PEOPLE in urban and rural areas have little access to potable water. Besides natural water, tap water and boiled water, there is bottled mineral water also which is fast becoming a habit.

This increase in demand has prompted manufacturers to double the price of the bottled mineral water though they claim to provide natural water.

Despite the substantial increase in the price, mineral water is being used as a mandatory thing for every event. Wastage of surplus mineral water apart, it costs more in posh hotels as compared to what a bottle of mineral water costs in the open market.Lately, imported water filter systems are also gaining ground as a daily use item in homes and offices though the pace is pretty slow. It is said that water filtration system, in most cases imported ones, are pretty good and can be used as a safe measure. The water so filtered retains all its natural qualities and is as safe as tap water if used after boiling it.

PCSIR Laboratories in the public sector and other laboratories in the private sector in the larger public interest should test different varieties of water and let the people know whether we are drinking safe, natural and hygienic water.

If put though medical testing and if the colour of the water changes, then it must be containing some acid which may not be safe for human consumption.

I remember many years back, PCSIR Laboratories perhaps had tested all varieties of bottled mineral water. Most brands were found unhealthy, unfit and unhygienic for human consumption.

What is the latest position in this regard? Is it safe to use bottled mineral water or will the laboratories recommend some imported water filtration system to be on the safe side?


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April 9, 2013 1:52 am
It is much cheaper to provide good quality water in a properly managed municipal sytem than bottled water when you consider the trasportation costs , bott;inmg costs and handling costs. Besides the disposal of the bottles is a environmental diaster.We have to prevent leakage which in most cases account for about 70% wastage. A leaky faucet dripping a drop at a time wastes about 80 gallons of water in a month. I my last visit to Pakistan earlier this year I didnot find one house that didnot have a leaking faucet.
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