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Emma Stone, single again?

Boys, here’s something to ponder over (in some cases, to relish). The girl with the brightest and biggest eyes

Where few have gone before

Actor Faizan Khawaja is producing Pakistan’s first made-for-television film, Life Story, featuring Ainy Jafri, Zeba

The Saif-Shahid conundrum

We all know that there was a time when the gorgilicious Kareena Kapoor dated Shahid Kapoor. That she’s married to...

A Rock and a hard place

Indian actor Varun Dhawan is a huge fan of WWE star and Hollywood hunk The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). The wrestler did not

Shobhaa De vs Shiv Sena

Extremism in all forms and manifestations should be condemned. On April 9, Shiv Sena activists congregated outside

Kohli goes to bat for Anusha

Spoken like a true boyfriend. Which implies that cricketer Virat Kohli really cares for his girlfriend, actress...

A tale of two cities

An upcoming film Karachi Se Lahore has generated quite a bit of buzz in showbiz circles. Its director is Wajahat...

Artichive: Impression, Sunrise

Claude Monet painted ‘Impression, Sunrise’ (Impression, Soleil levant) oil on canvas, (18.9 inches × 24.8 inches) in

Group show: Art for everyone

Boasting an array of styles and media, intuition and awareness of the world around us are at the core of the show

Advice: In the friend zone

Dear Daadi jaan, I am a 22-year-old girl. I have an old school friend who is a great guy and still has feelings for...

Policy matters

The need for government initiatives becomes critical as climate change wreaks havoc on crops

The Kim and Kanye menu

Talk about being super popular. The couple who are seldom in the news for the right reasons, Kim Kardashian and ...

Tweet like a bird

Addicted to tweeting? These third-party apps allow you to tailor your Twitter experience

Community watch

Set up a neighbourhood watch to control crime in your area

Strawberry hound

Want to buy perfect strawberries every time? Follow your nose...

History: Lost in history

Umerkot, the Gateway to the Tharparkar desert, once played a pivotal role in the history of the subcontinent

Swat: an unquiet calm

After the army first launched a major operation in Swat, the tug-of-war for control over the valley continues.

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