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Power shock followed by petrol bomb: Sharp increase in electricity tariff

Published Oct 01, 2013 05:54am


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ISLAMABAD, Sept 30: The government announced on Monday a sharp increase in electricity tariff for domestic consumers across the country.

For one category of consumers, using 100 to 300 units a month, the increase will be by an unprecedented 210 per cent.

A senior official told Dawn that the government had spared people consuming less than 200 units per month.

According to him, the average tariff increase of 30pc will generate an additional revenue of Rs175 billion.

With this increase, the government has met a commitment made to the International Monetary Fund to jack up power tariff in two phases to reduce power subsidies by Rs396bn.

In the first phase power rates were increased on Aug 1 for commercial and industrial consumers.

The rates for ‘lifeline consumers’ using less than 50 units per month have been kept unchanged at Rs2 per unit. Likewise, the tariffs of Rs5.79 for 1-100 units and Rs8.11 for 101-200 units have also remained unchanged.

The government has allowed only one-slab benefit when consumption moves into the higher slab of above 300 units per month. The average increase is more than 35pc after including 17pc GST.

The tariff for 101-300 units per month has been increased by 72.6pc (Rs5.89 per unit) to Rs14.

Consumers in this category will not get the benefit of lower slab of Rs5.79 per unit and their electricity bills will effectively increase by almost 100pc.

For example, the monthly bill of a consumer of 300 units, which earlier stood at Rs3,436, will go up by 87.5pc to Rs6,442, including taxes.

The consumers in this category will be the hardest hit because they are in the lower income group, using two fans, a fridge, a television and a couple of lights.

The rates for the category consuming 301-700 units per month has been increased by about 30pc (Rs3.67 per unit) to Rs16 per unit.

This category will get the benefit of previous slab (101-300 units), but not of the first slab.

Hence, the effective increase for this category will be of more than 140pc.

The tariff for consumers of more than 700 units has been increased by 19.44pc to Rs18 from Rs15.07 per unit.

They will get the benefit of previous slab (301-700 units). They will be charged at Rs16 per unit for first 700 units and Rs18 for above 700 units.

According to an expert on matters relating to tariff, the monthly bill for consumers in the category of 100 to 300 units goes up by 210pc because they will not get the benefits of first three slabs.

The rates for sanctioned load of over 5 kilowatt and above have been raised by 29pc to Rs18 per unit for peak-hour consumption and for off-peak by 52pc, from Rs8.22 Rs12.50 per unit.

A senior official at the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority said the government appeared to have made a mistake by withdrawing the slab benefit to consumers in the category of 101-300 units.


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Comments (28) Closed

Khan Oct 01, 2013 07:06am

Dekho dekho kaun aya, Bhoka sher aya., Bhoka sher Kia laya, Bepanah mehgai laya, Bhoka sher Kia khaey ga, Ye humarey bachey khaey ga, Hor chupoo. PML n ko vote do.

Atique Oct 01, 2013 07:17am

Just tell people don't freaking use it anymore, back to Stone Age. Ridiculous!!!! What an average person suppose to do?

Kazmi Oct 01, 2013 07:28am

Encouraging people to do more theft as they wont be able to pay

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad Oct 01, 2013 07:41am

Dooms day for the honest people in Pakistan

Petrol price cut by Rs 3.05 per litre, diesel to cost 50 paise more (A TOI news of today i.e., 30 Sept. 2013).

Now, look how exactly today PMLN

Muhammad Yousuf Oct 01, 2013 07:48am

If this is democracy where only common men are the target of exploitation then GOODBYE to such democracy.

Muhammad Naeem Oct 01, 2013 08:01am

The Government is Just thinking to generate and generate of additional revenues on the cost of poor people. is it really Role of the people by the people and for the people??????????

humxa Oct 01, 2013 08:10am

missing Mr Zardari very much,,,,,,,,,

HumNawaz Oct 01, 2013 08:18am

still four and half years to go with mr nawaz sharif ...... its a long journey, please fasten your seats belts around your neck tightly

Anees Oct 01, 2013 08:45am

Economic drones !

vigilant Oct 01, 2013 09:39am

What about electricity theft & line losses? Law abiding citizen also need to pay for theft & line losses? civil society need lodge strong protest or civil disobedience for billing of stolen electricity & line losses

Ahmer Oct 01, 2013 09:40am

Such big hikes encourage power theft. Revenue actually collected may turn out to be lower than it was with lower rates.

Ashfaq Hydrabad Oct 01, 2013 09:47am

The raise in Petrol bomb, Electricity Bomb and Gas Bomb will increase the anarchy level. Because, this will increase the cost of doing business and keeps away the buyer with lowering the buying power locally. The natural consequence will pave the way for increasing the suicidal and IEDs attacks even more. This also increases the rates of every day corruption. Where are we heading?

Imran Oct 01, 2013 09:54am

Thank you prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

sathishbabu Oct 01, 2013 10:02am

This cannot be accepted. Let the government stop spending over military

Younus Khan Oct 01, 2013 10:23am

Very good and sincere effort by PML-N to follow the rule of IMF. Keep it up PMLN.

mudassar Oct 01, 2013 10:27am

This is really a shock for all the middle as well as lower class. 300 units per month is almost a usual practice for most of middle class. In Pakistan, majority of population is middle class or lower class. Here the govt. should have taken the step which would affect a small number of population. But this step is intolerable. Well, this is the ultimate result of IMF loans which our govt. take without second thought! I am sorry but shame on all our leaders for this reprehensible act! May Allah give Hadayat to our leaders! Amen!

RX Oct 01, 2013 10:33am

WOW.. So now only the rich can afford electricity... I dont think everyone can afford this luxury anymore plus the inconsistent meters & sham billing. People have been paying their bills since forever and its always been corruption from within the government (Starting from the guy who comes to check the meter and going all the way up) but still in the end its us who are paying the price because the government just cant get enough in their pockets. The price hikes is not gonna solve any problem because all the culprits are still there and now they will cash in on this opportunity as well. Hopeless & Incompetent.

Zulfiquar Oct 01, 2013 11:09am

"in my opnion that the Pakistan now Government is too much disaster and they have shown their real face and i am pleasure that i knew early there faces and what a bad condition of Pakistan now a day and day by day condition is too much bad day by day and what i say about my country May Allah still our leaders have a good time for to solve Miiddle class people life and it's enough which i had in my mind and i expressed day by day every and each thing is expense and now a time has to come the poor people of pakistan to take a good step for these leaders then will be solve the problem of pakistan and us country now a days in pakistan which kind of pakistan is happy they have their landlord and as well as good business these are good people to live their well wisher life and i will be say about my Prime minister of pakistan the Nawaz sharif why you are taking revenge to sindh why why why You are real punjabi you have shown your face . that's all"

Umair Khalid Oct 01, 2013 12:51pm

Shame on your PML-N and the people who gave them votes. every one knows that 300 units are easily consumed by just running fans during the summer period in a normal household. they should be thrown out!

Rafique Khan Oct 01, 2013 01:27pm

We Pakistanis are sleeping and not giving any tough time to the Government. The PML (N) Government is failed and has no any know how to run the country. The economy of the country is at its worst and day by day worsening. The economy of the country is at the brink of disaster.

I will never forget the same Nawaz Sharif was delivering his speech during election campaign and after making his face like he is weeping for the common people of Pakistan. He used to say Aam Admi Ka bura haal hai is mulk me log khudkushiyan karne par majboor hain.

Where is that Nawaz Sharif we need the same Nawaz Sharif. Where is he now.

The people of Pakistan must wait till his arrival at the Airport and make an arrangement for warm welcome for him like Irani people did with their President when he reached to his homeland after attending UNO meetings.

This Government is adding fuel to the fire for common and down trodden people of Pakistan. Creating problems for business class. Creating good environment for plunderer and corrupt classes.

Omer Oct 01, 2013 01:41pm

Bye bye growth. Well done Nawaz Sharif and Dar sahab!

Tahir Ali Oct 01, 2013 07:37pm

I am looking at PTI where that PTI is?? I voted for them and they are all including Imran Khan keeping their mouth shut on this brutal increase for what reason??? When they will mark their protest??? What the hell we have to do with Taliban or Drone Attacks when a common man like me is thinking how to survive with this increase???? Mr Nawaz Sharif, Please allow me to be a dacoit, a snatcher, a smuggler or a target killer so I can able to survive with my family to fulfill the needs of life. Otherwise, if you have a little to be ashamed off than rethink on this IMF decision to revert it back. We never asked to get loan from IMF Mr PM why are we responsible to pay the debts. You marked this as total failure of your policies..... Where are those people who protest against Indian brutality in Kashmir. Where are they now as can't they see what they are facing in Pakistan? Is it not the brutal act by our own Government? Where are the Human Rights Activists are they blind and deaf. Where are those who used to come on streets to protest against every single illegal move of India America and Israel. Where are the masses who used to gathered in the streets of Islamabad D chowk. O people! this is the issue on which we all have to protest. How can we remain in our houses.... Come out and protest.

abdullah Oct 01, 2013 07:38pm

Slowly and gradually our march towards hyper-inflation continues.

Taha Lateef Oct 01, 2013 11:00pm

If more people stop paying and start stealing electricity we will get back to square one. The real need is to start bringing efficiency in our power generation system so that we can generate electricity cheaper and so that the people are capable to pay. We need to catch the electricity thieves and make an example of them so that the people are willing to pay. And this needs to start from the top and not the bottom.

Tahir Ali Oct 02, 2013 12:14am

After this brutality I am not feeling any humbleness or sympathy any more and I am declaring that I will temper my Electricity Meter. This will be my protest. I will be among those who are damaging this country because I cannot see standing aside and every one else is doing what shouldn't be. Enough is Enough.....

abd Oct 02, 2013 02:07am

This article needs to be rewritten. The numbers are all over the place.

Sheraz Oct 02, 2013 02:32am

Nawaz main worries at the moment is not economy. His increasing waist and hair loss are more important so please understand.

ali ahmed Oct 03, 2013 09:00am

Who cares! Those who 'fine' people never experience the pinch of price hikes. Their fuel is free, they don't know what load-shedding is and above all they never pay taxes. It is such a big disconnect that actually have them make such blunders. Shreef brothers and company is again composed of more or less same ruling elites who we have experienced in the era of PPP.