Building schools

December 03, 2014


APROPOS Siddiq Ahmer’s letter (Nov 20) and a piece titled ‘Rights of child’ by Karin Hulshof , Regional Director, of Unicef. It is indeed shocking to learn that in Pakistan 6.5m children are out of school and those who are fortunate to be in the school are not getting quality education.

Beside the education factor, children in Pakistan are under-nourished and are suffering from preventable diseases. The children of today are assets of tomorrow and there is an urgent need to address the issues relating to their education and health.

I agree with Mr Ahmer and would join him in requesting Malik Riaz to defer the mosque for some time and to take some immediate steps to build schools of quality education and hospitals totally dedicated to children’s healthcare.

Whilst the thought of Mr Malik to have a mosque (third largest) is indeed commendable, the urgent need now is to look after our children’s education.

Akber D. Vazir


Published in Dawn December 3rd , 2014