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The Islamabad drama

Published Aug 24, 2013 08:48am


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THE Sikandar drama in Islamabad has drawn a lot of criticism of the PML-N government for not taking appropriate measures which it ought to have taken. It was a failure of the intelligence agencies.

The PML-N government has been criticised by almost every political party. A few days back, the veteran PPP politician, Mian Raza Rabbani, put 17 questions to the PML-N government pertaining to the Islamabad drama. Conversely, the interior minister asserted: “I can ask 117 questions [… of] the last government of the PPP but I don’t want to get in a reckless debate.”

He went on to say that it had been only two months since we had taken over the helm of affairs and, thus, more time should be given to them.

In addition, the prime minister alleged that we have come to know the gravity of problems after coming into the government. I think the opposition has forgotten how it ruled the country. Corruption was at its peak.

Corruption amounting to about Rs3,000bn was committed by the PPP government in the last five years. In addition, the debt from 1947 to 2008 was Rs6trn and in only a short period of five years it soared to Rs14trn. Where did that money go?

There were sectarian attacks across the country. Targeted killings were witnessed by people in Karachi, which unfortunately still persists.

Political appointments were made. Meritocracy was murdered. In addition, government jobs were sold in Sindh. Besides, this practice still continues in Sindh. The PPP should not forget the Haj scandal. In the end, I want to say that before criticising the PML-N government, the PPP should not forget its terrible rule (2008-2013). When it comes to governance, I personally believe it was the worst government since independence.


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Guest63 Aug 24, 2013 04:43pm

In my opinion , this was the 2nd Worst Govt of PPP , the 1st was and has to be, in my humble opinion , that of " itheer haam udder tum based based mantra of ZAB vis Mujib ur Rehman of awami league " ZAB Govt in the truncated Pakistan then , almost Destroyed every thing it touched under the slogan of Nationalization Process . The industry never recovered , the Health went bad to worse, the Education became lame duck degrees churner process , not worth the paper on they were issued and to the best bidders too I may add , The Society as such became more sectarian after he gave into Mullahs to make Ahmedis as non muslims . The seeds of violent sectarians and language based divide were sown in ZAB's/ PPP's 1st Govt , we are only witnessing the fruits of those plantations which were then nurtured and fortified by Zia ul Haq . In the end What we have got is , what we have done ourselves , by bringing those to power via the vote or via over whelming support cos we were tired of Ayub and ZAB .

Syed Ahmed Aug 24, 2013 08:28pm


waqar umar memon Aug 27, 2013 03:42am

I disagree with your point of view .PPP was responsibile for the corruption it committed(2008-2013).If the PML n also indulges ilself in corruption ,then they themselves would be to be blamed, not ppp....