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Maula Jatt: the secret history

The biggest box-office attraction of '80s, Maula Jatt wasn’t just a great movie; it also helped keep the industry alive.

Reassessing the Mughals

History is full of examples of religious bigotry of being shunned to accommodate marginalised communities in mainstream.

Crime spree

The dark crime thriller about a typical dysfunctional American family is what Life of Crime is all about!

Let’s go camping

Planning a camping trip? Make sure to pack appropriately to make the most of your adventure.

Hostage to hostas

Leaves of various shades of green and bell-shaped flowers of the hosta plant are sure to brighten up your garden.

The age of Caravaggio

Saira Dar captures the life of an artist who was considered the greatest pictorial dramatist of his age.

Khalnayak to be remade

Remember Sanjay Dutt’s iconic anti-hero role of Ballu in Subash Ghai’s film Khalnayak in the early '90s?

‘Here comes the bad guy’

Neelofar Abbasi’s dialog “Mein bohat buri aadmi hoon” portrayed her as an outspoken girl in 1973 PTV serial Shezoree.

Saving the Earth

Deforestation is disturbing the ecological balance and pushing a number of animal species to the verge of extinction.

Taming of the ’roo

When it comes to Test matches against Australia there is this perception that Pakistan just can’t beat them.

Love Jihad, but not actually

The conspiracy theory finds great support especially on social media, and has led to a climate of fear and unease.

Tajine treats

The joy of having a traditional Moroccan dish in London.

Say yes to yoga

Is yoga the one-stop-shop for losing weight, toning up and being fit? Apparently yes.

Traumatic consequences

Our three families used to live in a single home. My uncle’s sons started fighting with us and demanded that we...

Eyes wide shut

Some women tell stories of how extremists have prevented them receiving an education.One says she was allowed by her...

Abuse and power

A man recounts his rape of a woman ‘captured’ by the Taliban in Afghanistan. “In one fight, we captured many...

Resolutely murderous

I belong to a tribe which was involved in tribal conflicts. While I was at work, my family entered into a conflict...

Escape plan: suicide

I was forced to marry my cousin against my will. Since I am the only child of my parents, they married me with...

Focal point: Difrent strokes

It doesn’t get any more multicultural than this — American musician Stephan Said is of Austrian and Iraqi descent.

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