LAHORE, April 10: The Kinnaird College’s International Relations Club staged its annual tutorial play “Blame Game; Season 2” – a sequel to last year’s production of the club.

The play had subtle references to current international situation, conveyed through brilliantly written script wrapped in slapstick humour.

The actors in the guise of leaders from different countries -- US, China, India, Israel, Iran and Pakistan -- were invited to live together for a few days, evolving cordial relations by the end of the play.

The play that is also a case study of innocent victims of drone attacks is an emotional roller-coaster making audience smile and cry during its course.

The efforts put by both teachers and students in the production were evident from the meticulously planned details in costumes, acting and dialogue delivery. The play gives an insight into minds of the students who seemed to have a thorough knack for world politics.

Club adviser Arifa Kayani, president Iqra Chaudhry and their creative team, including Aimen Amna, Sadaf Amjad, Nabia Nauman, Hijab Hassan and Zarmeena Asim received appreciation from audience for the hard work they did.

“It shows that KC’s International Relations Club is playing its due role of enlightening the younger generation on the importance of international politics,” said college Principal Dr Rukhsana David.

The play was watched by former ambassador of Pakistan Khalid Mehmood, KC vice-principal Dr Nikhat Khan, deans, faculty members and a number of students.

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