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Political crisis hits rupee

The rupee fell 10 paisas against the dollar in interbank dealings and by 30 paisas in the open market last week

Dip in bank investments

Commercial banks’ investments had clocked in at Rs4351.407bn in the week ending August 8, as per SBP data

World economies

Syria’s economy, rocked by four years of civil war, is shrinking fast with industrial and agricultural output falling,

Abenomics — off target

“Abenomics is in trouble,” says Robert Feldman, chief Japan economist at Morgan Stanley MUFG. Although some economic

How To...

Sometimes the best solution to workplace conflict is just to leave it alone. If you’re deciding whether or not to raise

Reforms under threat

Despite prolonged face-to-face consultations and lingering videoconferencing, an already delayed fourth review of the

Self-employment up in Britain

While unemployment continues to grow in the European Union countries, the seemingly contradictory employment figures...

Reflections on Islamic banking

The development of an Islamic Inter-Bank Offered Rate — a profit-based benchmark for pricing financial products — is

Banks make better profits

Bankers caution that the profitability trend for the rest of the year would depend on the fate of mega infrastructure

Reality check

Trade bodies and investor representatives have rejected the PTI’s call for civil disobedience

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