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Poet's corner

August 04, 2013


A is for Almighty,

L is for loving us exceedingly,

L is for living forever;

A is for All-Powerful,

H is for Healer.

Fatima Pasha Mughal, 12 years, Karachi



The month of prayers,

The month of forgiveness,

The month of virtue,

The month of kindness,

The month of blessings,

The month of fasting.

Sheela Khudadad, 12 years, Turbat


Summer is here!

It’s a good season to visit a funfair,

But not the time to play under the sun,

Because you may get sunburn!

It’s a good season for swimming,

And a lovely time for skating,

It’s nice to climb trees,

But beware of the honeybees!

It’s a good season to eat ice cream,

And fulfil all your dreams!

It’s time to have celebrations,

And enjoy your summer vacation!

Fareha Kashif Shamim, 7 years, Karachi



Who said rain?

Oh my God I’m turning insane!

It’s such a lovely weather,

Environment of excitement everywhere,

Everybody get out,

Scream and shout!

Only boring people stay in their houses,

Scared of flu,

They miss the season’s fun!

But I don’t care,

I’m going outside,

Don’t call me stupid,

At least I tried

To have fun in the rain!

Sajal Bari, 12 years, Karachi

I can’t changemyself

I can’t change myself,

I love to be myself,

I want to spend my life

Like I truly want;

I want to be myself every time,

To be naughty, to be tall,

To stand out in the assembly hall!

I can’t change myself,

My classmates tease me

For being extraordinarily tall;

But still it’s my own self,

And I don’t want to change myself!

Aisha Allah Ditta, 14 years, Serai Aalamgir, Punjab

My bear

I had a bear,

He was a cute bear,

I wanted to go to a fair,

He ran after me in the cold air,

As he wanted to accompany me,

In the car,

We went so far,

We stopped at a shop,

And teddy got lost,

I ran in great fear,

I tried to find

My lovely bear;

His name was Little Tim,

He loved pears,

Are you there, bear?

I looked under a chair,

And I found my bear!

Ibrahim Kashif Shamim, 6 years, Karachi

Fuzzy bunny

Fuzzy bunny,

Fuzzy bunny saw a bee,

Fuzzy bunny was worried,

Fuzzy bunny saw a tree,

Fuzzy climbed it in a hurry,

Fuzzy saw a beehive on the tree,

Then fuzzy got stung by a bee.

Ahsan Zafar, 7 years, Karachi

My little puppy

My puppy’s name is Tommy,

He runs very fast,

He is very sharp,

His colour is light brown,

He likes to eat in a bowl,

He likes to eat biscuits,

His paws are very sharp,

I love my puppy so much!

Sudharath Junejo, 8 years, Hyderabad

The desert

Oh heavenly father!

Please help me out,

To find my soul,

To find my heart,

Why me?

Why am I the only one who is deserted?

I can’t even die,

For I am already dead,

The thorny cactus,

Pricks me,

The camel stomps on me,

The man ignores me,

Why me?

I’m waiting,

I’m waiting for the shower,

Which will flow through me,

Which will love me,

When will the blossoms of happiness

Bloom on me?

Right now I’m alone,

The deserted desert!

Madhav Krishna Mangalam, 12 years, Karaikal, India

Me and my cat

My cat is fat,

My cat wears a hat,

My cat sits on a mat,

My cat chases the rat,

My cat calls me Nat,

My cat says good luck to all of you.

M. Raiyaan Saadi, 6 years, Jeddah, KSA


Mom, you’re everything to me,

Mom, you’re the one

Who taught me to walk;

You are the one

Who taught me to speak;

You are the one

Who sacrificed her sleep for my ease;

I annoyed you,

I neglected you,

I teased you,

I disrespected you,

But, now I’m sorry

For all my bad deeds;

You are my treasure,

And I’ll value you forever!

Ayesha Farooq, 12 years, Rawalpindi


Education makes our future bright,

It shows us the right way

To spend our life!

Education is an ocean,

An ocean of knowledge,

It nurtures us,

It guides us,

It supports us,

Education is a true friend,

That helps us in need!

M. Zareef Umar, 9 years, Hoshab, Balochistan


Maths is a subject,

A very interesting subject indeed,

It is easy if you take interest in it,

It helps you throughout your life,

As life is meaningless

Without math!

Alisha Rashid, 8 years, Karachi


Games are something which youngsters

Love to play;

Games are something which let you

Enjoy your life;

Games are something from which you

Never get bored;

Games are something which make us

Happy and cheerful;

Games are something which refresh

Our minds;

Games are something which you can

Play in every season;

Games are something I love the most!

Ayesa Sahar Mirza, 11 years, Karachi


My favourite sport is football,

Mostly players fall while running,

The hand is not allowed to touch the ball,

Otherwise it is handball,

There are 11 players in each team,

At the end of the match,

Players look like steaming,

I like to watch a football match,

My favourite team is Liverpool,

Because the players in this team are very cool,

I never miss a match of Liverpool,

Because no one can make them fool!

Danish Usmani, 12 years, Daharki

An apple a day

An apple a day, Keeps the doctor away,

Brushing teeth twice a day,

Keeps the cavities away,

A carrot a day,

Keeps the eye specialist away,

Drinking a glass of milk a day,

Keeps the orthopaedic surgeon away,

Reciting the Holy Quran each day,

Keeps sins away,

Offering Namaz five times a day,

Keeps hell away,

Giving a smile to our parents each day,

Keeps hardships and worries away!

Alishba Hashim, 8 years, Karachi

Things I like

Among the things I like,

The first one is my toy bike.

I like it the most,

It is faster than a ghost.

Second on the list are the rubber-made toys,

Which are adored by both girls and boys!

The third is cricket,

In which the ball sometimes hits the wicket,

The fourth is football,

I bought one from a mall.

Muhammad Talal Rao, 10 years, Faisalabad