Cat tales: Nine lives

May 24, 2014


Let’s clear up some myths surrounding cats

SOMETIMES no one understands me, meow. One minute I’m an absolutely lovely, friendly, furry creatures loved by my human who wants to kiss my nose, fondle my ears, admire my tail and be over the moon if I so much as walk over, sit on her lap and purr. But since I have a sharp little mind of my own, I suddenly get up and walk away to do what I think is the more important task for me at the time. It could be a grooming session, or jumping up on the window ledge to look at birds or go looking for a piece of string that lost the night before. Then she complains and tells me she would have been better with a puppy dog. A puppy dog, mmeehh!

There is no comparison between cats and dogs. We are completely different creatures. Dogs are delightful beings and listen to what their humans always say but we are not built that way. It doesn’t mean we love our human any less? Come to think it, we are more like humans; make up our mind and chill and sulk and play as and when we like it. There are lots of misconceptions and confusion about cats, which need to be cleared. So here goes:

Cats should have a litter before they are spayed.

False. Cats that have a litter before they are spayed are not better for it in any way. In fact, spayed cats are healthier and have eliminated the risk for life-threatening uterine infections.

Street cats are always healthier than purebred cats.

False. Both purebred and ‘street’ cats can be unhealthy. Both can have diseases, however, many mixed breed ‘domestic’ cats do not have many of the genetic diseases common in purebred lines.

Cats will let you know when they are sick.

False. By survival instinct, cats are very good at hiding that they are sick so that they do not appear weak to the stronger animal. Often by the time they show you that they are sick, their disease or condition is quite advanced.

Mosquitoes don’t harm cats.

False. Cats can get heartworm disease, spread by mosquitoes.

Cats don’t need litter box training

False. It is a natural instinct for many cats; but some need to be trained in the litter box concept.

Cats are happier and healthier when they are outdoors.

False. Cats like being outside when the weather is good. Cats love comfort and in harsh weather they are quite happy to be indoors. Outdoor cats generally have short life spans compared to indoor cats.

Black cats bring bad luck

False. In many cultures, superstitions include the belief that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck. There is no need to misbehave with a black cat. Black cats are just cats that are black. That’s all!

Cats have nine lives

False. Cats are resilient and crafty but have you seen a cat hit by a car? It doesn’t comeback. And nine is just a mystical number. Your pet has one life, look after it.