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August 19, 2013

90s kids vs. today’s kids

CAN you identify the differences between the kids of 1990s and the kids living in this era? During the 1990s, children spend their leisure time watching cartoon movies while today children are glued to cellphone and computers.

No doubt children today are sharper and more intelligent — they are able to grasp newer technologies more easily than yesteryears’ children but they have lost their innocence too! Earlier, children behaved like children and they were as innocent as children are supposed to be; they played simple games on the streets with their friends. But nowadays, most children stay indoors, sitting in front of a computer or TV screen.

Technology has no doubt changed the way we live, the way we think and behave; this has affected our younger generation the most — both in a positive as well as a negative way.

Kashaf Soomro, Hyderabad

Facebook addiction

THIS is with reference to the letter ‘Facebook addiction’ by Sadya Mohsin (May 11, 2013). The writer said that Facebook has been affecting students as they spend more time on FB than their studies. The writer also advised parents not to let their kids use internet at home.

I completely disagree with this as I feel social networking websites and the internet in general, are a wonderful way to get in touch with the world. We obtain a lot of knowledge by surfing the net and through Facebook we get to know a lot about others, the life they live and their culture and traditions. It is the teachers’ and parents’ responsibility to teach kids about the right use of internet, particularly Facebook, as technology itself is not bad, only its misuse is.

Nadil Baloch, Turbat, Kech

The bird’s message

This is with reference to the story ‘The bird’s message’ by Mohammad Bilal Arshad (YW, July 27, 2013). The story gave us a beautiful lesson — the importance of being friends with birds.

Birds or all animals in general, are human beings’ best friends and we, as superior creatures, must be kind towards them. We should take care of them as much as possible and we will see that they in return will love us and take care of us because animals too are living beings and they too have feelings and emotions. They can feel love and have the ability to love us back.

Durdana, Turbat

The day I cleaned my room

THIS is with reference to the story ‘The day I cleaned my room’ by Sadaf Tausif (YW, August 3, 2013).

I appreciate writer’s effort for highlighting an important issue in a funny way. We all trouble our mums in one way or the other and don’t even realise how bad she feels. Besides troubling our mothers, we also make things worse for ourselves by keeping our rooms untidy, which in the long run causes health problems and is an unhealthy habit.

We should keep our room and homes neat and clean and should also help our mothers in getting things done.

Shireen Hashim, Turbat