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Sanjay Dutt in a still from the film "Policegiri."

The post-production work might have been difficult to wrap up for “Policegiri” with its cop, Sanjay Dutt, who has multiple projects to finish before his imminent incarceration. The actor has started dubbing for “Policegiri” on double shifts to complete it

With limited time left, Dutt is trying to make use of each and every moment he has. To keep up with his promises, he is working double shifts for Rahul Aggarwal's film “Policegiri”. After working hard whole day to shoot for “Policegiri”, the actor has started dubbing for his cop role in the film at night.

According to a report published in TOI: It is learnt that that the actor is also calm on the sets and doing his work like a pure professional. But with back-to-back shooting schedules to keep his commitments, it looks like Dutt will get very limited amount of time to spend with his family.

The actor is running against the time to finish his projects. "He is intended to finish “Policegiri” soon, so that he can start with his other movies too

Comments (13) Closed

pakone Apr 09, 2013 07:00am
Please Indian authorities, this is not fair to this man - for just buying an illegal gun 20 years ago for which he has already served 18 months in prison. Convict your rapists first. Not this man. He has been through enough. Please understand that he is an upstanding citizen of India. Recognize that and leave him be please.
SJ Apr 09, 2013 07:48am
Perplexing to have Sanjay go through this trauma. I hope he stays calm and goes through this trial period in life with dignity.
Asif Kahsmiri Apr 09, 2013 08:07am
well said.
KhanChangezKhan Apr 09, 2013 08:56am
In the eye of judgments every citizen is stands in one line. Therefore, whoever is guilty, either the King or bagger, should must be punished according to law. It is also not acceptable that some one found guilty and under the law and judgments of the court he is sentenced for any degree of punishment, brought to release by any Higher Authority or President. Did you find any example in Islamic law that anyone is sentenced and the King or the highest authority of the leader announced to release him, no never, only Islam gives the authority to the closed and blood-related effected person either to pardon him or receive a blood money, if agreed? Therefore, Sunjay Datt or whoever found guilty must be punished in view that everyone is brought to court for justification either Narender Modi, who is found guilty supporting murder of hundreds and thousands of innocent Muslims in Gujrat as well as top leaders of BJP and Congress Party who were involved in killings of Muslims during the demolition of Babri Mosque, etc., etc.
Hyder Apr 09, 2013 09:31am
Dear sir, Sanjay Dutt is victim of dirty politics and double standards that prevails in indian society. While the politicians can do whatever they want the famous public personalities like Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan etc are made scapegoats to create media galore very much alike Pakistani cricketers Mohamed Aaamir, Mohammed Asif and Salman Butt who were made a dreadful example while others like Tim May, Mark Waugh, shane warne etc got away with a slap on their wrist despite being caught dealing with bookies. Sunil dutt sacrificed his political career to save his son and let see if his sister is does the same for him again? Many thanks, Hyder
Guerses Apr 09, 2013 11:16am
I just don
BEA Apr 09, 2013 12:49pm
It probably took 20yrs to get to court he did the crime he has to pay for it now just beacuse he makes a few crap films a year does not make him imune to the law.he also thinks hes abuve the law why should he be.
indian Apr 09, 2013 03:14pm
Law is the same for everyone. Sanjay Dutt got away lightly because of his family's political connections. He did not merely possess arms, he seemingly had prior knowledge of the Mumbai Stock Exchange blasts. He should have been passed death sentence just like the prime accused. Shame on Indians watching his pictures and shame on bollywood film producers who make money through him. Sanjay Dutt was in effect a passive terrorist, nothing more. This is the truth, face it. He was caught redhanded and let him repent at leisure in prison for the devastation caused by the blasts and the lives lost.
Sunil Apr 10, 2013 07:03am
Why should Sanjay Dutt be freed and not the rapist? Both committed a crime under IPC. Sanjay was not a baby; he was a 34 years old man. Not only did he buy AK57 from terrorists, he also provided his house for storing the weapons used by the terrorists. BTW his friends (with whom he confessed to have dinner night before) killed 257 innocent people, maimed 1000+ and caused billions of rupees damage to Indian economy. Had he approached police that night or the media, he could have saved all these lives. Should have been life imprisonment for him.
Hello Apr 10, 2013 07:04am
I urge Indian authorities that how could you send Sunjay dutt to prison and Mr president what happen to those rapist that you guys promised to the parents of the victims that those rapist will be hanged in front of whole of India !!!! Sir it's a shame to our justice system in Pakistan & India that you do brutal rape for a young girl and you can get away and nobody knows where those rapist went !!!!! Everyday rapist rape young girls and get away easily what kind of justice system is that ,even though police men rape in villages get away easily !!!!! Wah wah wah !!!! Sir I check everyday on CNN / BBC / Aljazeera news to see what happen to those rapist but eventually all I see award winning Indian actor is going to jail !!!! It's a shame on !!!! Words can't describe my feelings !!!!
Indian Apr 10, 2013 02:07pm
dont describe. just keep it yourself and do other a favor...
raja hindustani Apr 10, 2013 03:50pm
control your emotion pal. Sanjay dutt did crime and hence as per law he got punishment. Law should be same for everyone
raja hindustani Apr 10, 2013 03:53pm
Keeping Assault rifle AK-56 (illegibly procured through underworld don) & fixing match is similar crime..???