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Advice: Disturbia

I am a teenage girl. I have two brothers and one sister. I have really big problems. My dad used to love us a lot and we

The pain behind the photos

When freelance photographer Sa’adia Khan travelled to Balochistan to visit and photograph a health project, this is what

Case files

Stories of successes, failures and horrors from the medical front lines

Natal neglect in Balochistan

Last year, 785 pregnant women out of 100,000 lost their lives in Balochistan. This rate is almost three times higher

Channeling tradition

The traditional birth attendant, or ‘dai’ is an indispensible reality for millions of pregnant Pakistani women. What we

Coke Studio delayed

Much to the chagrin of music lovers, Coca Cola Pakistan announced on Sept 3 that Coke Studio 7, which was supposed ...

Tonite with HSY

Now that’s what you call diversifying your portfolio. Fashion guru HSY, known for his trend-setting designs and a...

Brangelina: failing marriage

No, don’t get excited. This is not about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage coming apart. It was only last...

Fawad Khan: cover to cover

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan is not only mingling with the right people (Karan Johar, Aamir Khan etc) in India, but is...

Mathira delivers the goods

At last Mathira has delivered the goods, not in the world of showbiz though. News is that the VJ famous for her...

Rahat rocks Wembley

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan rocked the Wembley arena recently when he performed a series of well-known qawwalis.

The best thing to do

Here are some advice about how to keep yourself safe from strangers at all times.

Super spuds!

It’s not uncommon to dismiss potato as junk food; but is it really just that?

A taste of heaven

The Punjab Hotel introduced the residents of Hyderabad to a cuisine they’ve remained addicted to ever since its opening.

A cushy job

Enhance the way your room looks by the use of cushions and throw pillows in various creative ways.

Tribute: Heaven’s gain

Several weeks after Haider Hashimi’s tragic death, members of the rock outfit Aaroh remember their talented band member.

Bowled out!

Saeed Ajmal has fallen afoul of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) stringent rules for suspect bowling action.

Conservation: Flying high

Falcons are one of the fastest flying bird species and may fly at a speed of up to 250km per hour.

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