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KARACHI: At least nine people were killed and 15 others injured on Wednesday when a bomb targeting the convoy of Sindh High Court judge Justice Maqbool Baqir exploded near Karachi’s Burns Road area.

Spokesperson for the banned Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Ehsanullah Ehsan, told that the militant organisation was responsible for the attack on the senior SHC judge.

Ehsan further said that the judge was targeted for what he said were "anti-Taliban and anti-mujahideen decisions" adding that the group would continue to target judiciary.

Initially, Sindh's Information Minister Sharjeel Memon had stated that seven people had died in the attack and that the bomb was a planted device.

Later, SSP Nasir Aftab put the death toll at nine after two more policemen succumbed to their injuries during treatment at a hospital..

The attack happened as Justice Maqbool Baqir drove past with his security detail in Burns Road.

Police said Baqir was rushed to a nearby hospital with critical injuries and that his driver was killed.

Justice Baqir was later shifted to a private hospital where he will undergo surgery, according to doctors, who added that the the High Court judge was in stable condition.

The doctors, not wanting to be named, told that Baqir had sustained injuries to his head as he was hit by ball bearings and glass shards in the explosion.

The deceased included seven policemen, one paramilitary Ranger and Baqir's driver.

Police sources said Justice Maqbool Baqir was on the hit-list of the proscribed militant organisation Lashkar-i-Jhangvi.

Police and Rangers personnel and rescue team workers reached the site of the incident and cordoned off the area as investigations into the incident went underway.

The bomb also damaged a motorcycle and a police mobile van.

The casualties were subsequently shifted to Civil Hospital.

Meanwhile, lawyers have announced a boycott of court proceedings across Sindh in the wake of the incident.

SHC judge Baqir has a reputation for honesty and also served as a judge in special anti-terrorism courts set up in the country to pass down quick punishments to convicted terrorists.

— Zahir Shah Sherazi and Saher Baloch contributed to the reporting of this story

Comments (73) Closed

Rizwan Chakrha Jun 26, 2013 10:10am

very Bad news

Hasham Baber Jun 26, 2013 10:31am

Is there any way other than boycotting courts to register protest? Hundreds of litigants suffer where it makes no difference to lawyers. Protests at the cost of clients seems rather unethical and make no sense.

Imran Durrani Jun 26, 2013 10:35am

How can a person implement Law & Justice in that country ??

shah Jun 26, 2013 10:39am

Hope this incident will not scare away Him and other judges...

Hina Farooqui Jun 26, 2013 10:54am

What is the use to passing judgement when there is no implementation and criminals get away with it. We can not have peace until and unless criminals (backed by politicians) are not punished.

Assad Faiz Jun 26, 2013 11:00am

What exactly do these lawyers hope to accomplish through their boycott? Do they think the way out of our current security situation is through impeding government proceedings and bringing even more inconvenience to people?

Sunara Jun 26, 2013 11:22am

Photoshop fail... Next time, just copy the other shoulder over please.

msm Jun 26, 2013 11:42am

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday said that the security of the Rangers and Frontier Constabulary provided to various important personalities had been withdrawn while the Sindh government had been given a one-month deadline to stop the target killings in Karachi and other parts of the province.

Lets see what action is taken after this high profile incidence of targeted killing?

dewana khan Jun 26, 2013 11:49am

Pakistan is on a slippery slope of chaos. It appears that its end is near. Jo ghazab bharka Khuda ka mujh se poocho saathio........

qamar Jun 26, 2013 11:54am

The agencies responsible for security of VIPs n strategic installations must use their mind to avert such incidents and should not wait for an incident to happen and then put add number of persons employed or close the roads. They must before an unfortunate and tragic incident of the kind happen, study the probable targets and identify the risks involved and do the needful. Encroachments on busy routes and no check on traffic moving in wrong directions are the major causes among others. Agencies must learn lesson from and adopt the security plans made by Israel.

Ramakrishna Muduli Jun 26, 2013 12:29pm

What is happening in Pakistan? Everyday a terror attack somewhere else in Pakistan. What is the solution? Its because of few extremists Anti-America and anti-India sentiment. Peoples of Pakistan, wake up. Crush the terrorism and supporters of terrorism into dust. Its only you can change your nation. No one else... You are the lions, then why do you sleep? Do you think time will solve your issues without your participation. You have to change the time. A well wisher from Hindustan...

Nony Jun 26, 2013 12:42pm

Does anyone know exactly how much we spend on security inteligence ? If everyone has to die anyways, then let us at least save this money.

Imran Ali Jun 26, 2013 01:01pm

i live in Turkey and here a lot of streets cameras work i request to authorities please make camera compulsory and Mr Sharjeel memon we get news from newspapers how many people killed you do what your duties are.....

DR.I.HAQUE Jun 26, 2013 01:15pm

Now the Pakistan govt.must realise where lies the real danger for Pakistan.Surprisingly when USA can go after Taliban why can't Pak army wage a full fledged war on these terrorist. Army wont do that as Taliban and other terrorists are the instrument of the state policy.Pakistan army use these forces for their nefarious war against neighbor countries.Now they have to pay the price for. .

Salman Rizvi Jun 26, 2013 01:26pm

I don't understand how Pakistan's government and security agencies function. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) is openly accepting responsibility for murdering civilians and our few honest officers, yet both the government and security agencies do nothing to crack down or stop these extremists.

A few days ago the Taliban extremists murdered innocent mountaineers and we still want to talk with them.

Every person working for the LeJ and Taliban needs to be hanged to stop them from further hurting society. They are worse than the Nazi's.

Kaif Fehmi Jun 26, 2013 02:13pm

Great cruelty by Taliban. They have no regard for others lives

Austin Jun 26, 2013 02:31pm

Wow what is it going to take for Pakistani intelligence to wake up!!!!.

mba Jun 26, 2013 02:47pm

My condolence to families of victims of murderous Talibans, especially the policemen, ranger and judicial officers. I hope the families would be assisted by the state in a decent way. I pray that this dark age of our country would soon come to an end the insanity in the holy name of Islam would come to an end.

Immad Jun 26, 2013 02:48pm

These TTP guys are very clear that they believe in violence and killing innocent people. If PM Nawaz still opts for extending friendship hand to the murderers of 48000 innocent Pakistanis, it will show his real face to the people.

r.s.soni Jun 26, 2013 02:55pm

sir, safe haven for punjab.. they have been groomed and supported by pml nawaz.if these militant organisation on whose support pml nawaz has come to power, if kept on killing innocent people of sindh, kp and baluchistan. then i that day is not far when pakistan state will disintegrate into four nations.

syed baqar ahsan Jun 26, 2013 03:04pm

LeJ and TTP are not that dangerous but their sympathizers with in are more dangerous for Pakistan and for all this other countries will take the advantage of these killings

Paki Jun 26, 2013 03:08pm

Isnt it amazing how these attackers claim responsibility of such heinous crime... Is it their guts or confidence that the government cannot catch them...

@H__3 Jun 26, 2013 03:32pm

@Austin: And how about PTI and PML-N who want to negotiate with these animals

Akhlesh Jun 26, 2013 03:33pm

@Austin: Surely, Lashkar-i-Jhangvi has sympathizers and infiltrators in the Pakistani intelligence community. That's why its purveyors of terror roam around with impunity.

MSA Jun 26, 2013 03:37pm

Have not heard anything from Nawaz about these attacks taking place every day. Is he too busy in vendetta's? We have not heard anything from the press, black-gowns, or people in general, showing concern about new government's performance either. It seems everybody is accepting the status-quo.

I always wonder, why the police, army, intelligence, cannot do anything about these attacks. If they cannot, why people are keeping them there. Should we say it is people's fault?

Faran Ali Jun 26, 2013 03:42pm

and still the new govt. thinking of talking with these Talibans... huhh

Gerry D'Cunha Jun 26, 2013 03:40pm

as I have been saying on various occasions in my comments on this page, law and order in pakistan, partically in karachi will not improve unless the govt is not sincere to abandon the entire law enforcement agencies who are involved in one way or the other with the criminal elements - have fresh recruitment in these agencies on their security levels and give them good incentives - as done in uk;usa and other developed countries.

Syeda Jafri Jun 26, 2013 03:57pm

A country can be run with infidelity but not injustice. These incidents show how much support these terrorists have from within our society

w.shaikh Jun 26, 2013 03:57pm

Where is the writ of the government of Pakistan? What is Pakistan Army doing? Where are our law enforcement agencies? IEnogh is enough. We must not submit to these terrorists. Mr. Sharif do some thing. Take a lead and take some serious and bold actions to bring peace in Pakistan.

Truth n reality Jun 26, 2013 04:09pm

Crossed all the limits....... VERY SERIOUS action to be required within maximum of 10seconds against the so called TTP.

AHA Jun 26, 2013 04:17pm

@Paki: The government WILL not catch them.

bkt Jun 26, 2013 04:24pm

I wish these criminals would stop using the name of Islam and at least be honest about what they are -- namely criminals. They claim they want Sharia but they don't, because under Sharia their heads would be the first to roll. The law enforcers must come down very hard on these criminals and send them all to hell or Southe Waziristan, whichever is closer

Muslim Jun 26, 2013 04:24pm

Really! What kind of Islam is it where you go and kill people and then be proud of it? They are damaging Islam by killing innocent muslims and then creating a false image of islam around the world.. The real jihad will be to eliminate them from the face of earth

AHA Jun 26, 2013 04:27pm

@Austin: Why would they WANT to wake up?

Nadeem Jun 26, 2013 04:46pm

let's negotiate with them says PTI / Muslim League / Jamat Islami, Jamiat Ulema Islam and more Islamic parties

Kesar Jun 26, 2013 05:01pm

Once again Imran Khan will connect this barbaric act with the drones. I wonder how long it will take him rise from his slumber.

Aadil Awan Jun 26, 2013 05:01pm

The day Pakistan's corrupt Army Generals decide to stop cutting deals with Taliban and its proxies... will be the day we will all enjoy peace!

Hassaan I Jun 26, 2013 06:01pm

Yet another Karachi thoroughfare succumbs to attack. Someone please update the toll of bombs we've had this year; I'm afraid we'd be topping last year's figures.

TypicalDesi Jun 26, 2013 06:05pm

Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Ehsanullah Ehsan, told that ........... Can some be kind to tell , how they told dawn ??

magid Jun 26, 2013 06:05pm

Even criminals have to hide and runaway after committing crimes. But these guys are openly claiming their acts as medals. I wonder who is providing them support. I am definitely not thinking international hands.

Dr Rahman Jun 26, 2013 06:04pm


Agree with your statement! The only way to shut these animals would be not to report any of such incidents and simply conduct the inquiry internally and try to catch those responsible of such heinous crimes. Once they know their crimes are not reported publicly, they won't have the desire to commit crimes.

I will look forward to hear from the readers on my statement!

pak Jun 26, 2013 06:18pm

Thousand of rupees spend on ISI, IB, MI. Never saw any media talking to their heads about their failure. There is a big communication gap between government and these agencies.

US Centcom Jun 26, 2013 06:42pm

It is no surprise that TTP are behind this act of terror. Their long list of crimes exposes their evil objectives against the people of the region. Unfortunately, there are those who choose to side with conspiracy theories and let these repeat offenders off the hook. It is times like these when we should remind ourselves who threatens the safety of the region. It is times like these when conspiracy theorists need to separate facts from fiction. Our forces continue to make sacrifices for the safety of the region. We send our heartfelt condolences to the friends and families of those who died in this act of terror. We will not let these cowardly acts of terror deter us from achieving our peace objectives in the region. We will continue to work together and counter terrorism through shared assistance.

Ali Khan

MyHeartSpeaks Jun 26, 2013 06:50pm

@ Faran Ali

and still the new govt. thinking of talking with these Talibans... huhh

You should ask the same question to US, who is in the process of initiating talks with Taliban. Despite of last attack on Presidential Palace in Kabul by Taliban, US insists on talking with them. Source:

Naseer Jun 26, 2013 07:11pm

Taliban are the biggest force in Pakistan. They are supported by Supreme Court (remember Lal Masjid rulings) and many senior politicians. If we want to live in Pakistan, we will have to stop sending our girls to schools/colleges and stop giving vaccinations to our kids. Welcome to new Pakistan.

malick Jun 26, 2013 07:21pm

On what basis present federal govt. wants dialogue with TTP. shame and shame

AB Uzair Jun 26, 2013 07:39pm

Forget about the actual attackers. We know they will never be identified, let alone punished. But, can't we just get that one guy, who is claiming responsibility? Can't he be tried in absentia and sentenced? A bounty placed on his head. Something???

Akbar Ahmad Jun 26, 2013 07:51pm

Conspiracy of silence by Nawaz Sharif, Imran K,JI, JUI and other right wing parties have encouraged talibans to go on war path against any one who stands in their way. It is not only Karachi, whole KPK is target. If all political parties speak in unison against these brainwashed morons, we might succeed .

Krishna Verma Jun 26, 2013 07:59pm

Please,please,please all good brave Pakistanis do something to stop this everyday madness in your country. We don't like you, but we don't hate you for sure to see so much blood & gore wherein good people are wiped out. My intention is not to hurt your wounded psyche in any manner, but a sincere honest prayer for you & your country to rise up & be at peace with yourself & us.

Vijay Jun 26, 2013 08:00pm

@Austin: The words 'Pakistani' and 'intelligence' don't go together. The mess that this nation is speaks to my assertion.

Ap Jun 26, 2013 08:12pm

@Austin: You need to wake up...Paki intelligence does'nt care. People are expendable.

Mustafa Jun 26, 2013 08:25pm

It is time civilian governments (federal and provincial) should request military to take over control of Pakistan and do everything possible in their judgment (not written laws) to bring stability and peace in Pakistan and then turn over the control of Pakistan to civilian governments. If this is not done now, many innocent lives will be lost. May Allah give wisdom to the leaders in governments and military.

Wizarat Jun 26, 2013 08:29pm

The ones he sentenced were freed by so called chief justice of Pakistan

Faisal Naqvi Jun 26, 2013 08:28pm

I am still waiting for chief justice to summon the people who did that. I am sorry I forgot that CJ is only interested when some bad person tries to smuggle a bottle of wine in Islamic republic of Pakistan. Killing of nine innocent Pakistani muslims should be dealt by the authorities through proper channels. What a shame .

Bob Jun 26, 2013 10:50pm

Pakistan is at the mercy of these terrorists. Unfortunately, the likes of Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif do not have the guts to say anything against the Talibans. Both Imran and Nawaz are proving to be traitors to Pakistan and one day must be tried for treason. The Taliban terrorists are winning and honest and ordinary citizens of this country are being killed one by one!!! We do not need this kind of stupid democracy where the life of a ordinary and honest citizen is at stake. Please bring back Musharaff. Bring back the army. Enough is enough!!!! How long does Nawaz and Imran want the people of Pakistan to suffer for their own ego?

Bob Jun 26, 2013 10:47pm

@@H__3: They are traitors to Pakistan and must be tried for treason!!!!

Bob Jun 26, 2013 10:49pm

@@H__3: They are traitors to Pakistan and must be tried for treason!!!!

imran Jun 27, 2013 12:21am

Can someone please get rid of this spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan. i am so sick of this psycopath gloating after each terrorist attack.

Razzaq Jun 27, 2013 12:58am

@Paki: Collaboration.

Naved Jun 27, 2013 01:00am

Like other countless terrorism acts in Pakistan, this one is also committed by born Pakistani Muslims, as TTP has claimed the responsibility of it. But for some "very intelligent people' in Pakistan America is doing all this. Are these thousands and thousands of people active in extremism and terrorism in Pakistan are Americans? A foreign hand may be fueling the fire, but the sons to soil are doing all this. This is the unfortunate reality of the matter.

Shahpur Jun 27, 2013 02:41am

Rulers are too busy with their own agenda. Defense, Foreign Affairs and NAB is now under Prime Minister, personally.

Aftab Hussain Jun 27, 2013 04:33am

@Dr Rahman: excellent suggestion these bastards are looking for free publicity at the expense of others. Shut their voices down and shoot on sight.

babar Jun 27, 2013 04:40am

Talibans and PTI are allies and mismanagement of KPK govt is causing troubles in Karachi. Karachi has no weapon or Taliban manufacturing factories, they all come from KPK. Imran Khan should clearly announce and break ties with Talibans and also establish check posts so weapons and Talibans can not be exported to Karachi.

Ajaya K Dutt Jun 27, 2013 05:25am

@Dr Rahman: They did not kill for publicity. They killed to terrorize those who dare to stand up against them. Most of human beings are humans, and publicizing these puts them on defensive. The best gun against these is pen and sense of humanity, that no amount of pulpit pounding can force out of any ones psyche.

Do not look other way, not just because the victim is respectable, honest and upright jurist, but even if the victim is a Kafir (as some would say so).

Bob Jun 27, 2013 05:49am

@Kesar: Forget Imran Khan. Have no expectations from him. He is a closet Talibaan!!!

Bob Jun 27, 2013 05:52am

@MSA: The people of Pakistan are so brainwashed thatthey are unable to revolt. Do you now understand why Kerry snubbed Pakistan?

Bob Jun 27, 2013 05:52am

@syed baqar ahsan: Their sympathisers Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif have been "voted" into power?

Sarwat Hasan Jun 27, 2013 06:52am

Now is the time for the nation to wake up and stand up to these infidels, cause Muslims don't kill Muslims. TTP has no humanity, their religion is only terrorism and they are nothing but cowards.

ssf Jun 27, 2013 07:59am

@Dr Rahman: Bad Idea The news had to be reported, this was also reported in New York Times. Citzens shoild be informed of such crimnal acts and they in term would put presure on govt. to take action.

Desi Dude Jun 27, 2013 09:41am

@MSA: Violence in Karachi is not Nawaz Sharif's government's highest priority as this has been the normal day to day life style in that city, why disrupt it... His highest priority is the treason charges followed by a trial against Musharraf. Its unfortunate that we are seeing so much violence an no visible action or atleast a viable plan presented by the new government in tackling the issue.

Desi Dude Jun 27, 2013 09:52am

@Imran Ali: Sorry to say this but camera or other security/surveillance devices displayed openly will not work for the following reasons:1. it will get stolen within a week of installation. 2. it will also capture some of the corruption or illegal activities of the law enforcement agencies, which is a big issue. 3. Gangs/Criminals/etc. will not tolerate being watched and will destroy it 4. and most likely it will not be functional due to the frequent load shedding (electricity balckout). As much as I am being sarcastic in my tone, but it is most like the reality.

anupam Jun 28, 2013 01:14am

@Sarwat Hasan: well said..muslims kill non muslims..precisely the line of thought which land pakistan in this mess

Shai Jun 28, 2013 09:15pm

Sad news....