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Malala Yousafzai signs United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's guest books as Ban Ki-moon, center, and youth delegates look on, Friday, July 12, 2013 at United Nations headquarters. — Photo by AP
Malala Yousafzai signs United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's guest books as Ban Ki-moon, center, and youth delegates look on, Friday, July 12, 2013 at United Nations headquarters. — Photo by AP

LOS ANGELES: Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head and neck by the Taliban last year for demanding education for girls, will be the subject of a documentary film, its producers said on Tuesday.

Davis Guggenheim, who won an Oscar for the 2006 environmental documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” starring former US Vice President Al Gore, will direct the yet-to-be-titled documentary that is slated to be released in late 2014.

The film will follow Yousafzai as she campaigns for the right of children to education, said producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, who also produced the 2007 Afghan drama, “The Kite Runner.”

Yousafzai was targeted for killing by the Islamist Taliban in October last year because of her campaign against the group's efforts to deny women education.

She not only survived the attack, but recovered to the extent that she celebrated her 16th birthday last week with a passionate speech at the United Nations in New York.

“There are few stories Laurie and I have ever come across that are as compelling, urgent or important as the real-life struggle of Malala and her father Ziauddin on behalf of universal education for children,” Parkes said in a statement.

The teenager was treated in Pakistan before the United Arab Emirates provided an air ambulance to fly her to Britain, where doctors mended parts of her skull with a titanium plate.

Unable to return safely to Pakistan, Yousafzai enrolled in a school in Birmingham, England in March.

“Let us pick up our books and pens,” she said in her UN speech. “They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution.”

The film will be funded by Image Nation Abu Dhabi, a subsidiary of government-owned Abu Dhabi Media, which is based in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

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Muhib-e-Vatan Jul 17, 2013 01:55am

I find it disgusting that you chose to use the word crusader for her. Shame on you. She is an observant Muslim girl, and she does not deserve your lables like this. 99.99% of Muslims and Pakistanis abhor the kind of behaviour which people like you choose to ignore because of your cowardice and sectarian mentality. Nothing is more Islamic than Educating ones children.

Munir Mian Jul 17, 2013 02:02am

Ms Malala Yousafzai has brought Pakistan honour and fame. Isn't it a shame that Pakistan lacks medical expertise to perform the surgical operation that brought her back to health in England? Isn't it a shame that Pakistan-neither the government nor any film maker -has the desire or money to make a documentary about her struggle that has catapulted her to an international status? her struggle is the struggle of all boys and girls who yearn to be educated in their homelands. Isn't it a shame that a Muslim republic devotes less money to charitable causes and basic education for children than non Muslim countries? Very unfortunate indeed. During the election campaign Prime Minister Sharif claimed that he had the ability to make the country a "tiger" in Asia. No nation can make any progress without promoting education. All Pakistanis should now remind him of the promise that he made.

NKL Jul 17, 2013 05:43am

No doubt Malala has done a good job but I don't know weather it will be effective in long term unless the real culprits are not controlled.The Jamindars are behind all these activities.They want farm labors to work in their large fields in hugh quantity.Hence how can they promote the real educations, Infrastructure,Health care and all basic needs.To promote the religious education in poor people is only the way which can solve their problem.The religious education always keep those people away to understand what is right and wrong and it does not help them to move forward in the life.The Jamindar promote Mullas and they promote the terrorism to control the powers house.Because all those people does not have the proper understanding.In recent election which was not a election but a selection of the candidate by all party supremo. Usually in democracy the candidate should be selected from the people of that constituency within all respective parties.But the case was different.The candidate was selected by party supremo. .Only the definition of Dictatorship is replaced by democratic dictatorship by selecting the relative candidates and special attention was given for Jamindar so that in limited expenses they can win the elections.This is my opinion which may be wrong or right.Thanks

RK Singh Jul 17, 2013 06:25am

youth? some kids in the picture look like infants.

Muzaffar Qureshi Jul 17, 2013 06:54am

Wonderful; I am thrilled at the idea and wish the project a huge success. I would wish to admit here that I achieved in my life what I did only because of the education that my parents manages to provide me. It is my view that education does not benefit the individual and his/her family alone, it does a world of good to all those who come into contact with you, professionally or otherwise.

uhu Jul 17, 2013 07:16am

crusader ??? My knowledge of history is limited but as far as I remember crusaders were the catholic fighters fighting against other religions during the middle ages..... or may be I did not understand the title of this story.

Ozman Jul 17, 2013 07:40am

She is a hope and pride for her nation. Pakistani men need to learn from her.

Jonnyman Jul 17, 2013 07:51am

Getting tired of this Malala everyday everywhere phenomenon, I don't understand this concept of making a poster child of someone who doesn't really enjoy that kind of support in her own country and is looked at with suspicion.

Azad Kashmiri Jul 17, 2013 08:22am

I dont know where the author get the idea about Pakistanis are ridiculing Malala. There may be a few who do but that is expected. You cannot please everyone and there is always a few in the crowd who will say something negative to get attention. It does not matter who wrote her speech. The fact is that a 16 year old kid stood in front of people of the world and displayed confidence and courage is enough to make any Pakistani proud.

Naseema Perveen Jul 17, 2013 09:08am

so finally, it is going to release a documentry,

ahmed Jul 17, 2013 09:10am


Akil Akhtar Jul 17, 2013 10:07am

The western media needs to look at themselves and challenge their own govt policies in relation to other nations and human beings to change the world rather than trying to make it sound like a third world problem only.

QuaziModo Jul 17, 2013 03:02pm

I dont get it. I don't get this Malala fever! What does it take to have a Humanitarian like Abdul Satar Edhi to be recognized. I know CNN/BBC or UN summit is a far off shot, but atleast our own media could do better!

SHYAM LAL DADHICHI Jul 17, 2013 05:14pm

Malala has gained a celebrity status in the world. She will give inspiration to oppressed women of the world. A documentary on her will be a roaring success. We are proud of her that she is a daughter of the sub continent.

Arvind Jul 18, 2013 08:36am

Heroine ho gai madam

Shazi Rai Jul 18, 2013 10:29am

Malala is a national hero. I think now the conspiracy theories against her should come to an end.

jpsundriyal Jul 18, 2013 11:24am

Malala has become a role model for the girls who have desire to take challenges ..great courageous girl ...Hats Off...Good luck, keep your efforts on...!!

akram Jul 18, 2013 02:05pm

@Jonnyman: if you are tired of the Malala story why click the link and read it?

shakir Jul 18, 2013 02:50pm

I have only concern that Taliban attached her and so many news abt her, whts abt those kids that killed by Drones, Malala come on we knew that education is our problem but those are also human being. Say something about them

Atif Mushtaq Jul 18, 2013 03:18pm

Crusader?? what a pity. how about you wrote Mujahid Malala, lol, your editor would have thrown you out of the window.. i dont understand the media people of Pakistan.. you guys need to grow up. right now i condemn with strong feelings that you have used the word crusader for malala.

Rasheed Chandio Jul 18, 2013 03:34pm

Malala we anticipate you will raise the down trodden and marginalized women's voice on international plat farm let the world see in 21 century how women in third world countries are being sold like cattle are treated like animals. NO education no safe drinking water no food to the content utterly denied to basic human rights. We hope Malala being a education crusader you will contribute to the freedom of women on this earth.

Hussain naqvi Jul 18, 2013 03:58pm

A commendable efforts by the film producer to invest in such negligible field our life. It is further encouraging that UN has given Malala a befitting recetion and opportunity to address the UN Assembly. Ban Ki Moon has played a very positive role while inviting the Gallient you've Pakistan social activist.