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Sikander and Monarch

It’s time to pay back. Says who? Answer: Moammar Rana who has had a successful run as a film star for a little ...

Stress and drums

My o my, talk about loud stress-busting techniques! Bollywood babe Sonakshi Sinha is nowadays learning how to play...

Comment: Good losers?

The PCB seems unable or unwilling to stand up to international cricket authorities

Artichive: Bords de la Marne

Paul Cézanne painted ‘Bords de la Marne’ (1888-1890) measuring 65cm by 81cm, representing the banks of the...

Advice: On the rocks

Dear Phupo, I am 28 years old; my husband is from another sect. I got married last year after almost two years of a...

The triumph of umami

Add a depth of flavour to the food with the use of various special ingredients

Secure messaging apps

Use these four secure messaging apps to guard your security and privacy on your smartphones

Looking back to look forward

From meticulous planning in the colonial era to haphazard, undesired developments in recent times, today’s Karachi is

Zoe Viccaji

Zoe’s set included a mix of jazz, blues, Bollywood and a few nostalgic Pakistani covers. For jazz/blues, she sang...

Spotlight: Voguing away

Ever since the shift of music from radio to television, fashion has been an integral part of the music industry

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