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SC hints at looking into Swiss case follow-up

Published Jun 05, 2013 06:25am


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The Supreme Court of Pakistan.—File Photo
The Supreme Court of Pakistan.—File Photo

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court dropped a hint on Tuesday that it might take up again the NRO implementation case to look into the outcome of the Swiss case saga.

The reopening of the NRO case may irk President Asif Ali Zardari who was allegedly involved in $60 million graft cases.

This is the same case in which former prime minister Raja Parvez Ashraf had escaped a possible conviction by writing a letter to Swiss authorities in compliance with the apex court directions.

The bombshell was dropped by a three-judge Supreme Court bench hearing illegal appointments of NRO beneficiaries when Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry asked the prosecutor general of National Accountability Bureau whether after the disposal of the illegal appointments case the court might examine the possibilities about bringing back the money lying in Swiss banks because it was public money.

The chief justice said that although the government had written a letter regarding reopening of Swiss cases but it would be necessary to know about the money.

On Feb 9 the Swiss attorney general, in response to the letter written by the government of prime minister Ashraf, had told the law ministry through a communication that the case against President Zardari could not be reopened because it had become time-barred under Swiss laws.

The government of Pakistan had dispatched the letter to Swiss legal authorities in the first week of November last year in line with the Supreme Court order in the famous NRO case seeking revival of the graft case involving President Zardari for allegedly receiving kickbacks in the award of a pre-shipment contract to a Swiss company during the second term of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto in 1994.

The letter was addressed to the Swiss attorney general and had been sent through the Foreign Office and the Pakistan’s embassy in Switzerland.


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Comments (11) Closed

m. a Jun 05, 2013 06:41am

A truth must be important for every person. Mr. Zardari made lot of money in the period of Benazir. He must satisfy the people if he made, without breaking any laws of Pakistan. Also we must know, where that money is now? He is not a prophet and there fore can not be excused. With open truth he will get lot more respect from the people, and may become president again, We can not forgive him other wise.

Khan Jun 05, 2013 06:52am

No body should be above the law including the President or the Prime Minister. If the Supreme Court could set an example, this will become a golden opportunity for the people of Pakistan.

Shahid Kinnare Jun 05, 2013 07:44am

President Zardari should share some of that money with Chief Justice Iftikar. After all thats the norm in our country.

Naseer Jun 05, 2013 07:50am

What an honorable act by the Supreme court of Pakistan. Asking a western country to punish our president. It really gives great respect to our country and shows our true character.

malick Jun 05, 2013 08:19am

SC should follow up Asghar Khan case, Nawaz brothers and generals involved in distribution of money in 1990 election.

Syed Ahmed Jun 05, 2013 08:42am

Regretfully the Supreme Court of Pakistan gave to much latitude to the PPP government whereby the money laundering case become time-barred under Swiss laws. It is now incumbent upon the SC to take early measures to bring the much needed public money ($60 million) back to Pakistan.

usman Jun 05, 2013 09:48am

Just wasting time and efforts.

Nothing going to happen. Only to fool people.

jaffri Jun 05, 2013 10:57am

Why Can't Pakistan procecute alleged fiscal criminals in Pakistan's court? I wounder that apex court is expecting a Swiss court to take a case of Pakistani citizen for alleged monetory crime comitted in Pakistan against Pakistan's public money. Does apex court has gutts to ask federal government of pakistan to enter Asif Zardari in exit control list after his presidency ends until matter of his financial irregularities settles in Pakistani courts?

Wachuchae Jun 05, 2013 11:26am

This could only happen in Pakistan that the two most corrupt individuals who have plundered country's assets are now heads of state and government while trying Pervez Musharraf for high treason.

KhanChengezKhan Jun 05, 2013 11:44am

Public money and values of assets must be returned back to our country from foreign or local banks and institutions at any coast and whoever behind these transactions to be brought for justice either Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Shariff or so on. Similarly no loaned money be right off of the brewers specially of high profiles politicians and beaurocrates and they should be kept behind the bars prisons.

Syed Jun 06, 2013 12:22am

Our Supreme Court is a Mafia. Every time they want to black mail some one they take "Sua Mota" and then they leave the case hanging in between. It looks as if they take the desired Bhatta and let the criminal off for the time being. What a Judiciary we have? Everyday 20 to 30 people are killed in Karachi and no one is safe , but not a single criminal has been hanged. They are let off due lack of evidence. More that 80 % members of lagislative assemblies defrauded the whole nation with their fraud degrees, but non has been punished. Rather those frauds have been given license to be again MNA and MPA, whereas Musharraf and Qadri, who are respected internationally for their knowledge have been humiliated by our Judges. What a justice? What a country?