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Undefeated militancy

BASHIR Ahmed Bilour, an ANP stalwart and an implacable critic of militancy and Pakistan’s drift towards extremism, is no more. Killed by the same ideology he preached against and which saw him as a threat to the

Kerry gets the post

THE nomination of Sen John Kerry as the next US Secretary of State is a welcome move from the Pakistani perspective. Sen Kerry has demonstrated two key understandings in his dealings with this country: one, that

Ulema’s fatwa

EVEN though the Pakistan Ulema Council did not specifically refer to the polio workers’ tragedy, its condemnation of the murder of innocent people deserves to be applauded. A fatwa, issued on Thursday by some

Hope and trepidation

PUNJAB is heating up. A new governor is set to take over from Sardar Latif Khosa. Shahbaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Manzoor Wattoo and Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi are all out drumming up support for their parties, with Allama Tahir ul Qadri introducing a new angle t

CNG prices

THE Supreme Court’s order to Ogra to devise a consumer-friendly CNG pricing formula has apparently put the government in a difficult position. Although the court has told Ogra to consider the government’s policy guidelines on the matter, it has stopped th

Sheer madness

WHERE is this society headed? Two gruesome incidents that occurred on Friday clearly indicate the depths we have sunk to.

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