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Forcibly converting people un-Islamic, says Imran


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PTI chief Imran Khan. — File photo
PTI chief Imran Khan. — File photo

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Friday said forcibly converting people to Islam was a violation of Quran and Sunnah, DawnNews reported.

He was speaking in relation to the recent pronouncement of the Pakistani Taliban against Ismailis and the Kalash, a polytheistic people living in the picturesque Chitral Valley in northern Pakistan.

In a 50-minute long video released on Feb 2 on the TTP media wing's website, the Pakistani Taliban announced an “armed struggle” against the Kalash and Ismaili Muslims. The narrator warned the Kalash, who are thought to number only 3,500, to convert to Islam or face death.

Speaking on the subject today, Khan said harassing and threatening ordinary people and forcing them to convert was in violation of Islamic principles, adding that PTI had the utmost respect for all sections of the public and acknowledged their contributions in the country's progress.

The PTI chief further said that the violence prevailing in the country should come to an end, adding that the state should fulfill its responsibility of safeguarding the life and property of members from all sections of society.

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Ali Imran Feb 14, 2014 02:42pm

What about killing innocent civilians and murdering tourists not to mention other atrocities, Mr, Khan has not said anything about the Talibans other recent activities, but never fear holding a meaningful dialogue with them while theyre busy bombing us will surely produce results.

aisha Feb 14, 2014 02:44pm

Are all those happy who continuously blame PTI for not saying anything against TTP. Where are all those self righteous supporters of the repeatedly failed PPP and PMLN governments now ?

Farhan Feb 14, 2014 02:52pm

"state should fulfill its responsibility of safeguarding the life and property of members from all sections of society."

is KP's PTI govt listening what their leader is saying!!! protect citizens of KP and stop exporting TTP terrorists to other parts of the country.

True Pakistani Feb 14, 2014 03:02pm

Bravo Mr Khan!

A Feb 14, 2014 03:12pm

Lip service at best. This has to be the worst kept secret about the history of this region.

Asim Rashid Feb 14, 2014 03:16pm

Well said Mr Khan. You cannot force people to believe is any religion unless they wish to believe in it themselves. This does against the Quran and sunnah so the taliban really need to go back to the scriptures and study them instead of making up their own ideology and imposing it on people.

John Feb 14, 2014 03:23pm

what do they want? Looks like this mess is taking over Pakistan. Simple Kelashi people going about their lives now have to watch for themselves. So unfortunate to read this. I guess Pakistanis are incapable like the US for not being able to control this menace.

Concerned Citizen Feb 14, 2014 03:32pm

"The PTI chief further said that the violence prevailing in the country should come to an end, adding that the state should fulfill its responsibility of safeguarding the life and property of members from all sections of society. "

I guess KPK is run by PTI. Please wake-up.

ali ahmed Feb 14, 2014 03:33pm

Emboldened by the weak stance of government, these terrorists now want to disturb peace, progress, and stability in every walk of life of this country. They will go after any thing that they can use as a tool to further their agenda. The next target, I am sure, will be Hindus, Parsis, and even Budhist to forcibly convert them to their version of Islam.

When I read history of Fitna-e-Kharjiat, I compare the strategy of Kharjis with TTP. This help me understand how closely TTP is following their evil ideology. TTP, its followers and supporters are the kharjis of modern time.

The only solution to tackle this evil is to eliminate them ruthlessly. We should have no doubt that they will in response bath the country with blood, but this is the price we will have to pay and we have to be ready for that. And we understand that TTP can go the lowest level of inhumanity, but let's brave it with courage.

What we need is a very hard--and of course I may sound negative--extra-judicial elimination of these elements. In fact, TTP is pushing this nation on the brink of what I am writing here. This is going to happen.

The statement of Imran Khan reflects the fact that despite a soft corner for Talibans in his heart, he was also forced to denounce what TTP proclaimed. This a telltale sign of gearing up of nation against this evil takfiri group. I am quite sure that circumstance are creating an atmosphere that will call for full fledged army action against them. Army will soon have unequivocal support from people of Pakistan to the final job. The day nation is united against this evil, they will have no place to hide and no place to run.

Musso Feb 14, 2014 04:08pm

Tell TTP to GET LOST from Pakistan or face DEATH

Ahmed Feb 14, 2014 04:29pm

And our governments still want to talk to these senseless creatures!

Left is Right Feb 14, 2014 04:30pm

Mulla Imran speaks finally....I guess we were all waiting for revered Maulan to shower us with his pearls of wisdom otherwise we would lurk in the dark and think its alright to convert everyone to Islam forcibly !!!!!!!!!!!

Ragu Feb 14, 2014 04:33pm

Imran must be joking! the Taliban thrive on force.

vijaykumar Feb 14, 2014 05:02pm

Forget about this being unislamic, is this ethical?

Saad Feb 14, 2014 05:09pm

I'm just so disappointed in you IK, so disappointed. Do you seriously believe we can still talk peace with these people?

Salim A Feb 14, 2014 05:23pm

If force is the only way left for someone to impose their religious beliefs then that belief has already died as an intellectual and spiritual force.

Iqbal bhai Feb 14, 2014 05:24pm

Another U-turn from Mr. Khan.... he has been advocating the devil for so long now... why is he back tracking? Did not he know the true colors of TTP? Why he has been supporting talks with people who believe in forced conversion?

bkh Feb 14, 2014 05:30pm

Good thinking and preeching

GA Feb 14, 2014 05:46pm

Imran Khan still doesn't get it. He just doesn't. TTP is up for a power grab in Pakistan. Religion is only a means to harass the country, cause brain drain and flight of investments and make it ready for takeover.

rasgullah Feb 14, 2014 05:55pm

As usual, threat is the only way one religion increases its head count.

prakas Feb 14, 2014 05:59pm

Imran is it first time happening ,it happening time immemorial in south asia.

Karachi Wala Feb 14, 2014 06:06pm

Imran needs to take a closer look at himself in the mirror. He then needs to ask himself, do I really believe in what I have just said?

Awais Feb 14, 2014 06:13pm

There's a long history of forced conversions in Islam no matter what our text books tell us. Specially in the sub continent

Saad(DXB) Feb 14, 2014 06:23pm

@Concerned Citizen: It seems you have commented just for the sake of commenting. Army is under PM's control. FC is under the control of Interior Minister. Who can IK fight the TTP with? A few thousand ill equipped Policemen???

AR Feb 14, 2014 06:25pm

Will always feel ashamed being a Pakistani and Muslim until this filth is removed from earth. Did not have much respect for Pakistan security forces but will kiss their hands if they make them history.

nadeem Feb 14, 2014 06:27pm

Mr.Khan you were our last hope but you miserably failed to come to our expectations as for your policy toward these mercenaries is concerned.I along with my all family members voted for you in the general election but not now..

Abbas Feb 14, 2014 06:27pm

@vijaykumar: what is unethical is always unislamic and vice versa. thanks

Hasnain Haque Feb 14, 2014 06:30pm

@Musso: Yes you are right but what amazes me is that the people of Pakistan are sleeping, why dont they rise, why dont they eliminate these animals from their country. this is not just the responsibility of the government or the army, this is the responsibility of every good citizen. TTP are animals who are neither muslims or human beings. WAKE up Pakistan before it is too late.

American Feb 14, 2014 06:35pm

Excuse me, Mr. Imran Khan....but how exactly did Islam come to Pakistan ? If not on a sword, did it come on a bed of roses ? Feb 14, 2014 06:43pm

Well done Khan you finally make some sense. Do not wait for the state to act do your part in your province to stop this madness. It took you a while to accept the fact that this Taliban are working against Islam and Pakistan. Act now! You have the power in your province to never let it come to that.

ZAFAR J KAZMI Feb 14, 2014 06:45pm

@ali ahmed: Wonderful, very well said there is not a word anyone can disagree with. These are the terrorists who have destoyed the country from within and export their terroristic ideology to other lands as well where law abiding immigrant Muslims on their hospitable lands find themselves embarrassed and degraded by the insane brutalities of those whose existence is only a shameful stigma to Islam. It is about time that pakistan govrernment eliminate those who have been eliminiating others.

saeeds Feb 14, 2014 06:47pm

@vijaykumar: We Muslim think in terms of Religion only . Ethics and morale values is the liberal conspiracy.

Fareed Feb 14, 2014 06:49pm

Writ of the state is responsibility of Prime Minister and army. Imran K is neither PM nor chief of the army. Why do we focus on him, why do we make him the target of our criticism ? if peace would benefit any province, KPK deserves more than any other province. if peace returns then and only then we have the right to criticize IK if he fails to deliver.

Abid Feb 14, 2014 07:06pm

@vijaykumar: Taliban have no sense of ethics in a sense everyone else has as a norm. Or else they won't hang the dead on poles. Many in them are misguided, who even don't fully understand their own faith. This is exactly what he is trying put in their heads, if he succeeds.

raj Feb 14, 2014 07:23pm

PTI and JI, why should you feel sorry, you supported the TTP since day one.

Kaneez Feb 14, 2014 08:05pm

It is interesting that Imran Khan never spoke up when TTP ruthlessly murdered the shia MUSLIMS, gunned them down, mercilessly blew them up. However he decided to come to the aid of Ahemadis and Kailashis just to show that he is not in cahoots with Talibans. Mr Khan - we don't believe you.

Bill Gate Feb 14, 2014 08:23pm

Only answer to TTP is either you move to a country which follow what TTP follow or Govt. Pakistan need to KILL all these uneducated PRICKS. Let me tell you from my experience with terrorist. Terrorist (TTP) they won't listen or work with community. Just KILL these TTP. That is the only answer to solve the problem. And put the FAKE Lal Masjid Imam back to Jail. He is the one who is training these so called Suicide bombers and sending them to TTP to be used. Please Govt. Pakistan do not make any commitment with these TTP. Pakistani people and Young generation will not learn anything in this world. We as Pakistani will be back to STONE AGE. IF that what Govt. Pakistan want than give a free pass to people of Pakistan to go other country to live in peace.

ivehadit Feb 14, 2014 09:07pm

@Awais, you need to understand Islamic history a little better. All the latest research shows that Islam was spread through the exchange of ideas and never by forcible conversion. Anyone that says otherwise is just ignorant or using hearsay/commonly held beliefs.

You do injustice to your faith (assuming you are muslim) by saying it needs the sword to convince someone to convert rather than the power of ideas or good deeds or community.

Also, please please leave that small band of people alone. They represent an ancient tradition that is ours to preserve, not eliminate as an affront to our own definition of truth and beliefs.

kejriwal Feb 14, 2014 09:28pm

But but there has been no forced conversion in south asia, right? That is what the Pakistani textbooks teach. Every one of them is related to Ataturk or someone like that. I am surprised why the Pakistanis are horrified at this fact. This is not new. Its been happening since a millennium. Ask your great great great great grand pa.

tipu Feb 14, 2014 09:44pm

Hahahahahah..what do you think of them they dont know that what is islamic and what is unislamic....religion has nothing to do with these murderers.rapists and dacoits but they have full support and endorsement in politics and media by people like MR IMRAN KHAN and the greatest "reformist " Mr ANSAR ABBASI.

Imran Ahmed Feb 14, 2014 09:55pm

Wonder of wonders! Has the Khan finally smelt the coffee? We must protect Ismaili and Kalash, perhaps the heroic Mr ex CJ will donate his car?

suresh kumar Feb 14, 2014 10:01pm

@ali ahmed: Well said. God bless you. We need people just like you to stand up against TTP. Thanks

Adnan Feb 14, 2014 10:09pm


Could you please mention any one single movement to convert forcefully in Islam ?

a Feb 14, 2014 10:29pm

Well said Imran Khan. We must protect the minorities. Long live Pakistan. Long live Imran Kha.

rahim jan Feb 14, 2014 10:45pm

@Kaneez: It's not ahmedis.. its ismailis......thought you should know :)

Salman Feb 14, 2014 11:22pm

@aisha: Imran haters will find a way to hate. it does not matter what he says , even if they agree with him. They just hate him. So don't try to reason with hate. Good Luck.

El Cid Feb 15, 2014 12:28am

@vijaykumar: "Forget about this being unislamic, is this ethical?"

Can't forget about it. Ethics, justice, and equity are central and fundamental to Islam.

zain ul Abideen Sohail Feb 15, 2014 12:35am

@Kaneez: Sorry, but do you not remember that Imran was the first one to fly in to Quetta for support of the Hazara victims. Please dont be a part of this selective targeting. Let some one do good in this country

SHM Feb 15, 2014 12:41am

I want Imran to be always outspoken be brave to call a spade a spade. If he fails in this he will soon lose his credibility. Forget the tribal affiliation and sympathy a wrong can never become right. Stand firm and try to guide the illiterate Taibans who have brought such great shame to our peaceful religion in the world in the right path. They are a disgrace to the entire Muslim nation in the world. Among the non-Muslims we stand totally defenseless because these idiots' atrocities against.the other minorities. They are a shame to the entire humanity in short.

El Cid Feb 15, 2014 12:50am

IK has done well to speak out here. He goes after the big long term important problems to circumvent the disaster being prepared for Pakistan and its short sighted people. He should occasionally include such emotional secondary political items too...they have propaganda value.

Ali Hassan Bhatti Feb 15, 2014 12:54am

Most people accepted islam in subcontinent because of the cast system

El Cid Feb 15, 2014 01:17am

@Saad: "Do you seriously believe we can still talk peace with these people?"

Do you believe only in talking to your friends, relatives and like minded people? Have you not learned anything from others who tried the alternative? They were much much bigger and far far better equipped than you are.

Azam Hasan Feb 15, 2014 01:41am

I'm afraid I clearly remember an interview with the press where Imran was astoundly moved by the slaughter of the Shia people who had been coming back home from a pilgrimage to Iran. He was clearly moved and in tears to have learnt of this episode. I beg to differ from you my good brother.

Asif Hussain Feb 15, 2014 02:07am

Finally Mr. Khan is seeing the TTP for what they are an extremist fringe party that has no place in today's society. TTP must change their beliefs if they are to be taken seriously.

Ranger Feb 15, 2014 02:47am

@Salim A: Spot on , bro :).

Ravi Feb 15, 2014 03:01am

It is easy to say it is unislamic to forcibly convert and wash off your hands. Your party is running government in KPK. What is your party government going to do to protect minorities from this insanity in the name of religion. Imran is talking like a mullah giving his opinion, what people need to know, what action he and his party propose to protect innocent minorities from Talbans. Imran was very vocal and carried out your party agitation to protect talibans from drone attacks, now just useless statement is enough. It is obvious whom he is supporting.

Jalal Khan Feb 15, 2014 03:01am

@Kaneez: smell the coffee and read kaneez bibi. Imran always said we can't fight with taliban , so should negotiate with them for peace, now what is wrong with that. Islam encourages any type of negotiation to save inocent lives. As for speaking up against force conversion! what is wrong with that? Except that Imran is a brave son of Pakistan. I am prod of Imran and wish him best is his struggle.

BF Feb 15, 2014 03:01am

IK just can't win can he. He always condemns terrorist attacks - when he does it on his website everyone says he was not vocal about it. Now he is more vocal about it - and people say he is lying.

The fundamental issue, people are angry - they hate the ttp and want nothing but military action. Given Imran's pro-negotiation stance, they are going to make Imran out to be all sorts of things he just isn't.

Jalal Khan Feb 15, 2014 03:04am

@Musso: SO far we are the one who are dying not Taliban ! You guys are so naive!

Khanm Feb 15, 2014 03:06am

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Now we know who we are Feb 15, 2014 04:01am

@Awais: And i guess it was wrong to convert people forcefully.

hamid Feb 15, 2014 04:49am

@Awais: Guess only you are aware of it.

rana1 Feb 15, 2014 06:04am

@GA: well said brother

abdul andani Feb 15, 2014 09:50am


Ameer Feb 15, 2014 10:42am

@Kaneez: Factually incorrect. Cooking up facts is not allowed.

Ali Vaqar Awan Feb 15, 2014 11:25am

Atlast IK is coming to his senses. He should have done this long time ago. Imran made biggest mistake of shifting towards right wing. If he needs to strengthen his position and get back his dignity, he must better make his policy left wing. Otherwise PTI will not be in top 3 parties by next general elections. IK needs to openly condem TTP rather than endorsing thier point. Hope so in times to come IK get back to his senses. Yes indeed converting people forcefully is violation of Islamic laws. Islam is one of the greatest and fastest growing religion. It never forces or imposes anything on any one. Sadly his TTP companions are barbarians who will never understand proper Islam and its principals.

Jai Feb 15, 2014 07:46pm

Perhaps Mr.Khan might want to read about the history of the subcontinent and how the Mughals went about their work.

Shabbir Lakhani Feb 16, 2014 01:20am

@Awais: what is astonishing is how can you a ask a muslim to convert.He is already a believer in Tawheed and the Prophethood. Sects could be and are many and varied. And if Force and murder is a criteria. Than how will civilizations survive. What if Christians and Buddhists start applying the same criteria on muslims in their countries and cite this logic as the justification what will be the response. Already the carnage is visible in Myanmar and the Central African Republic and the Ummah is frozen in silence because they indulge in the same atrocity on their brothers. Political expediency? Convergence of vested interested for power in the name of Allah and the Prophet (SAWW) ??

Raza Feb 16, 2014 02:09am

Whatever the Kailash and Ismaili people decide as their faith is no concern for the Pakistanis and "should" be no concern for the Pakistani citizens. Let them decide what religion they want to follow. We must unite against the TTP menace before it becomes a monster and protect our minorities - use force if necessary to do so.

I DO love Kailash colorful dresses worn by their womenfolks. They are like butterflies in our Northern parts and I would like them to thrive and be happy in their paradise for all times to come. Amen!!!!

John Feb 16, 2014 02:16am


John Feb 16, 2014 02:18am

@ali ahmed: Pak Army, go for it and go finish off the Taliban, every one of those evilmongers.

Amjad Wyne Feb 16, 2014 09:19am

@Awais: But that is true about every religion (or belief system) that has large following - after all, followers do not grow like the grass. That said, it is important to recognize that many convert not because they are forced but because they see opportunity in aligning with the powerful.

KKRoberts Feb 16, 2014 09:46am

Conversion in any form is evil.Forcibly or not.The converted people will become instruments of destruction to the new religion or party.That is the history.

yajsingh Feb 16, 2014 10:13am

Use of force is coardice & disgraceful. By that notion, most of pakistan, iran & afghanistan are unislamic - and explains why the 3 countries have been on the recieving end.

yajsingh Feb 16, 2014 10:15am

@Salim A: Funny! Dig your and your neighbors ancestory and you'll know how you ended up circumcised.

JD Feb 16, 2014 12:49pm

Imran is a typical politician i.e. an opportunistic person not loosing any chance to speak aloud his opinion though it maybe contradictory to what he meant previously. But he is right in saying Force is wrong ! By propaganda of force, threats and real violence, ttp is not doing good for their own culture but corrupting mindsets of all community, making them give up all hopes, love and respects for lives of any including themselves and their relatives. Pakistanis must havr one objective to wage war against such animals and make pakistan a favorable and happy place for all humans no matter how they are born !

Samira Feb 16, 2014 12:49pm

The "lets bomb these terrorists and we will see what happens after" chest beating on these forums is just emotional clap trap. it is easy to say bomb these cave men but history has shown time after time that fighting these people isnt as simple as people think. The situation is now much more complex. Accusing IK of being a TTP spokesman is also clap trap. He is probably your most sensible man in Parliament - but I guess most Pakistanis on THIS forum are now looking towards the boy bhutto for leadership - God help us all from terrorism and stupid ppl

khanm Feb 16, 2014 05:56pm

I failed to understand what is so disturbing in his Statement

a-jay Feb 16, 2014 06:51pm

Courtesy to other leading newspaper in the country, the truth has come out regarding the video itself. Is Dawn naive journalism playing in hands of those who do not want peace in Pakistan or purposely Dawn is working on an agenda. The said video was released in October 2012. Why would the video becomes news in Dawn now? Should I take its publication, mischievous when peace negotiation are in progress. The timings seriously questions the role Dawn playing these days.

PKK Feb 16, 2014 09:53pm

"Forcibly converting people un-Islamic, says Imran" So are the compulsion of Pakistani politics, or should I say deep ingrained mindset of Pakistani society, that everything has to be evaluated by the yardstick of being

Raj Feb 16, 2014 10:40pm

@American: You are right. All Pakistanis were Hindu/Buddhist, once converted you can see what's going on. Islam always forcefully converted people, since time of Muhammad.

Raj Feb 16, 2014 10:41pm

Ishaq:324 "He said, 'Fight them so that there is no more rebellion, and religion, all of it, is for Allah only. Allah must have no rivals.'"

Ajay vikram Singh Feb 17, 2014 09:02am

Send these people to India please! A society's class is known by the way it treats it minority. You are all hypocrites who can not protect your own people. Let us do the right thing.

Ajay vikram Singh Feb 17, 2014 09:07am

Mr. IK is just playing the good cop, bad cop tactic with the people. He is being the good cop, taliban being the bad cop but end objective is same.

I dont know much weight is there in IK claiming last week that Pakistani army predict a 30% chances of winning in case of an all out war against tribals areas and TTP. If that is the case, India may help Pakistan fighting the taliban.

nEo Feb 17, 2014 12:21pm

Just wondering the responses @Awais's comments received... why is it so hard for the muslim population to digest the facts that islam was spread forcefully in many parts of the world... in subcontinent, it was aurangazeb the mughal emperor who converted people forcefully and killed mercilessly who denied him...there are few more who did that.. its a well known fact..

For me if there's a need for a religion to be forcefully fed across, then probably that religion has lost his intellectual sanity to lure people.. The only way left to increase the headcount is population growth (muslim giving birth to another).

El Cid Feb 17, 2014 12:41pm

@American: "how exactly did Islam come to Pakistan ?"

Islam cannot be propagated by the sword. Never has. That would be against its fundamental principles and teachings.

Islam came to the Subcontinent, China, and Far East and Indonesia through traders, travelers, faith healers, hakims medicine and pious caring giving and practical example of justice equity equality neighborly clean living.

It was easy considering the alternative of the prevalent slavery and degradation offered by the Caste System. If it had been spread by the sword then there would not have been so very many more non-Muslims in the Subcontinent than fact none, zero.

El Cid Feb 17, 2014 12:45pm

@Awais: "There's a long history of forced conversions in Islam "

Not true. Forced conversion to Islam is impossible by definition. One becomes a Muslim from the heart not tongue.

Siddharth Feb 17, 2014 02:21pm

Force or No force....converting itself is wrong. All that you can do is preach ur religion. If someone wants to convert...let the decision be on him. Even applying moral pressure for conversion is wrong. And why Imran is making this statement. His wife is a convert herself. Was there no pressure from Imran or did she understand Islam is the question.

vijaykumar Feb 17, 2014 05:28pm

@ El Cid,@ Abid, @ Abbas Please read Shazia Hasan's article "Hindu community irked by forced conversion" in today's Dawn.

muhammad Feb 17, 2014 06:01pm

@a-jay: it is not important that when this video has emerged it is important that common people should know who these people (Taliban) are to whom are so called leadership is dying to negotiate