism and present tragedy shocked us all of us deeply.

P M Joshi Dec 17, 2014 04:30pm

Yesterday I was eating my dinner while watching news. Could not eat all. My prayers are with you in general and with those families in particular.

Brahman Dec 17, 2014 04:31pm

May Almighty Allah give my pakistani brothers and sisters courage to withstand this henious act.. I said my wife about this incident and she literally started crying. I have a baby boy and i know what pain it gives me when i think about all the parents who lost their beautiful noble souls...let us stand united and make a movement i request all Indians and pakistanis to come forward make our relations better so that we can communicate and share our pains and lets not give any opportunity to fade away this incident.

sidharth gaur Dec 17, 2014 04:45pm

@EA : My dear friend, prayers for these angels! Who separated us? The politicians! Lets stand united.

Akash kashyap Dec 17, 2014 04:45pm

There are no words to express my grief...I was on my dinning table and I forgot to take the food in my mouth when I saw the news...

There were tiny blooded shoes, holes on the walls...WHO ON EARTH can do such kind of activities... ITS LIKE AN END OF HUMANITY..... Pls take India's help to wipe out this Virus as Virus are parasites friend to day or the other they would show their colour...

May the heartbroken parents and relatives get the strength to move on...

Rest in Peace my dear brothers and sisters....

arindam Dec 17, 2014 04:50pm

I am crying since yesterday. No word is enough for condolences.

Sampath Dec 17, 2014 04:53pm

Someone here has commented that others have condoned while Indians are shedding tears with us. I think it is because those children that were killed look like our children and all these national labels dont apply to the heart. The sad part for me was what Ayesha (the author of a book on the pakistani army ) said on BBC that things will not change even after this. I hope she is wrong.

Rohit Dec 17, 2014 04:54pm

My tears would not stop

UncleSAM Dec 17, 2014 04:54pm

I'm a Human first & a Hindu second. I prayed for the parents, relatives and friends of these lil angels yesterday evening and today morning. I was in tears!

Rohit (Indian in Melbourne) Dec 17, 2014 04:56pm

My tears do not stop.......

Kranti Dec 17, 2014 04:58pm

That is why he is a leader of class & Masses. All schools in INDIA, observed 2 min. silence. This has never happened in INDIA before. Shake hands with US & we will take you along with US as we grow...

DevSharma Dec 17, 2014 04:58pm

Why dont u ask for anything. I heard there was shortage of O level Blood in Pakistan. You ask, we can provide everything and anything for the gems who are still injured. Curse to all those who committed this. We hindus are very soft at heart and are moved with emotion early. We are your voice in India and you be our voice in Pakistan.

Challenger Dec 17, 2014 04:59pm

Indians and Pakistanis actually not fighting on dawn news forums. There being a surprising lack of conspiracy theorists blaming each other, and advocating death and warfare on each other. What have the Taliban done? This was probably not their aim. But this is one of the most hopeful things I saw today! Long Live Humanity!

Gowri Shankar Dec 17, 2014 05:04pm

No Words STRONG enough to Condemn the Killers; Now Words DEEP enough to express the Grief.... May God give the family members the strength to bear this irreparable loss. How can there be any justification for ending the lives of young innocent souls. A nation has lost 141 lives many of whom may have grown to become Doctors, Engineers, Sportsmen, Scientists, Leaders..... can we afford such losses due to mindless acts by Demons masquerading as humans and trying to justify their acts in the name of Religion & Political beliefs

satender singh Dec 17, 2014 05:05pm

Heartfelt condolences to the parents of the kids. No words can ever fill the voids created in their lives by this dastardly cowardice act. Let’s all get together and crush this menace once and for all. Indians always treat Pakistanis as little brothers.

satender singh Dec 17, 2014 05:07pm

Heartfelt condolences to the parents of the kids. No words can ever fill the voids created in their lives by this dastardly cowardice act. Let’s all get together and crush this menace once and for all. Indians always treat Pakistanis as little brothers.

Nil Dec 17, 2014 05:10pm

Nobody can imagine the pain who lost their children! May god give them courage to stay strong! Our prayers are for you with tears from India...

Demis John (India) Dec 17, 2014 05:12pm

We stand with you dear ones in Pakistan. Let us stand unite in wiping out this cancer called terrorism! Our tears and prayers with you! May God heal you..

Nadeem Aman Dec 17, 2014 05:12pm

Thank for Indian nation to share your sympathy with us, but the peace of Pakistan is in the hand of Indian politicians, Modi policies are not good for Pakistan future. The Indian army and raw train the terrorist in Afghanistan against Pakistan and use them to destroy the peace of Pakistan :( :(

Arpan Dutta Dec 17, 2014 05:13pm

@Saeed Our heartfelt condolences, no words can describe how I am feeling here watching it live on our TV channels.

Pranay Ranjan Dwivedi Dec 17, 2014 05:15pm

Rest in peace dear kids. Your sacrifice will never go in vain. We Indians will extend all support to your fight against terrorism.

Indian Dec 17, 2014 05:15pm

Love and support from India. Seems Pakistan is the real victim of terrorism... The world doesn't make any sense today.. We are all Pakistanis today... Sincere condolences from all Indians.. We are with you...

Arpan Dutta Dec 17, 2014 05:23pm

@Imran There is no word to express how I am feeling here watching live on TV. All I am able to say is we are with you and we share your pain.

Jai Dec 17, 2014 05:29pm

Shocked into silence. My heart goes out to the parents of those innocent children and people of Pakistan. Stay strong in this hour of grief. God bless all.

medico Dec 17, 2014 05:30pm

@Shazzay : I think WE must forget all the trivialities in this hour of grief. Let us hope that everybody understands that terrorism has no limit and no religion - same is true of humanity. Let us stand together and teach those a lesson who for their petty gains keep us devided. People of India are very similar to those of Pakistan ~ let us be two the most friendly nations. God blss Pakistan and India!

R BARUAH Dec 17, 2014 05:30pm

....Rest in peace my brothers and sisters. Another disturbing day for me...

"Imagine there's no countries... It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace..."

With Lots of Love from a heartbroken brother

Kumar Dec 17, 2014 05:32pm

Truly sad day for Indians and Pakistanis everywhere, words can't describe our sadness. Our children are the reason we live for. It is regrettable to see our children paying the price for misguided ideology. Which god and faith. would approve such inhuman act.

It's not physical barriers that separate us, above all we are humans, we all share same blood and bonds.

NORI Dec 17, 2014 05:39pm

My deepest condolences to all the families who suffered. I comment on Dawn regularly but have never seen such a 'one family' feeling shared between Indians and Pakistanis. Hope the sacrifice of the little angels thrust some wisdom into the minds of the leaderships of both countries and never ever we may mourn again, but celebrate together.

Kabilan Dec 17, 2014 05:42pm

I can't imagine a child sent to school comes back in a Coffin !
Nothing to say except my tears !

Chennai, TamilNadu, India

Deepak Dec 17, 2014 05:46pm

Oh my little angels, we are soo very sorry we could not save you. We are sorry those bullets didnot open my head before yours. You were so brave we didnt know, but this was not the age to say bye to us. We are soo very sorry my kids we couldnot protect you.. When tears get dry we start thinking again what you went through my kids.. We are sorry we were not there to take those bullets & protect u sweet angels. M sure u were very brave & we will miss u till our ladt breathe.. Wo manjar soch ke dil dehel jata hai or aansu nahi rukte , mere massoom baccho bhagwan/allah tumhari aatma ko shanti de or allah tumhein wo jagah hasil de jo sabse khoobsurat ho. Kash mujhe 500 goliya lagti, par bachho tum bahut jaanbaaj ho, hamari yaado me jinda rahoge. Salam tumhari bahaduri ko... Maaf karna hum sab tumhein hifajat se na rakh paye.. RIP my kids

Jeeva Dec 17, 2014 05:49pm

From yesterday i couldnt control my tears. To our pakistan friends, Deep sorrow and condelences from an indian and his family

Any type of GOD please protect us and our neighbours

hari j Dec 17, 2014 05:51pm

yester day is a black day in the history of humanity my deep sympathy to the families,pakistan

anas Dec 17, 2014 05:54pm

I had one request to my pakistani bros and sis lets fight against Terrorism, who is going to gain from it. There is no religion colour caste or creed for terrorism. who ever supports the terrorist activity is a terrorist. what we need in this world is happiness lets start join hands together and work for that. HINDU MUSLIM CHRISTIAN SIKH BUDDHIST all are one. The ideology of all are one there is nothing that one is above another all are equal in the eye of GOD. I cant understand for what the so called terrorist's r fighting for are they fighting to make their GOD the supreme. Did any god accepts such kind of barbaric acts. i am of the opinion that we need to eradicate these extremists ideology from this world. we need to understand one thing we can only eradicate this extremists only through love and bringing awareness and education.

Naveen Dec 17, 2014 05:55pm

I am an Indian and today one of our leading hindi daily wtote on front page " we all are a pakistani today". Every indian cried after seeing what happend in peshawar yesterday. These brave childern were the real shahids who stood infront of the gun. Dont give these terrorists a ground to bury in your land. You owe your sons and daughters who were killed yesterday an answer that could be just one, kill all those who did this, where ever they are in your country. Hunt them and gun them down. If an Indian can be a pakistani today, why cant you be an Israeli. My heart goes out for every parent who lost their Kid yesterday. you kill a kid, you kill god. Get up raheel sharif and 7 lacs pakistani army and show the world your strength. I am full of anger for every little one. rest in peace.

janan Dec 17, 2014 05:56pm

Thank you sir, this help the two aggressive nations to come closer and become future friends.

Sameer - Bangalore Dec 17, 2014 05:59pm

Being a father of two little kids myself, I can not even begin to imagine the grief the parents of those little angels would be feeling. I don't have words to describe how incredibly sad I feel.

Rest in peace you little ones. With lots of love from an unknown uncle from India.

Black Sabbath Dec 17, 2014 06:00pm

Just till yesterday, we were fighting over a meaningless match. This certainly puts life in perspective. We are with you!

Mumbai Indian Dec 17, 2014 06:02pm

To destroy terrorism, strict action is needed from both side of the Government so that nobody should even dare to think of attempting such acts again.

Dhananjay Dec 17, 2014 06:04pm

Its proved again humanity is the best religion. By watchin TV yesterday my wife and young daughters including me cried. We could not sleep at all and pretty disturbed thinking about the lost angels and their parents.

Brothers and Sisters from Pakistan, we are equally hurt and with you at this point. I'm sure this will bring some sort of unity between AF, PAK and IN to eliminate all sort of terrorism from this part of the work.

God Bless you all.

Bharat Upadhyay (India) Dec 17, 2014 06:04pm

Unable to even think at such a moment, feeling too numb to even know what to write to our Pakistani brothers and sisters.

What words could ever bring comfort to the mothers of those little angels. But having lost someone in family in similar situation, I have come to understand that grief lessens when shared. We Indians may fight with you on all other grounds, but today, we share your pain. We stand with you.

May God have mercy and bring some peace to the families of the departed.

vikas nambiar Dec 17, 2014 06:08pm

Saddened by what you have gone through.We share our deepest condolences to all my pakistani brothers and sisters.We stand united.

Dhananjay Dec 17, 2014 06:16pm

@Zak - going back to the square one..! With this mindset be ready for one and many such......

Bidyadhar Dec 17, 2014 06:28pm

Heartly condemn the incident.Time is come to fight against terrorism for India & Pakistan unitedly.

Sierrabrave Dec 17, 2014 06:33pm

In their sacrifice may these little souls give us the wisdom to overcome our negative feelings for each other permanently. Hearing the little survivors recount their experiences one realised how little difference there is between us. No one can feel your pain as we do. India stands with you.

madan kumar tiwary Dec 17, 2014 06:48pm

we lost the word. we stand with full solidarity and conviction . they were not children of pakistan only but our children too .

rajesh Dec 17, 2014 07:04pm

we lost our children!! Indians also weeping with you brothers.Deep Condolences...

Venkatesh from Bangalore Dec 17, 2014 07:15pm

this is a very very very sad incident ....we were in tears when we saw this news..... I pray god to give that courage for friends and relatives of the victims to withstand this huge loss...

Seedoo Dec 17, 2014 07:16pm

Thank you to our neighbors fo showing so much maturity and sympathy with us.

HARISH, Mumbai India Dec 17, 2014 07:18pm

@Naveen - very good message my friend. My deep condolences to the families of those children.

Regards Harish

Faisal Dec 17, 2014 07:19pm

Thanks India

Sandeep Singh Dec 17, 2014 07:22pm

@Zak So you think those talibanis killed 140 childrens for Kashmir issue?

Somesh Rastogi Dec 17, 2014 07:28pm

I am standing strong with Pakistan in this hard time. I condemn Taliban. RIP to all our shaheed kids.

Dhir (India) Dec 17, 2014 07:29pm

With the whole of Pakistan in this moment of grief, may god give the strength to all the parents who have suffered the loss.

Puneet Rao Dec 17, 2014 07:30pm

I am so shattered and heart broken at this time that i don't have words to describe. My feelings goes with mothers who lost their loved ones. These terrorist for sure belongs to no religion. We Indians stand with Pakistan on this sad day

Pradeep & Family Dec 17, 2014 07:30pm

The tragedy that struck the Children of Military School, Peshawar is the worst form of Brutal, mindless violence that I have experienced in my 70 years. Have been left speechless to express our distress. Wonder how the families of slain children will live with it for the rest of their lives.My family and I extend our heartfelt condolences to a mourning nation.

May God show path of peace to humanity.....

Devender Kumar Dec 17, 2014 07:35pm

We are crying in india since yesterday. No word is enough for condolences

ali Dec 17, 2014 07:49pm

thank you India

Ram Dec 17, 2014 07:50pm

Deepest condolences to the parents.I just can't stop crying every time I look at those pictures.I am unable to believe that someone can be this brutal.As a father myself I can imagine how a parent must be feeling.May god give them strength to bear such a great loss and bless all those angels.

Imtiaz Anwar Dec 17, 2014 07:51pm

Thank you India and its wonderful people.

Muhammad Dec 17, 2014 08:07pm

I cried when i heard the news, i cried even more when our neigbour India has given a shoulder to cry on...thank you INDIA...thank you so much for the support

kemariwala Dec 17, 2014 08:10pm

hightime to reconsider who the real enemy is!!!!

Sanjeev Dec 17, 2014 08:17pm

I am from India. My deepest condolences to the victims' family and the whole nation. Being a parent myself, I can relate to pain that the parents, relatives and families of the victims are going through. My eyes were full of tears when this sad news was being played on TV. May everyone find strength in this dark hour :(

Debasis Sahani Dec 17, 2014 08:41pm

Really it is very SAD. While I was watching the news on TV, my eyes were tearful. After all, we are brothers despite of our political enmity, which separated us through LOC. We all are the sons of the same soil. It is natural one brother will cry on his brother's sorrow. Our enmity has given opportunity to such devils to kill innocents. If we brothers will join hands together, then no one in this world will ever dare to glare at us. We will become a SUPER POWER indeed. So, let us work together to demolish BERLIN WALL between the two countries. My deep condolences for the PAKISTANI brothers/sisters at this juncture. Have patience and faith on GOD.

ibiubu111 Dec 17, 2014 08:42pm

...tears rolled down my eyes seeing these beautiful Indian children showing their grief and solidarity with Pakistan. A BIG thank you India from all Pakistanis. You have been a tremendous neighbor in hour of our grief. I did not see even a minor statement of support coming out of our "brotherly" Arab countries.

Let's Face it !! Dec 17, 2014 09:06pm

Very sad and heart squeezing incident, I cannot find words that would comfort to those parents who lost their world yesterday. I too am father and my son is with his grandparents. I couldn't sleep yesterday. I so wanted to hug my son. I feel so sorry for those parents. My heart felt condolences dear Pakistani brothers and sisters. May Allah give strength and courage to come out of this difficult time. Those were our kids, I wish I was there to console the grieving parents.

Gaurav Arya Dec 17, 2014 10:07pm

@ Moosa - Please don't thank us, brother. Entire India is crying for these kids. We all have children. We cannot bear the pain if they catch a simple cold. Can we even imagine the grief of a Pakistani father who has buried his 10 year old son? My very sincere condolences to all Pakistanis. I have no words to communicate my grief to those very unfortunate parents. All I can say is that I will pray for them. Thats all a small sinner like me can do. So, so very sad. So heartbreaking. I have no words.

imran nazir Dec 17, 2014 10:27pm

we all indian are with you my pakistani brother and sister to fight with terrorism.we have tears on my eyes.

Moiz Omar Dec 17, 2014 10:37pm

@Amit I was equally distressed and horrified when the 26/11 attacks happened in Mumbai, India. There is no justification for killing so many innocent people, regardless of nationality or other background.

Black Sabbath Dec 17, 2014 10:48pm

Its evident that most Indians have taken this tragedy personally. We don't feel like there's a death in our neighbor's family, we feel like there's a death in our own.

Krsna Dec 17, 2014 10:50pm

@Muhammad: Brother..lets cry together while holding each other. Lets mourn the death of our children together. You are a Muslim, I am a Hindu; You are a Pakistani, I am an Indian: What more they can say to divide us? But children, they were neither yours nor mine, they were ours. And we weep for our children, don't thank us for it.

sohrab Dec 17, 2014 11:01pm

We stand with you; Let the people unite and never allow the powers that be to play dangerous games that have led to such tragic outcomes... The pain of those unfortunate parents is felt by all Indians, May God give them strength...

Dr Vijay Hire Dec 17, 2014 11:50pm

I am a father and Doctor from India.I feel the pain of life and death everyday but this is worst day of my life I couldn't play with my kids today. MY heart weeps with u all in Pak. Fight it out Pak. May God be with u always.

kunal shrama Dec 17, 2014 11:53pm

@Pragmatic Ameen

RAJ Dec 17, 2014 11:54pm

My hatred is fading away..i am in pain and grief with Pakistani brothers and sisters. Seeing mother crying for her children wrench my heart and reminds me of our mothers who day and night think for our well-being and those terrorist took them away from her, forever!!

Raja Dec 17, 2014 11:55pm

I rarely cry. But my eyes have been becoming moist watching the pictures and thinking of 150 families whose sons/daughters/brothers/sisters - little kids - were senselessly murdered. My parayers are for peace on this earth. Monsters who did this are not worthy of living among humans; not worthy of even living on this planet. My condolences and sumpathies to the suffering families.

shripad kulkarni Dec 18, 2014 12:00am

It's still unbelievable. India and every Indian under shock. I am working as Journlist. Last night, when I went home and go to bedroom to see my children. When I was looking towards them, was thinking about those parents in Pakistan.

I express my deep condolence. RIP

sid Noonari Dec 18, 2014 02:06am

We really appreciate your support and stand. We are grateful to all of you to feel our pain and grief. Thank you PM Modi, thanks Lok Saba and thanks India.

LS Dec 18, 2014 02:57am

I am sorry, but I just can't stop my tears. My condolences to Loved ones of those kids and the nation in mourning. God bless you guys. Hope from today onwards no one supports these terrorists and everyone will stand-up and protest to get national peace back

om shanti Dec 18, 2014 04:11am

Hey kids, enjoy the eternal peace in adobe of merciful Almighty. Cost is too heavy but your departure melted some stones hiding under human ribs.

Your sacrifice moved us from darkness to light.

Om shanti..

abdul latheef (India) Dec 18, 2014 04:18am

condolences behalf me and my country.

AB, US Dec 18, 2014 07:59am

United we stand for our Pakistani Brothers and Sisters, Indian community here ran a candlelight vigil here in East Coast...Lets pray for those serene souls lost in this massacre. We will be running a huge candlelight vigil and march in this weekend. Lets show them terrorism can't win.

Harsh Dec 18, 2014 08:31am

@Zak : Kashmir will be solved as per the wishes of the Indian people. You should stop dreaming about foreign places which are out of your reach. As I stated previously, as an Indian I am glad that you are obsessed with Kashmir.

Condolences Dec 18, 2014 09:00am

Simple and unmistakable truth: India does not constitute a daily threat to the basic security and well-being of Pakistan's citizens. The Taliban does.

desi Dec 18, 2014 10:18am

Sorry to hear the news from Pakistan. Our condolence to the kids families and your citizens.

May God give them peace.