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World economies

NepalNepal is among the poorest and least developed countries in the world and the second poorest in Asia, with a ...

How To...

Help employees learn from mistakes It can be frustrating when an employee is not performing well or makes a mistake....

Effective CSR programme

The US bond market seems to value firms’ CSR performance, say Wenxia Ge and Mingzhi Liu of the University of...

Time to change crop pattern

The higher domestic cost of production has made agricultural commodities less competitive and the current trend

Food companies doing well

“Neither the provinces nor the federation has made any attempt to survey the entire food market, classify the players on

Toothless, falling inflation

No seller is ready to lower the price of his products when buyers argue that the rate of inflation has dropped.

Kapco eyes coal-based project

The company is also undertaking an auxiliary coal-fired boiler project, which would help reduce its overhead costs and

Tax anomalies in Punjab

An agriculturist having an annual income of more than Rs2.5m will pay less tax than a businessman or a salaried person

Bank borrowings rise

The latest open market operation followed three earlier injections worth a cumulative Rs3.35tr over the last three weeks

Tremors in capital markets

Even though the tremors felt in Pakistan because of developments in China have apparently subsided, opinion remains

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