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Mamta Kulkarni and drugs

What a story that is! I don’t know how to categorise it though. In one way, it is also a weird love story. ...

Charlize and Penn

And you thought that Hollywood celebs had it easy. Last week the A-list couple Charlize Theron and Sean Penn was at...

Meera miffed

Boy o boy, Meera is angry. She does not like Ali Zafar anymore. Why? Well, the actress asked Ali Z to do a role in...

Zeba Begum sells home

Sad. Very sad. According to a reliable source, iconic Pakistani film actress Zeba, the wife of the late Mohammad Ali...

Married Madiha

Pakistani film actress Madiha Shah has tied the nuptial knot with a businessman Javed Iqbal who is settled in ...

From medic to MMA

“I was born in Pakistan and I moved to the United States when I was very young. When I was about six years old in...

Advice: Fatal attraction

I am a mother of two kids. We were living a happily married life when suddenly I noticed that my husband was taking

And the piano played on

It is almost as if a plague befell the house of Colonel Alfred Fitzhugh: the pristine Chinar House in Abbottabad gained

Back to the Stone Age

Despite its protected status, Abbottabad’s picturesque and forested Galiyat is falling prey to a stone-crushing ‘mafia’

Stand up straight

Be careful how you sit and stand; it not only keeps the bones and joints in correct alignment but also helps you look.

Not much ado about Kaddo

It’s not just a Halloween decoration or fairy tale prop; the pumpkin is a nutrition-packed vegetable.

Smell you later

Hate how stale (and possibly smoky) your room smells but don’t want to use those god-awful commercial air.

Creeping up on you

Let the climber/creepers climb up the walls to cool off your place, while giving it a beautiful look.

A case of twin talents

Akhtar Hilal Zuberi’s canvas is a woven fabric that produces rich visual tapestries.

Aqil Sajjad: Enabling progress

“Congratulations to our own Aqil Sajjad who yesterday successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at Harvard.”

Meet the Maghreb

My curiosity about Morocco increased when I learned that the famous traveller, Ibn-i-Battuta, was from Tangiers.

Seeds of awareness

Abdul Ghani's work bought him face to face with the timber and land mafia who cut down the mangroves and sold the land.

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