THE Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC) was brought into existence by a handful of Muslim pioneering cotton research workers like Mian Muhammad Afzal, M.A.A. Ansari and Dr Nazeer Ahmed. The vision of these scientists was to make this part of the country also a cotton-growing and-exporting country of the American upland cottons.

The PCCC was set up in Karachi, as it was regarded as the central place to all the stakeholders. It is a matter of great pride that in a decade or two the PCCC won an enviable reputation among the traditional cotton growers of the world. It was also visited and praised by celebrities and renowned cotton research workers of the world.

The organisation is now working under the able control of the ministry of textile industry which is now planning to restructure the PCCC. A feasibility report has already been prepared by M/s Ferguson and Co. which is a reputed accounting firm of the country.

As a matter of fact, the PCCC needs a building of its own to house its headquarters and research laboratories. It will be in the interest of the PCCC if ‘recommendations’ for restructuring are also voted by seasoned cotton research workers and other stakeholders like the KCA, PCGA and Chambers of Agriculture, Sindh and Punjab, and experts from the Agriculture University, Faisalabad.

Pakistan is a poor country and research is always an expensive affair. So let us confine ourselves to restructuring the more important elements like having a building for housing the PCCC, all sanctioned vacancies be filled up with competent hands, incentives like training abroad in their disciplines, better pay scales and medical facilities be also ensured for the PCCC employees so that they stick to their jobs and work whole-heartedly.


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