Recruitment in Sindh police

Published Apr 05, 2013 05:03am

THIS is apropos of the news that the Sindh cabinet has approved the appointment of 8,000 policemen, and the jobs will be given on merit, while the process will start within a few days.

I consider it pre-poll rigging on many counts. First, there is a set procedure to induct policemen and the process takes weeks that includes vetting of applications, arranging their tests, physical fitness test and medical examination.

After the selection is over, these recruits have to undergo basic training ranging from 24 to 34 weeks. Employing them without proper training will be disastrous and will have adverse results.

The Sindh police are already infested with political appointees, undue promotions that needs to be arrested first instead of hiring 8,000 more policemen. If the Sindh government thinks that they would be of any use before the elections, it would be foolish thinking. It is better not to have a policeman rather than deploy an ill - trained person to perform security duty.

Since security of men and material rests with the police, we need properly trained police force to man the affairs.

However, to meet the immediate shortfall of police due to elections all unauthorised mobiles, constables deployed with ex-ministers, politicians and friends be withdrawn without any exception and put back on duty, though it is a major decision and does not fall under the purview of the caretaker government, whose main task is to hold free and fair elections and not to give jobs to the people.

M. AHMED Karachi

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Gerry D'Cunha
Apr 05, 2013 10:40am
for God sake please recruit honest; God fearing and on merits 8000 police officials in sindh
Apr 05, 2013 08:30pm
Agreed but from Sind, we do not need imported personnel from other provinces as the same is not happening on other provinces. Let the local talented youngster be given chance to serve the city where they live