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Spotlight: Theatre vulgaris

Over the years, Lahore’s commercial theatre has suffered tremendous degradation resulting in the low-brow medium it has

Punjab: Under the weather

Polling preparations remains sluggish on account of the blazing heat and a prolonged delimitation process

KP: Return of the ROs

The tables have turned: the PTI is at the receiving end of the same rigging allegations that it has made in Punjab.

Sindh: Tangled legalities

The most recent incarnation of the Sindh Local Government Act has been the most unanimous, but thorny issues of

Foreign front: Jailhouse rock

Their onscreen avatars may elevate them to the ranks of demigods who can do no wrong but their run-ins with the law

Front seat: Fossilised

Jurassic World is crafted from the DNA of previous installments and the narrative comes across as quite archaic

The curly hair commonality

My word, that’s what happens when you graduate from a regional fraternity like Bollywood to an international...

Shraddha’s belief

It is difficult to label it superstition. The wafer-thin Bollywood sensation Shraddha Kapoor believes that every ...

i Spy: ‘Kareena is boring’

Contrary to what many people think, Salman Khan does know how to plug a film. But he does that in the most unfussy ...

A mixed bag

Get a hang on how to grow herbs and prune trees

Sunblocks simplified

Learn all what you need to know about which sunblock to use, how much and when

Safety in Ramazan

Don’t let your guard down and take all possible measures to keep safe

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