Sunday, March 9, 2014

Women’s bill scrapes through opposition scrutiny

At least 25,000 women would become part of different departments/bodies in the province under this law.

Tharparkar: A famine of facts

While conditions certainly deserve alleviation, the doom-like scenario misrepresents a substantial part of reality.

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Malala to observe ‘day of silence’

LONDON: Malala Yousafzai will go silent for 24 hours on April 17 to show solidarity with children whose voices are...

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Treason trial: dissenting official sent for training

ISLAMABAD: At a time when former president retired Gen Pervez Musharraf is desperately trying to drag several...

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Govt opposes polls in cantonments under existing law

The govt said most of the identified anomalies were contrary to the constitutional provisions and other relevant laws.

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Nisar losing influence with Sharifs?

Nisar, who appears to be losing influence in the PML-N, is in hot waters again, this time for his latest speech in NA.

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PBC calls for interior minister’s resignation

LAHORE: The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) has urged Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to resign over the...

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10 hurt in Jiwani grenade attack

GWADAR: Ten people were injured in a grenade attack on a bakery in Jiwani town on Saturday, police said.Unidentified...

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