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Character assassination

REGRETTABLY our politicians have earned notoriety for their attacks on their political opponents, from sly innuendo to dragging skeletons from hidden closets. Their allies and enemies in the media do this too, and a libellous headline can cause damage that no retraction can erase. Shockingly, character assassination not only of politicians but our educationists, academicians and other celebrated and enlightened individuals have become fashionable in our society.

Whenever I had an opportunity to watch any television talk show or attend any press conference, I find our politicians attacking each other personally.

One of my students asked me: “Why have our politicians become so much virulent and scurrilous and why do they indulge in character assassination of each other?”

Many others in this country want an answer to this question. Is there anyone in the political circle to answer it? If not, then, this nation will be left with no option but to lose trust in its politicians.

Since most of the people depend on our independent and active media for the ‘truth’, which gives the media immense power.

However, all enlightened media men and powerful media houses/outlets should try to change minds, attitudes and professional values so that smear campaigns against individuals, politicians, parties and other organisations may not become their feature.

This is because such unethical practices erode and destroy societies in the long run.

HASHIM ABRO                 Islamabad

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