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Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan.—File Photo

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan has ruled out entering into an electoral alliance with any political party and said “electable and alliance politics is for power while our politics is to usher a change in the country”.

Addressing senior media persons at a hotel here on Saturday, he said when the final list of PTI candidates would be made public, there would be only a few known faces because his party wanted to give a chance to a new leadership which could deliver and serve people with dedication. “We want to win polls on the wave of change.”

Mr Khan said the PTI would bring youths to the forefront because people wanted to get rid of hereditary politics.

He said his party would select youth below the age of 35 as its candidates and a majority of them could not afford election expenditure, but for that purpose the party had launched a “New Pakistan fund” and raised money from overseas Pakistanis. He refused to be engaged with smaller parties for a couple of seats and give a free hand to the two parties which had come to power one after the other in the past and failed to deliver.

Mr Khan said his party would empower people at the village level through local governments otherwise the grip of feudal system and Thana/Kutchery culture could not be broken.

He said after coming to power his party would implement the land reforms of 1973 in letter and spirit by outlawing all “Benami” transactions.

The PTI chief said he supported representation of women in parliament, but criticised nepotism and favoritism shown in their selection by other parties in the past. He said the next parliament would have to evolve a criterion for election to reserved seats so that only deserving people could enter the assemblies.

In reply to a question, he said the PTI had reached a seat adjustment arrangement with Shaikh Rashid Ahmed in Rawalpindi and the Nawab of Bahawalpur, while negotiations were under way with the Jamaat-i-Islami and Majlis Whadatul Muslimeen.

He said the party had allowed its vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi to contest election as an independent candidate to make breakthrough in Sindh because his win would mean a seat for the PTI.

He said his party would prefer to sit in opposition over joining hands with a party which was part of the government during the past five years.

He said he was opposed to any delay in elections because the country was already at the brink of disaster, its economy was in tatters and the law and order situation was haunting and the only solution to these problems was fair, free and transparent elections.

Talking about the ongoing scrutiny of nomination papers, he said the election commission should concentrate on ensuring financial integrity of candidates. He said without giving details of tax returns, declaration of assets and the source of income no one could think of contesting elections in the West, but 70 per cent of parliamentarians did not pay any tax in Pakistan.

Mr Khan said the PTI had fielded candidates on all seats throughout the country and he was contesting from four constituencies.

He said the law and order situation in Karachi was before everyone. Some PTI leaders had suggested setting up an armed wing of the party in Karachi because they thought otherwise it would be impossible to make way in politics of the metropolis, he said. But the suggestion was turned down as the parties having armed wings would never allow to restore peace and destroy the police force by increasing its influence.

He expressed surprise over the silence of the Sharif brothers about invoking Article 6 of the constitution against retired Gen Musharraf.

Comments (27) Closed

Agha Ata (USA) Apr 07, 2013 02:20am
Jinnah's Pakistan means a secular Pakistan, whereas a Pakistan with JI in the government means something totally opposite. I hope Mr. Khan knows what he is doing.
Agha Ata (USA) Apr 07, 2013 02:28am
JI in the government means no hope for minorities (Christians, Ahmadies or others), women and eventually even for democracy. What kind of Jinnah's Pakistan would that be? If that is what we going to get, then what was wrong with Zia's Pakistan?
khan Apr 07, 2013 02:29am
Good Luck Imran Khan. May Allah be with you.
malik Apr 07, 2013 02:53am
Good man in a Bad country
Shahryar Shirazi Apr 07, 2013 03:18am
Its a chicken and egg situation. To change the country, one has to be in power. IK will have to play some part of the game with dirty tricks of alliances Pakistani politics is accustomed too. His rigidness is starting to get to me. Any ways, I will still fly in from San Francisco to vote for him
asif Apr 07, 2013 03:20am
completely different tone in dawn language after government. that just shows how much government influences media.
patriot Apr 07, 2013 03:42am
Your policies will never get you the power needed to steer this country in the right direction. You may be a good cricketer but don't have anything as a politician.
khanm Apr 07, 2013 07:00am
IMRAN RULES OUT ELECTORAL ALLIANCE WITH ANY PARTY!!!!!!! Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation. There is no middle way in politics. It is either my way or high way Politics is the art of choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable. The game you are playing is politics not cricket
Hasnain Haque Apr 07, 2013 08:09am
A lot of what IK says makes sense to trained eye but are people of Pakistan educated enough to understand it and most importantly are they ready to break away from the shackles of feudalism, nepotism and culture of personal gains. You only have to look at democracy in the west and realise how far behind Pakistani democracy is. I hope a new era begins in Pakistan before it is too late.
Hasnain Haque Apr 07, 2013 08:11am
Mr Maliki you are spot on, that is the problem with IK, he won't pay bribes, he won't offer favours and Pakistan is not ready for that kind of democracy.
Syed ( UK) Apr 07, 2013 08:39am
Good luck Imran Khan,your approach is dynamic.We are proud we are supporting you because your policies are for Pakistan and for people of Pakistan.
Shair Khan Apr 07, 2013 09:22am
Just wait another 24 Hrs. this decision will be changed again. Last week they announced with JI and this week no allaince.
Shair Khan Apr 07, 2013 09:22am
Please do not bad mouth Pakistan.
M. Asghar Apr 07, 2013 11:08am
To win the elections, the PTI and its youth have to work in the country side, where the majority of the electors surrounded by a brutal feudalism.
Nasir Apr 07, 2013 11:23am
My dear Khan, why not you want pakistan to get rid of thease corrupt politicians?
Nasir Apr 07, 2013 11:30am
No, No Mr. Atta. pakistan is an Islamic Republic where no body can harm the rights of Minoroties.
Hamidnawaz KHAN Apr 07, 2013 12:38pm
u tell me what ur tradtional politicians have. Either they are well qualified, having any vision or what. U r just narrow minded supporter of status quo
Muhammad Daud Alam Apr 07, 2013 12:40pm
Dear you are slightly mistaken. PTI and JI's negotiations are under way and they haven't decided yet about their final seat adjustment.
Awais Apr 07, 2013 02:38pm
It has nothing to do with democracy, its about leadership. It is Imran Khan's leadership qualities that he abstains from doing those things.
Awais Apr 07, 2013 03:12pm
Baseless accusations. FYI, JI along with PTI where the only major parties to boycott the elections in 2008, knowing that the elections being rigged with support from America, against Pakistan's interests. And PML-N also said it would boycott along with PTI and JI, but changed its mind in the end for financial interests. With regards to democracy and JI, believe it or not but beside PTI, JI is the only other party in Pakistan to hold proper internal-elections. ATM PTI and JI are the only true democratic parties in Pakistan and both have significant number of candidates nominated on reserved NA seats for minorities.
Javeed Apr 07, 2013 04:49pm
IK is the most Credible & deserving politician in Pakistan. I can just hope that people of Pakistan are mature enough to feel the need of such a man to lead the politics of the country. There is no doubt in him being utmost patriotic towards his people & country. May God bless him & provide him success in the forthcoming general elections.
sal Apr 07, 2013 05:00pm
Isn't he allied with the Taliban already.
sal Apr 07, 2013 05:08pm
You know you can say what you like, what the people want to hear, when you know you won't win. Imran will be lucky to win his own seat.
FJ Siddiqui Apr 07, 2013 06:23pm
Entering into negotiations is evidence of his flexibility but not entering into alliance can be a sign of his commitment to principles. I appreciate that you are coming all the way to vote. Salute!
Akram Apr 08, 2013 09:24am
it takes leadership for a person to drag the country out of that kind of swamp, and tell them its not in their interest. Imran is such a leader. As for the others, they are just for the status quo.
Akram Apr 08, 2013 09:27am
Ji is also the most regressive of parties, the first to voice objections against minorities or women's rights, and lets not forget they opposed the creation of this nation in the first place. Now they want to forget that and reinvent themselves as Difa - E- Pakistan.
Akram Apr 08, 2013 09:30am
I sometimes think just how far sighted Jinnah, was. He understood the misuse of religion in governance can create problems all those years ago, but do our Mullah friends understand this even in the 21st century? They are still repeating the same mistakes they made in the 1940's.