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Trying Pervez Musharraf

Published Jun 29, 2013 08:47am


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THIS is with reference to the news report, “Musharraf to be tried for treason: Nawaz” (June 25). I am no legal expert on constitutional jurisprudence but I always thought that an accused is innocent until proven guilty. In Pakistan it seems the other way around; even before trial the one accused is subjected to intensive media trial in which he does not have the right to prove his innocence.

This smacks of bias – we are a nation living in a world shorn of reality – unlike any other nation in the world. When a case is sub-judice must we comment on it? At least everyone agrees that Gen. Pervez Musharraf did not abrogate the constitution but held it in abeyance. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary says that anything held in abeyance means, ‘stopped for a period of time.’ People on TV talk shows, in fact even the anchors lose their cool when anyone so much as suggests that trying Gen. Pervez Musharraf under article 6 of the constitution is unjustified.

We are a one-track nation and serious national cases are put on the backburner. Every second Pakistani has become a gladiator and wants to go for the kill.

‘Treason’ means doing something that could cause danger to your country, such as helping the enemy during war. A person accused of treason is a traitor to the nation. If that is so, how many treason cases will the Supreme Court run wherein every second person in the street has sympathies with the Taliban?

Some are bystanders who refuse to identify the accused; some are religious political leaders who provide money, material and moral support; others are normal men in the street who are asked to provide information regarding VIP movements and to make matters extremely difficult to follow is that the Taliban have penetrated sensitive government departments with informers.

Every Madressah is a hotbed of traitors. The Ghazi brothers of Lal Masjid who challenged the writ of state and ran a parallel government right in the heart of Islamabad are heroes and have the audacity to accuse the Musharraf government of killing innocent people. Here is a plethora of treason cases that are far more dangerous for the survival of the country but has the National Assembly the will to produce a fool-proof document on national security? The national assembly only wants to protect its turf against dictators.


Learning lesson THE National Assembly has opted to try Gen Pervez Musharraf for treason. Why only Musharraf? We will not benefit from this act. Musharraf’s takeover is the only event in the history of Pakistan where people across the country celebrated his action. Later events and statistics proved it too.

I suggest we should instead learn from the history and form a truth and reconciliatory commission and determine and record facts and move on.


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Pervez Zaheer Jun 29, 2013 12:23pm

Sardar saheb ,your letter is a breath of fresh air and should be made compulsory reading for TV talk show anchors, crooked politicians and so called Justices .

Dawar Jun 29, 2013 03:09pm

The courts, the assembly and all the media anchors crying foul about Musharraf's so called abrogation of constitution never hint at trying Musharraf for the 1999 coup. To me the reasons seems to be very obvious; all the people involved in the coup happened to be the people who now want to become "custodians" of constitution. Trying to build the foundations of 'democracy, on the wheels of injustice is not going to solve the nation's problems in the long run.

S. Tanwir Hasan Jun 29, 2013 08:11pm

These two gentlemen have very pertinent views shared by impartial, knowledgeable and unbiased people all around the world. But look at the anchors and participants of talk shows on private and government TV channels talking rubbish and have relish in matters where there should be seriousness. I feel very hopelessness when I see most Pakistanis wallow in sheer ignorance and talk gibberish.

K.K. Fakhta Jun 29, 2013 08:15pm

Agree completely.

I am looking for some information that may have some bearing on this matter albeit indirect.

I would like my enlightened audience to help me here.

First: I need to find out what was the composition of the Court bench which sentenced Nawaz Sharif for kidnapping the Army Chief ( Musharraf).

Second I need to find out whether an appeal was filed with the Supreme Court against this decision and if yes what was the composition of the bench which decided on this appeal.

Finally Whether Mr. Nawaz Sharif filed a mercy petition with the President/Chief executive and what was the result of this appeal.

Many thanks for your help.

Urooj khan Jun 30, 2013 05:37am

Thank you so much for writing this ...musharaf fought three wars for this country ,bravely he stands in front of any finger that points at Pakistan . It was only him who took steps against ppl who kept the lal masjid hostage , Bugti operation . As he saw such people against Pakistan . If there is one person who I can say is completely loyal to Pakistan is pervaiz musharaf and it's so sad to c such a man being tried for treason . Try him for any crime but it's painful as I have seen him speak n stand for Pakistan ,whenever needed .

khalidmurad1 Jun 29, 2013 01:42pm
Pervez Musharraf has become a thorn in the throat. A man respected internationally and the third highest paid speaker of the World is being humiliated by our fraud degree holder politicians and judges. His arrest and humiliation is being enjoyed more by Indian Hindus. Musharraf's take over was actually celebrated by the poor and common people.