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How To...

A key demand in business is the ability to speak off the cuff.

World economies

The Italian economy slipped back into recession this year, marking the third contraction since 2008.

Dismal water scenario

The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources says the country, once having surplus water, now has a water deficit

Decline in FFBL profits

For the first nine months of the year (9MCY14), FFBL’s profitability dropped by 46pc to Rs1.77bn, against Rs3.3bn

Protectionism vs rent-seeking

In view of trade surpluses, the federal government has levied a duty on wheat and sugar imports to protect farmers.

Bank deposits down

A sharp reduction of over 100 basis points was noted for Pakistan Investment Bonds of all tenures.

Looking for a ‘bailout’

The implicit reliance on the government by some businesses — assumed in the shape of a bailout during times of distress

Rupee’s sharp movements

Competing variables were at play in the local currency market last week, as the rupee moved sharply against the dollar.

8-character passwords

With processors getting speedier and password-hacking software freely available on the Web, the eight-letter ...

Impact of good, bad news

Economic downturns have more than twice as much impact on individual happiness as equivalent upturns, according to...

Gluten-free lifestyle comes

After a decade of books and articles questioning the healthfulness of gluten, a third of Americans now say they are...

Cautious optimism

If recent history is any guide, it will take much more than merely a tweaking of interest rates to ...

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