RAWALPINDI: Two vehicles carrying fireworks exploded after catching fire in the limit of the Gunjmandi police on Thursday night.

The fire erupted in a carry van transporting the contraband fireworks which was followed by an explosion. All of a sudden, the flames engulfed a rickshaw that was also transporting fireworks. In addition to the two vehicles, three nearby shops were also damaged in the fire.

Shortly afterwards, the fire fighters and ambulances from Rescue Services 1122 reached the spot and put out the flames after an hour.

The police said the fire was caused by an electric short circuiting in the van. The driver of the van, however, escaped from the scene after the incident. But the police have arrested the owner/driver of the rickshaw and are investigating him. The government has already imposed a ban on the sale and use of fireworks.

But even then, a large quantity of fireworks smuggled into the city and stored in different localities.