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Baba Bandook

Who would have thought that Pakistani pop bigwigs Ali Azmat and Haroon would one day be collaborating on a song? It...

The Cost of Living

Another young Pakistani woman makes us feel proud. There’s a girl by the name of Saman Malik. She is a broadcast...

Kareena being threatened

So it’s not just Pakistani actors and singers who are afraid of Hindu fundamentalist groups. A few Indian showbiz...

Sangeeta says ...

It’s a healthy sign that oldies, sorry seniors, of the Pakistan film industry are coming out in support of the...

Sushant Singh to play Dhoni

The Pakistan film industry needs to learn a thing or two from its Indian counterpart. After the much hyped biopic ...

Advice: Is Auntie a fake?

Why do you never answer any of my queries? Should I suppose that this is all fake, and that there is no response to real

Going bananas!

It is nature’s perfect snack food, a favourite of millions and also the mainstay of many an economy

Peanuts Parachinarvi

Save yourself from the worst food choice in the world: buying peanuts without taste

Take the lunge

You can love them or hate them but lunges are here to stay

A psychological epidemic

After any major disaster, there is always a risk of an outbreak of disease. After the attack on the Army Public School,

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