Yasmin Elahi

A positive personality

Discover the personality traits which make some people magnetic and others repulsive Published Dec 07, 2019 07:05am

Turn down the volume please

Arshad came out of his room angrily, slamming the door behind him. He glared at his siblings who were watching... Published Sep 07, 2019 07:09am

Boost your word bank

Raheel’s English teacher asked his class to write an essay on “A visit to a park”. Published Jun 22, 2019 07:07am

Mums — taken for granted!

Friends, have you ever noticed who in your family is the first to leave the bed in the morning and the last ... Published May 11, 2019 07:09am

Tackling bullies

Mummy was worried as she felt that Asif was hiding something. Published Jan 26, 2019 07:02am

The lost joys of reading

Can any of my young friends tell me which and when was the last book you read? Published Jan 05, 2019 07:13am

Manners matter!

Fareed walks into the lounge where his dad is absent-mindedly flicking through the TV channels. Published Oct 27, 2018 06:48am

Bounties unbounded!

What comes to your mind when you think of Ramazan? Some of you associate this month of fasting with lips parched ... Published May 19, 2018 06:05am

A simple guide to popularity

Always remember that a soft voice, which expresses a logical view, is more effective than a loud one. Published Oct 07, 2017 06:09am

The greatest sacrifice ever!

There are people (specially our domestic help) who can enjoy dishes prepared with meat ... Published Sep 02, 2017 03:31am

Ramazan reminders

The holy month of Ramazan is a reminder of some lessons which need to be learnt and re-learnt. We are blessed every... Updated May 27, 2017 07:47am

Edhi: the man, the legacy

Abdul Sattar Edhi For the last few days I have been struggling for words. So much has been written ... Published Jul 16, 2016 05:53am

Making the most of vacations

My little friends must be feeling excited these days as the long summer vacation has begun. With the temperatures so... Published Jun 04, 2016 05:46am