HYDERABAD: Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Altaf Hussain has said that Pervez Musharraf is being singled out as far as his treason trial is concerned.

He said the entire military leadership was on board with Gen Musharraf when he imposed emergency on Nov 3, 2007.

He said Pakistan needed a leader like Kemal Ataturk who could simultaneously deal with ‘enlightened leftists’ and those misguiding people in the name of Islam.

The MQM chief was addressing a gathering of notables via telephone in Latifabad on Saturday night.

He alleged that double standard was being adopted on the issue of treason trial and said it was the same Musharraf who had toppled an elected government on Oct 12, 1999 but at that time the judiciary took oath under his Provisional Constitu­tion Order and also allowed him three years time to “rule the way he likes”.

He said today no-one raised a voice of protest when US government stated that army was the `binding force’ in Pakistan.

He asked MQM legislators in the upper and lower houses of parliament to submit queries, seeking details of loans obtained by the present PML-N government from China, America, World Bank and IMF.

He said that expatriate Pakistanis were true citizens of the country who sent foreign exchange to boost the national kitty.

He called for right to vote for them and to contest elections.

Published in Dawn, December 7th, 2014