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Wanted: privacy commissioners

Privacy and digital rights groups have complained about the ‘draconian’ provisions in the Prevention of Electronic

Fishing in troubled waters

While the focus is on the Cyber Crime bill, allegations that the Pakistani government is using the spying software

Meera and moolah

You have to hand it to the woman. She may sound a little loopy at times, and yet there are times when our very own...

What’s up, Doc Gulzar?

It would have been sad if this hadn’t happened. If there’s any one person in the Indian film industry who...

Byting the bill

Controversy and criticism erupted as soon as details of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill-2015 became public.

Sonakshi’s handstand

O come on, she can’t do that to herself! Words like petite and svelte cannot be associated with actress Sonakshi...

i Spy: Goodbye Gisele!

The stunningly beautiful Brazilian fashion model, Gisele Bundchen, will no more be seen on the ramp. The woman with a

Heritage: Floored

A walk through the Old Walled City evokes feelings of pride and belonging

No-go area no more

It may seem that international sporting activity in Pakistan came to a halt following the terrorist attack on the

Huma Mulji

In the traditional sense, formally sculpture would be defined as a form that operates in a three-dimensional space and

Ruby Chishti

Ruby Chishti is an installation artist and graduate of the National College of Arts, Lahore. She uses unconventional

Hamra Abbas

Artist Hamra Abbas is one of the most versatile of installation art practitioners. Residing presently in Boston, she has

Artichive: False Start

The painting, ‘False Start’, oil on canvas, (67 ¼ inches x 54 inches) was painted by the contemporary American artist

Art beat: Installation art

Installation art defies the ability to be circumscribed within a limiting definition. It has been described as being...

Desert rose

If you have the will you can cultivate even in desert-like situations; you just need to know how

Advice: Trust deficits

Dear Aunt, I am a 19-year-old boy. I have a girlfriend and we both love each other. But the problem is that she...

Keep your cool

With two-thirds of the human body made up of water — almost 70 per cent of this water inside the body’s cells, 20pc in

Tag, you’re it!

Save yourself from notification upon notification after being tagged in other people’s Facebook photos

Swinging the sari

There are more ways to drape a sari than just the way your mother taught you

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