SINCE 1950 the world has witnessed highs and lows in Pakisran-US relations. But the good thing is that both countries have been facilitating each other in difficult times.

Through their collective efforts they disintegrated the Soviet Union, which was their cherished dream and a fundamental objective of their relation.

Yet again in 2001 they fought against terrorism, and their alliance is a guarantee for global peace. Some episodes of hiccups came out like the Raymond Davis saga, OBL raid and Salala checkpost attack.

All these issues were resolved and the drop scene was a happy ending. The latest development of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is proving to be a stifling one. The US seems to be unhappy.

The energy crisis of Pakistan is disastrous, and the demand for energy is unquestionable. The Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline (TAPI) is the alternative option to defuse tension between time-tested allies.

This is an undeniable fact that since 1947 the US has donated to Pakistan quite enough and more than any other country.

Beyond any doubt the US is the biggest donor of Pakistan. It is hoped the president of Pakistan would sort out this issue appropriately in the larger interest of the the country. It is a matter between two allies and and I hope that they would resolve it cheerfully.


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M. Siddique USA
March 31, 2013 1:46 pm
The writer tried to put a historical perpspective to this well needed project. But what IP Gas pipeline? That is just a stunt. Zardari has no desire to uphold national interest. The agreement was done supposedly to help PPP win next elections. As soon as the elections are over, things will crumble under the US pressure and the country will remain without energy problem resolution. Same old load shedding and hot days ahead. Did anyone notice no sanctions have been imposed under the US laws? Because US also knows why to go through the routine, they also know Pakistani leaders, who do not have backbone, will yield soon (read after the elections).
chaudhry umair
March 31, 2013 9:46 pm
the situation during TAPI would be unpredictable when talibans attack , it is much risky
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Explore: Indian elections 2014
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