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April, 01 2015

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KARACHI, April 6: Photography is an art that not everyone can master leave alone those who have some kind of disability that has hampered their growth. Kudos to those who see life eyeball to eyeball and move on to brush aside the setbacks that can often prove terribly discouraging! Farrukh Mughal is a 17-year-old photographer, who, despite having difficulty with the physical movement of his body (because of doctors’ negligence when he was a toddler) has become a photographer of decent merit.

An exhibition of his photographs was held at a hotel on Friday.

It drew the attention of the media and photography lovers, and justifiably so. The display had a variety of images, ranging from pictures of everyday Karachi life to birds soaring into the sky and from old historical buildings to the city’s nightlife. They speak volumes for the young man’s talent as his sense of space and dimensions vis-à-vis his subjects.

One of the photos on display was of a man playing with fire at night outside a commercial building. The artist has very nicely used the contrast created by the night’s darkness and the glow of the fire. Similarly, his daytime pictures have the same sense of light and colour. For example, an image of a few classic cars taken from a low angle is quite impressive.

According to the young artist’s sister, Sanam, the photographer is a self-taught artist and a nature lover.

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Apr 07, 2013 02:45pm
Gr8 job Mr. Mughal... U captured some very nice moments there. Gud luck for future endeavors. Hats offfff for u!!!
S. A. M.
Apr 07, 2013 02:02pm
Good Work Keep It Up.
Apr 07, 2013 05:31pm
These are stunning. Great work!