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Remove bloatware

It’s not difficult to remove bloatware apps and protect your privacy on Windows 10

Stay safe in Ramazan

For a number of reasons Ramazan calls for being extra vigilant when it comes to your’s and your family’s safety

Saving seeds for harvesting

Useful tips on developing your own seed bank from ‘heritage varieties’ which produce extremely tasty fruits and

Happy 42nd Misbah!

Some are born leaders and some get the job by default. But in the case of Misbah-ul-Haq, it is a mixed blend of both

Flying high

Fawad Khan has earned such a formidable reputation in Bollywood that it does not surprise any of his fans anymore to...

The tweet-marriage thing

The most eligible bachelor of Bollywood Salman Khan, it seems, is now inclined to get hitched at the slender (not...

Nawazuddin’s Manto

In any form of expression that revolves around the art of acting, casting is one of the most important factors. The...

The Big B gesture

Like the oft-quoted dictum ‘with power comes responsibility’, fame too demands the same of a person on whom it ...

First person: Hero evergreen

Enter the world of Humayun Saeed; where acting acumen is merged with a flair for business, benchmarks are set while

The real peacemaker

Fateh Shah Firaq is often homeless and penniless but that hasn’t stopped him from doing charity work and campaigning for

Mural extraordinaire

Say the words ‘great wall’ and most people will instantly assume you are referring to China’s most famous...

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