Fahd Rehman

Stagnant  merchandise exports

Stagnant merchandise exports

One notable exception is the petroleum group, whose exports fetched precious foreign exchange of $720m in 2013-14

Published Aug 04, 2014 06:03am
The privatisation narratives

The privatisation narratives

There is a need to debate the scale, degree, extent, pace and distributional consequences of privatisation.

Updated Jul 07, 2014 08:36am

A stabilisation budget

Fiscal discipline will be imposed on the provinces through at-source deductions while net expected provincial

Published Jun 09, 2014 06:05am

The Eurobond narratives

The question of domestic debt servicing needs to be reframed: whether the government can default on domestic debt or

Published May 12, 2014 07:03am

Stagnant cement exports

The cement industry’s utilisation capacity has been at around 72-74pc since 2008. This is a manifestation of lower

Published May 05, 2014 07:32am