Farzana Sial, the teacher who took on a landlord - and won

Updated Mar 13, 2017 12:38pm

Teachers were traditionally awarded a high status in society, commanding respect wherever they went. Today, public perception about Pakistan’s teachers is overwhelmingly negative.

While some of this perception may be grounded in reality, there are still hundreds of thousands of teachers who continue to work against the odds to provide a decent education to Pakistani children.

Alif Ailaan presents the stories of inspirational teachers indelible mark on not only the system but the students they encountered during their journey.

Farzana Sial: A story of change

Being a teacher in the underprivileged communities of Pakistan can bring unexpected challenges.

'Brick in Each Hand' is the story of Farzana Sial, a heroic teacher, for whom no challenge is insurmountable when it comes to ensuring a brighter future for her students. Driven by her commitment to teaching and her passion for her students, she successfully took on a landlord bent on shutting down her school.

The film showcases how one woman’s struggles and perseverance gradually transformed the attitude of an entire community towards education. Farzana is now a principal at a local school in Khairpur.