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March, 30 2015

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Painting mindscapes

When mental health professionals use art to address the psychological and emotional needs of people

Moments of truth

A devastating spell of fast bowling, the wizardry of a spinner, or a relentless counterattack of a batsman ... with the

The Scroll

When Shahzia Sikander presented a miniature painting ‘The Scroll’ at her degree show at the National College of...

Shah Jahan

Through a uniquely thoughtful process of evolution in his own practice, Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq absorbed the shocks and...


When Zubeida Agha held her solo exhibition in Karachi in 1949, artist Fyzee Rahamin’s wife, Atiya Fyzee, condemned...

The News and The Address

‘The News’ (2001) by Bani Abidi was a groundbreaking video installation that engendered the role of new media ...

Artichive: Garçon à la Pipe

Pablo Picasso painted the portrait of a Parisian boy titled ‘Garçon a la Pipe’ (Boy with a Pipe) oil on canvas,...

Advice: Dangerous ground

I am 30 years old and married (love marriage) for six years with four kids. Recently I started talking to a female

Great eggspectations

It has been blamed for increasing cholesterol but it is in fact a nutrition-packed healthy food item if consumed in

Perk up your living space

Whether your home is big or small you can create additional space and cheer it up if you use your imagination and some

Sweating the small stuff

Muggings and cellphone theft may not be considered major crimes, but controlling them is a crucial first step towards

Jamie ain’t datin’ Katie

So you thought it was Jamie Foxx who was the reason for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce three years back?...

Well done Shafqat, but …

It was nice to see the super-talented Shafqat Amanat Ali perform alongside the great Shankar Mahadevan belting out...

Anushka-Virat to get married

Now you cannot call it rumour. It is no secret that Bollywood lip-smacking hottie Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat...

The role of Meena Kumari

This should be no less than an honour for the young woman who gave a couple of mega hit films in 2014 and is now one...

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