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The brown bigots

There may be no overt displays but racism is very much alive in the most educated households as well.

Mixed messages

With the case against Bhutto coming to a close, Zia steps up repression while also seeking political allies.

Word has it …

I started playing scrabble after watching my older brothers, It’s a vicious cycle.

Fast, fun and fresh

If you don’t pay attention to what all is rolled up for you, sushi can be fattening.

Smelly-side economics

To a Western eye it all looks like a scene from a science fiction film but this is Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka

Bursting at the seams?

Sindh’s historical experience has been marked by waves of immigration and haunting fears of demographic marginalisation.

A cross-border fashion jaunt

Over 80 designers showed at LFW this time and three among these were selected by Hello! Pakistan and in India.

Film on Indira Gandhi banned

An Indian Punjabi film, Kaum De Heere, has been banned from screening in any part of the country by the Government...

Small is beautiful

Don’t have a huge place? Fret not; Zahrah Nasir will explain how to make a perfect garden in the small space available

Should I stay or should I go?

Dear Aunt,I am a 31-year-old working mom with a child. My problem is that my husband is moving to Lahore due to his...

Know your sushi

Futomaki: a thick roll, usually cut into eight pieces. Specialty rolls are usually futomaki. Hosomaki: thin roll...

From Malaysia with love

Shireen Ikramullah Khan writes about the Islamic Arts Museum which offers pleasure, education and contemplation

The politics of art

Saira Dar discusses the importance of art in human evolution and its place in society

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840), was considered the most important member of the German landscape movement which...

Taking a line for a walk

Afshar Malik’s decorative, metal wire reliefs can be interpreted as a commentary on the vagaries of life

All fall down

There have so far been four major political movements in Pakistan that attempted to unseat the government of the ...

Role reversal

By ignoring the past and learning no lessons from history, the oppressed transform into oppressors

Fruits of labour

How did a young man from Hijrat Colony, Karachi, whose parents were poor and uneducated, make it ...

Wood you believe it?

The availability of Chinioti furniture in major cities has led to new trends in the local business sector along with ...

When fashion flails

Think cross-border Indo-Pakistan fashion retail and PFDC Boulevard Delhi’s name inevitably pops up; the franchise...

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