My Christian brothers, today I am ashamed of being a Muslim. The death of 81 Christians in a Peshawar church on Sunday shows how criminal we are. Please do not forgive me for being silent while other Pakistanis are killed by mad mullahs. Please condemn me.

Ehtisham Shami: Very Sad.

Lidia Berger: Finally, the truth.

Rizwan Elahi: Our feelings too.

Mary Shabbiha Woodward: I can't share this. We have too many rabid Islamophobes in this country.

Additionally, I cannot blame my religion on the Goldsteins and settlers, and ITFs, nor can I blame Christianity on Mussolini, Franco, and Hitler.

Asad Hassan: Agree.

Rehman Zia: God knows what may happen tomorrow elsewhere beyond the border of Pakistan.

Zarif Khan: What to say? I have no words.

Aadam Zaad: What else I could do except copying and pasting this confession, have no words...

Kashif Jamil: Are we going to forget this one too?

Aadam Zaad: yes, we have already done so with 89 corpses of Hazaras, left on a road in Quetta. Helen Rose Goodway: Terrible, and your response so moving.

Imran Bukhari: You should be ashamed of being an American because this attack is done by Americans. The same way they killed 1,700,000 innocent civilians in Iraq.

Mohammed Khan: Those Christians were human beings and patriotic Pakistanis. Killing in the name of religion is an unpardonable crime both here and hereafter. No one can go to paradise by killing any human being belonging to any race, colour or religion. Now it is the duty of every Pakistani to strongly condemn this act of barbarism. God may give patience and courage to the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons and every family member and friend of the persons who were killed.

Mohammed Khan: Mr Bukhari, at the outset this criminal act needs strong condemnation. Whoever has done this crime or resorts to such criminal act needs strong punishment. Blame for the sake of blame leads to degeneration of the society.

Omais Syed: Who said this act was done by Muslims? No Muslim can do such a thing. And we must not be ashamed of ourselves. We should figure out the wrong people among us who do such acts. Our Prophet (PBUH) allowed non-Muslims to go their churches and other places of worship and freely perform their religious duties.

Imran Bukhari: Hindus and Israelis are in Pakistan in disguise of Taliban, they did that.

Mohammed Khan: Mr Syed, I agree with you. No individual or any group as a whole has the right to kill any human being holding any religious belief. That is against the injections of all religions. And Islam is the religion of peace. If my neighbour is a Christian or a believer of any other religion then is it incumbent upon me to protect him.

Seeme Gull Khan Hasan: We are one with you. We are Brothers of the Book. We pray that God give comfort and courage to you to bear this loss.

Bushra Ahmed: Very sad.

Johnny Bgood: This is a great tragedy and my heart goes to the families who lost their loved ones in this barbaric attack. At the same time I would like to ask you, how come you never made such a strong statement in the past when so many innocent people got killed in attacks like this? Your statement sounds so political. It is almost looks like you are trying to impress your non-Muslim friends. Just a thought. May God protect entire humanity from evil doers.

Ch. Umar: Of course. But who are the people behind such attacks? Indian agents, may be? Indian agencies? We need to stay together and fight back.

Sheila Parvyn Mahmud: Horrible, horrible crime. No justification for it at all.

Sher Mohammad: Mr Johnny Bgood, with God "Oppression is more awesome than killing." Chapter 2, verse 217. We are deeply involved with this oppression and it is now our combined tragedy and we must share its fallouts together. The Holy Qur'an vouchsafes Jesus Christ and his mother as most exalted beings in the sight of God and all Muslim believers. It bleeds our heart when such heinous crimes hit innocent people. In our view, we have strayed from the righteous path of God and this is a warning to us all.

Syed Faiz Ahmad: I too share these feelings.

Musharaf Khan: My heart goes to all those hearts that are bleeding due to the loss of their loved ones in Peshawar.

Yusuf Rahat: Let us not blame ourselves. These barbarians do not belong to any religion or sect. They are just barbarians. All religions preach the same thing, love of humanity. If these people kill their fellow human beings, they cannot belong to any religion, they are beasts.

Imran Bukhari: You are loyal to a cause. You are anti-Muslim. This was a good chance for you to blame Muslims.

Tahira Mussarat Hussain: Sad, very sad indeed.

Anwar Hussain: No arguments, simply feel guilty and embarrassed.

Imran Bukhari: Black Water is doing terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Iftikhar Ifti: Very sad day for Pakistan.

Zaman Khan: We must show solidarity with Pakistani Christians.

Munaeem Mallick: Why should we be ashamed for the criminal acts of a few beasts? We are struggling to eliminate these fanatics from our society.

Faqir Naqvi: I agree with you.

Asif Ali: Kis ki nazar lag gai ha hamaray Pakistan ko? Allah khair karay.

Valerie Siddiq: My heart goes out to all the deceased and the poor families. May God grant us tolerance for all race and religions.

Mohammed S Khan: Whatever is written here, it is written with honesty. If such things are happening in Pakistan then who is responsible to take action and prevent the citizens from such mass killings? In my view, the Pakistani government and we as Muslim Pakistanis share the blame. As a Muslim I am also ashamed of myself and I cannot stand in any forum and talk about my religion as and the Pakistani society.

Syed Fayyaz Hassan: Thank you for articulating what we all had in our minds. Those who kill innocent children, women and people who were worshipping God are not human let alone Muslims.

Sardar Mehmood Khan Sudozai: Ya sb Muslim huna pa sharminda hain!

Laeeq Ahmed: This mentality and this group does not represent Pakistan or Islam. It is a mental sickness. No normal person kills innocent people.


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