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April, 01 2015

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Stagnant exports

Pakistan’s exports have been stagnant for the last four years (since FY10-11), vacillating in a narrow band of $24-25bn.

Reinventing seed business

The new seed law reduces the public sector role and increases the private sector’s role in management of seed business.

Rupee stages modest recovery

After consistently shedding value against the dollar over the past few weeks, the rupee staged a modest recovery ...

World economies

Azerbaijan : Rich in natural resources, primarily crude oil and gas, Azerbaijan is transforming from a country which...

Playing the saxophone

Learning a musical instrument during childhood and adolescence increases cognitive skills by one-fourth of a ...

How To...

Befriend your boss Being friends with your boss can be complicated. If you genuinely like each other and want to ...

Reducing poverty

The national and provincial poverty alleviation programmes operate on the periphery of the mainstream economic activity.

Change in Enven’s fortunes

Engro Fertilisers’ CEO says in order to protect margins against any unforeseen disruption in the gas supply situation,

Bailout request

THE International Monetary Fund has rejected a request by the Sri Lankan government of President Maithripala ...

Ambitious tax targets

While reforms are slow to come, economic development and growth are also not fast enough to have an all-pervading...

The great disconnect

From January 1 to March 25, the benchmark 100 index slipped 4.3pc — against the average 14.7pc drop in the ...

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