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Saima wants no Indian films

One more Lollywood actor, should I say actress, hops onto the anti-Indian film bandwagon. This time round it’s the...

Lady Gaga sans makeup

It has been six months since the quirky but attractive Lady Gaga got engaged to Taylor Kinney. Every showbiz critic...

32 it is!

This girl has a philosophical streak in her, because, and after all, she is Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter. The lass with...

Crorepati Kangana

My o my, talk about getting richer like nobody’s business! Over the years, actress Kangana Ranaut has really ...

Resham’s back

Don’t get wrong ideas. Resham is not suffering from a backache. She’s back in films after eight or nine years....

Coke Studio EP 2

The second episode of Coke Studio Season 8 was a tad more sedate than the first one. It tried to please the purists...

Let’s make a biopic

With the success of Adnan Sarwar’s Shah, filmmakers are wondering whether to explore the untested ‘sports...

Art fiendPoetic license

Sabah Husain defies the ‘contemporary’ as she inspires the viewers to move outside the picture into their conscience

Past present: Myths and lies

Distorted history always supports the current power structure and lets generations upon generations of people be

Bliss in a jar

Spread it on a paratha or fill it inside a pastry, chocolate and roasted hazelnuts combine to create a luscious treat

A word of warming

With climate change water is becoming a scarce resource; being a great proponent of conservation Zahrah Nasir advises us

Cross that bridge

Bridges are an easy exercise for a perfectly rounded rear and a pain-free back

Rough stuff

A little fibre in your diet can make things go a lot more smoothly

Co-existence: People: four ways

America brands people with tags like ‘Baby Boomers’ (read passé) while the remaining three labels ‘Generation X,Y, Z’

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