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KSL trailer launched

Prepare to get blown away by the upcoming star-studded feature, Karachi Se Lahore

The issue of piracy

Whoever thought of coming up with a panel discussion on the important issue of music piracy to mark World...

Ranbir and Camus

And you thought that Bollywood actors were a bunch of fame-loving people who didn’t give a hoot about life’s...

Katrina and the age factor

So she thinks she’s young, as in, in her 20s. Smell the coffee rosy-cheeked Katrina Kaif! You are no spring ...

From Guddu’s collection

Kudos to Guddu Khan for putting on display rare film posters and pictures from his personal archival collection...

Grandma Hema

Would you believe that? Seriously. Hema Malini — who after being in the Indian film industry for more than forty...

Naqsh and Pagli

No, it’s not the title of a rom-com. Naqsh is a Canadian-based Indo-Pak band. These days the band is preparing to...

Song of Lahore

Oscar-winning Pakistani film maker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is going from strength to strength. All power to her! Her...

Shade and protection

Temperatures are soaring and it’s time to protect your plants from hot, blistering wind

Ease off!

Salam Khala, I am at a very good place in life and at a very bad place, too. I have been talking to this girl in...

Where’s the beef?

The best steak need not necessarily be fillet, it can be made of other cuts as well

Fit for a queen

Time to select new furniture; here are a few things to keep in mind

Mr and Mrs Andrews

Thomas Gainsborough painted ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’, oil on canvas, (27.20 inches × 46.87 inches) in 1750. The...

Between the lines

Ayaz Jokhio’s work draws inspiration from children and their innate ability to visually express themselves

Tickled pink by Jaipur

Despite suspicious hotel staff and money-grubbing policemen, a Pakistani visiting Jaipur finds that it lives up to the..

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