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Khoso's cabinet takes oath

Caretaker prime minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso speaks with media representatives in Islamabad. — Photo by AFP/File

ISLAMABAD: The 14-member interim cabinet of caretaker premier Justice (retd) Mir Hazar Khan Khoso took oath in Islamabad on Tuesday, DawnNews reported.

President Asif Ali Zardari administered the oath of office to ministers in the interim cabinet. The ceremony was also attended by the caretaker prime minister. The ministers who took oath are: Malik Habib, Ahmer Bilal Soofi, Dr Musaddaq Malik, Arif Nizami, Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf and Shahzada Jamal from Punjab; Sohail Wajahat H. Siddique, Maqbool H.H. Rahmatoola and Dr Younis Soomro from Sindh; Abdul Malik Kasi, Asad Ullah Mandokhel and Mir Hassan Dhomki from Balochistan and Dr Sania Nishtar and Feroze Jamal Shah Kakakhel from KP.

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Apr 02, 2013 01:26pm
Ready, set, go and serve the poor nation with 8 stars facilities. because constitution allows.
Dr. Afzal
Apr 02, 2013 01:58pm
Pakistan is being killed by the dirty internal politics that has a motive to select and elect with a motive of ruling for a long-term. Pakistan really needs revolutionary reforms in 1. Agriculture 2. Water & Power 3. Industries in sectors in fields that are direly needed (prioritized) for development and will create jobs for the young and skilled generation. 4. Communications & Transportation infrastructure. 5. Environmental Remediation. These are few sectors amongs many others that need immediate attention for investment and development.
Cyrus Howell
Apr 02, 2013 07:09pm
"The PPP said last week it would start its campaign with a public rally in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh, the village housing the Bhutto family mausoleum, on the anniversary of the hanging of its founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto." DAWN Celebrating the anniversary of his death seems apropos. The PPP could be on it's death bed in the next election.