Peerzada Salman

The Seaview effect

The beach is clean as a whistle without people during lockdown but the silence is discomforting Published Apr 04, 2020 06:12am

Time-teller and timekeeper

KARACHI: These are difficult times, we all know that. Physical distancing is a phrase that has entered the general... Published Apr 02, 2020 06:31am

Faces and colours

KARACHI: Wahab Jaffer is an artist with awe-inspiring credentials. He is one of the country’s foremost painters,... Published Mar 25, 2020 05:36am

Redness in art

KARACHI: It generated excitement among art lovers when they got to know a few weeks back that a performance art ... Published Mar 19, 2020 07:03am

Winter journey

KARACHI: There are not many things associated with western classical music more exciting than a choreographed ... Published Mar 15, 2020 06:54am

The romance conundrum

KARACHI: The very word romance evokes soft images and invokes mellifluous melodies that make you go wonky in the... Published Mar 13, 2020 07:02am

Art galore

KARACHI: How does one enjoy a group show that contains dozens of artworks? Well, one way is to stay as much as you... Published Mar 11, 2020 07:38am

The Dhaka-Karachi journey

KARACHI: It is heartening to see that young artists in Pakistan are taking interest in our collective past of whose... Published Mar 10, 2020 07:04am

An evening of lilting classical music

KARACHI: A bit of nippiness that had enveloped in the city on Friday evening continued as a delightful mix of junior... Published Mar 09, 2020 07:20am