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PPP continues to suffer blows over candidacy


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KARACHI: The former ruling party at the centre continues to suffer blows as two of its major candidates from Lahore and Sindh were declared ineligible by election tribunals on Tuesday. Today’s setback followed Monday’s rejection of an appeal by former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf challenging the decision of a returning officer rejecting him nomination.

On Tuesday, PPP’s Syed Asif Hashmi was disqualified by the election tribunal in Lahore with objections against him for not being 'sadiq'and 'ameen' upheld. Moreover, another PPP stalwart in Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah who had filed his papers to stand from PS-20 (Naushero Feroz-II) was also disqualified by an election tribunal.

All rejected PPP candidates have announced to file appeals against the rejections in the respective high courts.

Moreover, an election tribunal was expected to decide the fate of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan today.

PML-N on the other hand saw most of its candidates getting a green signal by election authorities. Both Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif were cleared by election tribunals and objections against the brothers were dismissed.

Today’s setback for PPP followed Monday’s decision of an election tribunal in Rawalpindi reinforcing the rejection of Raja Pervez Ashraf’s nomination papers by Returning Officer (RO) Khalid Arshad.

The former prime minister was to run for NA-51 in Gujjar Khan, from where he had won in two previous elections.

Ashraf’s lawyer and former law minister Farooq Naek has said his client would file an appeal against the tribunal’s decision.

Comments (37) Closed

Mohammad Farooq Apr 16, 2013 06:04am
Good riddance.
Mudassir Hussain Apr 16, 2013 06:34am
EC seems tactfully selective in disqualifying candidates. There are also other issues with respect to security and delimitation which has made them controversial.
akhter husain Apr 16, 2013 06:45am
Had any court of law convicted Mr Musharraf for subverting the the constitution as yet,is a question to be reviewed.Another candidate was rejected on grounds that he was not Sadiq and Amin..So far so good.The Sharif brothers lied about their agreement with the then president that they will go to a brotherly country and will not return to Pakistan for ten years and the intelligence chief of that country had to come and show the agreement.The sharif Brothers may have been taken for granted as sadiq and amin they being sharif..
Husain Jan Apr 16, 2013 06:56am
Yes good one. Since after rejection of papers by the concerned RO the election tribunal also upheld the RO's dicision there should be no more chance of further appeals in high courts.This facility speaks a lot about the escape routes offered to influentials by our system. After decisions of the tribunal the disqualified candidates should not dare to show his face to public in shame.
Sultan Fatima Apr 16, 2013 06:59am
It is mind boggling to find the candidature of jamshed dasti being approved , when he was disqualified by the highest court of Pakistan the supreme court. Similarly Nawaz Sharif is also a controversial candidate , with his name mentioned in Supreme court attack case.
ishrat salim Apr 16, 2013 07:19am
Such action seem to be one-sided as no candidates from PML N has been rejected till now by the RO....which is creating a sense that it is not come all those PML N are within clause 62 & 63....means it is decided to give PML N a clean floor to contest ?
rabbani Apr 16, 2013 07:31am
Why the hell Shareefs are getting so much favour by the independent courts of Pakistan. As per Asghar Khan case verdict, there papers should have been rejected by the tribunal. If they are not convict as per this, then Musharraf is also not convicted by any courts! His papaers should also be accepted.
Atif Apr 16, 2013 07:32am
Good for the country.
Immad Apr 16, 2013 07:36am
Sahrif brothers are as bad as Raja Ashraf or other disqualified. I am shocked by the bias of election tribunals which gave them green chits.
observer Apr 16, 2013 07:41am
Now I can better understand why long march of Tahir ul Qadri was staged and concluded without achieving anything. It was to prepare people for implementation of clauses 62 and 63. What it achieved was to keep some people out of elections. Foul.
observer Apr 16, 2013 07:42am
If Dasti had not left PPP, he would still be rotting in jail. Foul.
observer Apr 16, 2013 07:45am
We are sixth or seventh largest country in the world in terms of population and the best person we could find from 120 million of us was Fakhar ud Din Jee Ibraheem. Shame on us as a nation. I lament the lack of good people.
Ghulam Ishaq Apr 16, 2013 07:56am
The problem with Pakistan is that everyone is confused whether they want a truly religious state where everyone is judged by every other for being/not being Sadiq and Ameen OR they want a truly democratic and secular state where the state doesn't judge people by their personal beliefs
Naveed Apr 16, 2013 08:09am
You are completely mad who don't understand facts or don't even have basic understanding about anything. Go admit yourself in a psychiatric unit for a few years. Even then I don't believe you will be cured.
Bilal Apr 16, 2013 08:20am
PMLNocracy prevails in the Judiciary. No place for neutrality and justice.
Anwar Qureshi Apr 16, 2013 08:30am
Sadiq & Ameen = Honesty and righteous person. Raja Rental has been rightly convicted for his dishonestry; issuing more than 200 CNG licenses (imagine how much money he would have made); also imagine how much he would have made in Rental Power Houses!!! We live in Islamic Republic of Pakistan; a democratic country having Islam as its religion. One fails to understand how come judiciary is allowing the fake degree holders to contest elections. Its better to clean up the mess.
Sadia Apr 16, 2013 08:31am
there is no need to be abusive. you may disagree but you should stay within the limits of civilized discourse.
Mir Dost Brohi Apr 16, 2013 08:45am
Any Crystal clear criteria to identify True "Sadiq and Ameen"?. It seems these ill trained ROs have spoiled the true spirit of Election in the country by showing their over-smart tactics by accepting and rejecting candidates nominations.
akram Apr 16, 2013 08:59am
only Imran Khan is clean and trustworthy person among all politicians in Pakistan
Gopal Patel Apr 16, 2013 09:41am
Looks like Election is behaving as if it is a law unto itself.General Musharraf's cases' are in courts and he has not been convicted on any account so far.Still the ECP is rejecting his nomination papers which is shows its bias.
M. S. Alvi Apr 16, 2013 09:57am
Naves, you also need to go to the same hospital.
M. S. Alvi Apr 16, 2013 10:05am
It seems that the RO's and the tribunals are being partial. After all they are Pakistan's.
rabbani Apr 16, 2013 10:09am
People Like you are better to be ignored.
rabbani Apr 16, 2013 10:12am
Rotten eggs like these are responsible for the current situation of our country. Ignorance is their cure.
FJ Siddiqui Apr 16, 2013 12:56pm
I expect at least 1 proven misconduct by IK from those 9 guys who gave a thumb down to Mr. Akram's comments :)
hasan Apr 16, 2013 04:39pm
Musharaf is a repealer which is why he is being rejected. In all honesty, its good for the country.
hasan Apr 16, 2013 04:42pm
Please don't forget to vote for IK. ye wala ladoo bhi kha k dekh lo, baki saray to try kar chukay...shayad ae mitha nikal aye :)
kam Apr 16, 2013 05:33pm
Clear enough to me, loan defaulters, utility defaulters, tax evaders, fake degree holders, unattributable sources of income, is clear enough grounds for disqualification. Or do you want Allah himself to provide the evidence???
kam Apr 16, 2013 05:36pm
Not foul at all. Rather a right small step. All politicians should be banned UNLESS they can prove they are honest. Only IK can prove his honesty. ALL others are theives. Period.
Shahid Abbas Apr 16, 2013 06:08pm
Can anyone say Nawaz or Shehbaz are real sadiq and amin? My answer is no. Just think of the their U turns on deal with Musharraf. One da y they said no deal, then in a press conference, Nawaz himself said, deal was for five years and later on it was revealed that deal was for ten years. Forget about their loans and how they managed their default. Amazing, the two brothers are cleared as "Sadiq and Amin". Shame, Shame, Shame.
Mustafa Apr 16, 2013 06:10pm
FYI, SC has already declared Musharraf's emergency in 2007 as unconstitutional.
ZX Apr 16, 2013 07:18pm
Your point is valid but i believe that Sharifs should also be kicked out as Musharraf.
ZX Apr 16, 2013 07:22pm
I think you probably need Anger Management and if there is anything available for managing your arrogance as well. Stop treating these politicians as if they are your Gods!!
Dr Qureshi Apr 16, 2013 08:33pm
To reject Pervez Musharraf's nominations is an astonishing decision. He's simply been thrown out on rumours and suspicions. All his actions were sanctioned by the supreme court at the time, He has not been convicted of anything. Frankly, I can't see these elections going ahead, its turning into a circus.
wachucha Apr 17, 2013 01:33am
Does this mean that both Sharifs and PPP leadership is now certified Sadiq and Ameen? What a tragedy!
wachucha Apr 17, 2013 01:46am
This election is going towards pre poll rigging. In a country where most institutions are corrupt how do you expect ECP officials (especially ROs) not to be bought. PMLN has ensured that they don't leave any stone unturned to win this election with big majority despite the BIG majority of the country doesn't want them back in the Centre.
Deb Apr 17, 2013 05:52am
Let the people decide whether a candidate is saadiq and amin through their own free will via the ballot box. It is a joke that these returning officers feel that they can decide for the common people.