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August 24, 2013

Best issue of YW

YOUNG World magazine on August 10, 2013 was the best I have read so far.

The article by Muhammad Tauseef Alam ‘What the Quaid expected from the Pakistani youth’ was beautifully written and gave a good insight about the Quaid’s life. ‘Magic in a minute’ comics were amazing! This new addition is too good and things like this should be published more often.

Maryam Khan Durrani, Karachi

The surprise Eid gift

THIS is with reference to the story ‘The surprise Eid gift’ by Shahida Paracha published on August 10, 2013. It was a very interesting story and gave us a meaningful lesson to do little things for our parents to make them feel good.

Our parents work hard for us throughout their lives and make every possible effort to fulfil all our needs, so it’s our responsibility to bring a smile on their faces by showing our love for them. On special occasions such as Eid, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, we should try to present them little gifts; this way we can let them know how much we value their presence in our lives!

Mubashir Ahmed Soomro, Hyderabad

Importance of national language

THE national language is the soul of any nation. Like the national flag and the national anthem, the national language too is a nation’s identity and we, as a nation, are responsible for the preservation of our language.

We should be proud of our national language and must make efforts to promote it not only at the national level but at the international level too. Countries that value their legacy are respected by all.

Varda Sultan, Via email

The bird’s message

THIS is with reference to the story ‘The bird’s message’ by Mohammad Bilal Arshad (YW, July 27, 2013). I liked the main character in the story, Ali, very much! He taught me a very important lesson that birds, just like us, have emotions and they too need our love and attention. I admire Ali’s courage to carry on with his for care for his bird friends even after his father’s advice against it.

Usually parents are very protective towards their kids and don’t want them to get involved in anything that can risk their kids’ safety. But as human beings and as obedient kids, it’s our responsibility to make our parents realise the importance of fulfilling various duties that God has assigned us — feeding birds is one such task that we should do. It doesn’t harm us, rather it helps us become friends with birds and, as in this story, if we’ll take care of them, they too will get attached with us.

Zahoor Ahmad, Turbat

Need for plantation

PLANTATION is necessary for a healthy environment but due to industrial development and growing population, the process of deforestation is on the rise. We are cutting trees and in fact, we are harming ourselves!

God had created trees for human beings’ benefits. We obtain fresh air, rain, herbs, fruits, vegetables and a lot of other benefits from trees and by cutting them, we deprive humanity from these blessings. We should focus on planting more and more trees so that we can make up for the ones that we have lost.

Haider Ali, Lahore

Inflation in our society

INFLATION has made the poor man’s life even worse! The prices of all things, including basic commodities, have been increasing constantly and there is no proportionate increase in salaries, which has compelled the poor man to starve.

On the one hand, the rich are getting richer while the poor man’s condition is getting worse with every passing day. Society is becoming more and more imbalanced, causing serious differences among people and various social problems.

Hiba Saad, Karachi

Unhygienic food stalls

THROUGH this letter, I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the issue of unhygienic food being sold at roadsides, streets and local markets.

First of all, the ingredients used in the preparation of these food items are of extremely poor quality — some fruit chaat vendors even use rotten fruits to prepare this chaat. Haleem, biryani and soups being sold at various stalls are not prepared with hygienic and halal meat. Moreover, the oil used in their preparation is of very poor quality!

Vendors only care about their own profits. They are so selfish that they don’t pay any heed to customers’ health. First of all, the concerned authorities should take immediate and serious measures to curb the selling of such unhygienic food, secondly customers should themselves boycott all these food sellers who have been playing with innocent lives.

No one should purchase such unhealthy and harmful stuff labelled as ‘food’. We can bring the change and by ‘totally’ abandoning these food sellers, we can take the first step towards a healthy life.

Sehrish Fatima, Karachi