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Nawaz Sharif and turncoats


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PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif on a number of occasions reiterated his principled stance that he would not adopt anyone from the PML-Q and those politicians who had been a part of Gen Pervez Musharraf’s cabinet. Nawaz Sharif has been demanding the trial of Gen Musharraf for removing his government in October 1999.

Unfortunately, to have majority in the National Assembly, the PML-N chief has abandoned his own principle and has set a bad precedent by welcoming all those politicians who were part of the Musharraf government and strengthened his rule.

The majority of politicians joining the PML-N is loyal to Musharraf. I would like to ask Nawaz Sharif what legacy as a politician he wants to leave.

The truth is that the PML-N chief is interested in political power to rule and enrich further his family business empire. He doesn’t believe in any principled stance in politics.

What is most pitiable is that his political party, which claims to be the party of the Founding Father Quaid-i-Azam, is actually his family fiefdom, having reliance on the electables and influential political families rather on ordinary people?

What is the PML-N’s political ideology or principles to defend in the forthcoming elections? It is feudal-style politics which didn’t let democracy to flourish.

There must be a reason why people distribute sweets whenever the army removes a civilian political government and welcomes a dictator. Why the majority of people holding key positions in the PML-N are its close family members? Nawaz Sharif doesn’t allow any outsider to share power within the party. Being a politician created by the military, he has not been able to become a democratic politician.

He tried to impose Sharia to become Amirul Momineen by passing 15 constitutional amendments. He allowed his party workers to attack the Supreme Court.

By freezing the foreign accounts of locals and expatriates after the nuclear test in May 1998, his government violated all international and local commitments. A politician should not have the only objective to rule the country, but he or she should also be a role model for the new generation of politicians.


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Ali Apr 05, 2013 06:20am
Nawaz and Shahbaz both are dumbo like G.W. Bush. Why have any expectations from them.
Irfan Baloch Apr 05, 2013 09:59am
our politicians bank on the selective and short memory of the people of Pakistan due to the war on terror and the plundering spree of Zardari government, people have forgotten or forgiven the King of Raiwand although for people with basic sense can very much see how the PMLn fared while in power in Punjab. our politicians ARE the way they are because of the people of Pakistan, why should they be any good when the voters lack the mental faculties to decide what is good for them & their country?
Secular Pakistan Apr 05, 2013 02:03pm
If anybody is surprised over Sahrif brother's conduct of trading principals for money, they dont know Pakistan.
Alam Khan Apr 05, 2013 05:41pm
People need to know without getting attached to politicians emotionally. Our people are dumb not these politicians. People vote for their favorite candidates based on their personal affiliations not for honest and deserving candidates
wahid Apr 05, 2013 06:59pm
Politicians must prove their financial assets before they are selected by the Election Commission.Those who have gathered assets beyond their legal income must be barred and prosecuted for corruption .ECP must not wait until they have left the country for safe havens before taking any action.Their wealth hidden abroad must be declared too.This applies to PPP and PML(N) in particulat and others in general eg MQM.Also any association with gundas/mafias must be exposed by the media
mustafa Apr 05, 2013 11:52pm
WIth Nawaz - Islam will prevail in Pakistan. We will become better Muslims if he is elected. Pakistan will become a role model for Islamic Ummah. Honesty and Judiciary will prevail. Motorway will be build all over the country............