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July 06, 2013

Don’t cheat to get success

There is a particular type of naughty students in every school and in every class. Their specialty is that they are not very good at studies but they get good marks with the help of ‘cheating’. They always act in front of their teachers, posing as very good and bright students, but behind the teachers’ back they make fun of them. They whisper among themselves and if ever one of them is caught while cheating, the other boys in the group cover up for him and often point to another innocent boy as the main mischief-maker. They often fight for no reason. Some girls also cheat, usually in groups. Other girls who are not friendly with this group, get into trouble because of this group and they also sometimes don’t get good marks because they don’t cheat depend on their abilities and intelligence. Teachers generally like students who get good marks but they don’t like cheaters. But the problem is that teachers don’t get to know who cheats in a test or exam. The students of my class are really good at cheating! But in the long run, they won’t be able to get success as success belongs to only hardworking people. Muhaymin Khurrum Yousafzai, Via email Summer vacation

I have been enjoying my summer vacation to the fullest. It’s a wonderful time when I can get away from the summer heat and relax at home. I want to suggest to all parents to plan some excursion trips for their kids so that they can enjoy the holidays.

Feroz Karim, Turbat Kech Hard work

It is as clear that hard work can change one’s life. Those who work hard have a bright future ahead. Hard work is good for one’s daily as well as educational life. A student who works hard will surely be successful, despite the failures and problems he faces, because failing does not make him a failure. Rather, he is lucky to get a second chance to work harder and makes things better. A true example is portrayed by a tiger: it takes one step back but takes a big leap ahead. It is necessary that one has a guide who shows him the path of enlightenment. A teacher is that guide. Whatever your teacher teaches you, after attending the class go home and read out those chapters loud in your room. If you are reading English, your vocabulary will improve, and if it’s a theoretical subject, you would understand it and it would stay in your mind. Despite the hard work, if a student fails it does not make him a failure. He is lucky to get a second chance to work harder. Nothing is possible without hard work!

Mutalib Latif, Turbat Clock towers

This is with reference to the cover story ‘Timeless time tellers’ by Masood Omer (YW, June 29, 2013). The article was very informative as well as interesting. I request you to continue publishing such useful pieces that provide us with knowledge about history, art and architecture.

Laiba Khan, Karachi