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A game of perceptions

While historical antagonist plays Good Samaritan, forced dependency in flood relief threatens to push Kashmiri victims.

Nargis Fakhri’s Law

The effervescent Indian actress Nargis Fakhri has landed a role in a Hollywood film titled Spy.

Staying safe

Think, be aware and sharpen your natural instinct to stay safe inside and outside your home.

Pearl of the Orient

Asia’s melting pot blends languages and cultures into a mixture that defies expectations.

The battle for North London

If you are still yearning for more after yesterday’s action between Arsenal and Spurs, here’s the story of their rivalry

A thing of the past

Would you believe that in the heart of southern Punjab, there is a village that is now ‘domestic violence free’?

Scents of Perfume Chowk

Starting on a low budget and inspiring others on the way, this man’s success made him a university case study.

i Spy: Dukhtar for Oscars

Good news for all those involved in the making of the film Dukhtar that recently premiered in the country. The...

Dukhtar’s run

The film has its share of flaws and raises questions which can only be answered in a sequel, writes

Artichive: Portrait with dove

Jamil Naqsh’s painting ‘Portrait with dove’, narrates his urge to combine the traditional with the contemporary.

Pick and choose

Soil, season and species along with proper watering are important ingredients of gardening

Wards of death

In Srinagar, a house of healing became a house of horror the day the flood waters rushed in. Ignored by state rescuers,

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